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  1. https://twitter.com/andyrileyish/status/1379855639749525517?s=21 🛸 Obviously not the version played on the show but I fancy it. Didn’t know until I came across this that the song was originally performed by The Eagles. 🦅 Others I like but it is late. 🕰
  2. I saw Casablanca for the first time at one of the TCM screenings (in 2012, maybe?). At first, I recall only picking up on references - such as the map graphic, like the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark, or some of the famous lines. But I was soon drawn into the story. Came away thinking it was a fantastic movie and well-deserving of all the accolades. I’ve not seen it since, however, because of something I later read on this message board about director Michael Curtiz and horses used in the filming of The Charge of the Light Brigade. I know some will argue about separating art from the artist an
  3. Won’t mention the show title, just in case, but if this series is the one I’m thinking of, I really wish it were available on DVD. Don’t have internet at home (high speed broadband isn’t available here in horse & buggy country) and watching on my phone isn’t an appealing option, though I know there are other ways.
  4. It’s not a competition but my older brother managed to talk my grandma and three of my great-aunts into taking us to see For Your Eyes Only, Stripes and National Lampoon’s Vacation during summer breaks. Oh and Splash, too. There’d be a minor scandal and then the next year they’d fall for it again. Time pretty much stopped for them in the 1950s so I’m not sure they knew what an R-rated movie meant. My mom had to talk two of them out of going to see The Shining. Although my grandma was a bit of a wild child, apparently. I recorded Shag; have a vague memory of the movie when it was rele
  5. I have the series though 56 Up on DVD but haven’t watched the last few installments yet. When I looked for 63 Up it was only available on Region 2. It seems like this opportunity was both a gift and a curse for the participants. Thank you for the information.
  6. My family did the same thing when I was growing up. We had an artificial 🎄 to put the presents under (the cats would go there, too) but would also get a tabletop-size live tree to put in the window each year. We had to dig the hole for planting it before the ground froze, though, and then cover that with a board. There’s a small grove of these evergreens on the north side of my dad’s yard. The Bishop’s Wife is my favorite classic Christmas movie. It may not be about the Nativity but the sentiments expressed in it, such as the Professor’s observation that it is a good time for looking
  7. I remember the CBS broadcast switching between parades in Hawaii, Detroit, and a couple other cities. I understand the parade is mostly for advertising but some performers & floats do strike a more holiday tone than others. I love the Rockettes (and have an exercise video by them). Depending on where we’re having Thanksgiving, sometimes get to see the National Dog Show, sometimes traveling when it’s on. I haven’t seen some of the films & shows suggested here but do especially like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Miracle on 34th Street (1947), and Planes, Trains and Automob
  8. Going to watch Charlie Brown now. After that, debating between a number of others movies/specials. 🎃Happy Halloween!🎃
  9. Had to take Seymour to the emergency vet early Thursday morning ~3am. Brought him home about 9pm Friday. While worrying all day, I thought of how it took nearly a year to gain his trust (he was a stray) and it reminded me of my favorite scene in How to Train Your Dragon. *Sniff* For the impatient...fast forward to when the boy, Hiccup, draws on the ground with a stick. (I note that Hiccup is left-handed. When it comes to noticing other lefties, left-handed people tend to be like Jake the dog in a Far Side panel: a crush of fleeing people and a traffic jam in a city af
  10. I wanted to see the intro to Eye of the Dvl because I’d seen part of it before and was confused by some stuff. But that didn’t work out last night. Are we supposed to think there is witchcraft going on in addition to the pagan rituals? Or is it an example of the attitude that “this isn’t Christian so it’s automatically considered witchcraft”? Mob mentality and ritual sacrifice are two of the scariest things to me so it’s horrifying no matter what. But it’s not just pagan religions where one may encounter those. As for the three films mentioned at the beginning of the thread, I w
  11. It’s a movie that makes you scare yourself. Since so much is left unseen and unexplained or relies on the power of suggestion, it doesn’t work nearly as well with distracted viewing. I’ve never read the novel - except for the memorable paragraph that describes Hill House and talks about larks and katydids dreaming - but apparently there’s a part, not included in the movie, where the women are walking outside when Theo cries out for Nell to run. She’s seen something behind them, something that chases them, but what that was is never revealed to the reader *shiver*. (In the movie, apar
  12. (Watching “Australian Bushfire Rescue” on Nature right now and it is heart-rending and hopeful at same time.) I didn’t know that about the vocal group. The thing about the nightclub scene in Blacula is the song just keeps going...until it occurs to you, “oh, are we going to hear the whole thing?”. I enjoy it though. On the other hand....the rave scene in the second Matrix movie lasted so long that I figured the filmmakers had to be messing with the audience. And I hate the song the school kids sing in The Birds. Not only is it un-melodic but it just goes on and on. And on.
  13. Hello and welcome. The first film I specifically remembering seeing on TCM - with Robert O. intro - was an old favorite, The Wizard of Oz. It was the night they aired Dark Side of the Moon on the secondary audio channel.
  14. Oh my gosh , she looks like Auntie Claus. I should not be posting so late. P. S. I’m not fond of vampire shows & movies though I’ve seen my share. (Almost always watched “in spite of” there being vampires rather than “because of”.) But I do love the nightclub part in Blacula with the singing trio in powder blue.
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