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  1. Great photos! (Oh, and I meant to mention Dead Poets Society, too. And, I think, The Iron Giant, if animation counts.) I do love holiday - in this case, Halloween & Thanksgiving - films, as well! Thanks for the thread.
  2. TTwH’s autumn hues are beautiful. Omitting Halloween & Thanksgiving films, some other color movies with fall scenery are The Four Seasons, Fly Away Home, When Harry Met Sally..., and, I think, Those Calloways (be aware hunting is a plot line). Is there some in Leave Her to Heaven? Those are the ones I thought of first.
  3. Tonight at 10:15pm ET p.s. I have the documentary/performance video The Life of Reilly about CNR. Need to watch it -I did see the beginning.
  4. I enjoyed this little film and found the ending tender. Maybe it was a little too neat for some viewers but I sympathized - in different ways - with both characters. (To which a lot of credit has to go to Lane & Schreiber’s performances.) Good soundtrack too - I have the CD.
  5. I forgot to mention that Durand Jones & the Indications apparently got their start in Bloomington, Indiana - where John Mellencamp lives, at least part-time. I just like it when things sync up like that. I also get a kick out of this:
  6. No worries, Bronxgirl48! I really admire Ball’s talent and acumen but have read that she was quite serious & business-like, in contrast to zany “Lucy Ricardo”. Still, while I don’t know much about her personal life, it does seem that family must have meant a great deal to her. The limited amount of her radio show that I heard gave me more of an impression of a Grown-Up - the kind there seemed to be more of in the past - than a Star or famous funny lady.
  7. I only caught that “Small Towns” promo once - I think it was before Picnic - but it was nice to see a new featurette and I thought it was well done. I wish they’d include showtimes for these on the schedule. I remember for the “Out of this World” theme (I think that was the title), they had short and extended versions of the mini-special and I only got to see the extended one a couple times. I did record it though (and got the Durand Jones album that featured the song they played in that month’s promo). Never have checked out TCM’s YouTube channel.
  8. Bronxgirl48: Pretty sure it was Fluffy. He shared his hopes that it would be picked up for a series. I don’t remember Lucy sounding as though she was familiar with the film so it may not have been released yet or just had been at the time they recorded the interview. I think she did mention Francis, however, when he brought up the Fluffy pilot. The app controls for the Let’s Talk to Lucy channel aren’t as user friendly as the ones for Radio Classics. There isn’t a clickable rundown of the programming to go to particular segment, nor a 15-second rewind/fast-forward. At one point I was lis
  9. A few weeks ago on the limited-run Lucille Ball station on satellite radio, they aired an interview with Donald O’Connor in which he mentioned filming a tv pilot based on this movie. I think it was the same movie, that is.
  10. I’ve never seen this show but have heard of it and the activity level of this thread was irresistible. Reading through (well, not the whole thread), I am quite confused. It was like when I tried to explain the plot of Lost to someone, only on an extra-dimensional level of narrative complexity. Some years ago I recorded two Dark Shadows movies off of TCM. Not sure if they were spin-offs or re-edited versions of the tv episodes. I haven’t watched them but did see a brief scene of a boy, maybe middle school-aged, alone in some woods and sing-songing to himself something like “if something-so
  11. Don’t know about streaming options but it looks like it’s available on DVD, if that would work for you. Our library system has it in its catalog.
  12. 🛸 Obviously not the version played on the show but I fancy it. Didn’t know until I came across this that the song was originally performed by The Eagles. 🦅 Others I like but it is late. 🕰
  13. I saw Casablanca at one of the TCM screenings (in 2012, maybe?). At first, I recall only picking up on references - such as the map graphic, like the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark, or some of the famous lines. But I was soon drawn into the story. Came away thinking it was a fantastic movie and well-deserving of all the accolades. I’ve not seen it since, however, because of something I later read on this message board about director Michael Curtiz and horses used in the filming of The Charge of the Light Brigade. I know some will argue about separating art from the artist and there are times I
  14. Won’t mention the show title, just in case, but if this series is the one I’m thinking of, I really wish it were available on DVD. Don’t have internet at home (high speed broadband isn’t available here in horse & buggy country) and watching on my phone isn’t an appealing option, though I know there are other ways.
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