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    Classic Film addict! have hundreds of old movies on DVD. My TV stays on TCM. Watch very few other channels.other favorite PBS.
  1. I watch TCM on demand on Comcast and several of the movies the voice is not synced. can this be fixed? Thank you, Llelian
  2. I would like to say I love the movie selections for on demand movies now. Thank you! What I would like to complain about or question is 1. who writes the description and more importantly 2. who in the heck lists the stars??? Do they NOT have knowledge of classic film stars and who the STARS are??? A movie can have stars like Katheryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and the person puts names I don't even know who they are because they are bit actors in the movie NOT the stars. Sometimes there are movies by some of my favorite actors that I have actually never seen before but I don't see they are the
  3. change password

  4. Yes! bad enough having commercials before each TCM on demand movie, NOW political commercials and you can bet the sound on those are good! NO COMMERCIALS on on demand please!
  5. Will do. Thank you. I agree. Unacceptable. This has been going on for too long.
  6. I could just cry...Well THANKS TCM! for putting the screws to a loyal TCM fan for 15 years, 24/7, a senior citizen on a limited income, who does not have HD TV, for putting all the movies on On Demand HD. It would cost me additional money to convert to the HD box with comcast so I guess I will NOT be able to watch On Demand TCM movies from now on. I pay for it but can't since you people have decided to switch to HD only on On Demand. So disappointed with you people there at TCM with all the skipping sound, no sound or not synced sounds on Comast in Jax, Fl. and now taking all the SD movies off
  7. Thanks Classicsuz! has it been determined yet if its comcast or TCM? very aggravating. Once again, only on TCM movies do we have problems. wish they could figure out how to take care of the problems. Please keep me posted on this if you hear anything else. LE
  8. First, Kudo's on the amount of selections for the on demand movies! but I am having a problem in that I can't watch ANY of them due to the sound skipping or not being lined up with the actors lips. I have comcast and all the other movie selections for other channels on on demand work fine except for TCM and it is ALL of their movies. My movie channel for TCM works fine it's only on the TCM selection for the on demand. Can someone tell me what to do or what the problem is PLEASE! no good having all these great choices but not being able to watch because the sound constantly skips or doesn't mat
  9. Ok, I did some research..I too am upset with what is happening with Comcast/TCM and on demand. I kept asking TCM..has it been sold?? what is happening? Well, in my research I found out it is TRUE! TCM/Turner Broadcasting/TimeWarner has in fact been recently sold. Interestingly enough Comcast tried a while back to purchase Time warner but the FCC or whatever it is.objected for whatever reason and comcast backed off but recently a company called Charter purchased them. Now Charter is a company in competiton with Comcast but not yet in Florida. Same type business as Comcast.soooo I see the writti
  10. I have read Robert Osborne is out due to health issues. I pray he and his family are well and he will return soon. TCM would not be the same w/o him. Second let me say...TCM is back on Comcast but the selection is limited and terrible and the worst is Comcast is now putting commercials before the movies, mostly their commercials but also one had a toothpaste commercial. What the heck is going on at TCM and Comcast??? Has it been bought out by someone else??? whoever is picking the On Demand movies is doing a lousy job..they are awful and not many choices. Is everyone gone on vacation there
  11. Re: TCM Not Appearing On Demand Free Movies Section My response to Comcast and now TCM... While I appreciate your updates and list of movies on TCM and explainations of what is going on with Encore/Starz and TCM lists of on Demand movies, it's just not enough. What I see concerning Comcast On Demand movies is a "down grade" in my opinion and I for one am done with Comcast. For years I have had att internet and phone but chose to stay with Comcast and pay extra because I enjoyed so much the On Demand choices and generous list of movies especially the old classics on TCM. Now, the list is
  12. Another NEW GOOD NEWS report from Comcast: Thank you for your continued patience. TCM's vendor is working on redelivering the missing TCM movies today; we expect to see 10-12 titles by this evening. Hope it's true....
  13. This is what Comcast just now said: Thank you for your continued patience. TCM's vendor is working on redelivering the missing TCM movies today; we expect to see 10-12 titles by this evening. Great News if true.
  14. I just rec'd a notice from Comcast that they have NOT dropped TCM On Demand. They continue to say it is a technical issue and they are working with the vendors to get this resolved. I hope this is true and it gets fixed soon. At least it's an answer.
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