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  1. I was able to select each of the five "weekly" schedules in December and download pdf's for each. But my objective was to copy them to Word and through a series of editing statements, reduce the document to about 17 printed pages with the date changes at midnight instead of 3:00 am (I'm in Pacific time). The format of the monthly schedule makes this fairly easy, but it's too much work with the combined weekly schedules. The best I could do right now would be to print the pdf's (40 pages total, I don't want that much paper.) Administrator, if you're following this thread, please ask the tec
  2. I agree with Nick. I also like to download the complete monthly schedule, print it out, and plan from that printed list. As I recall the November list became available in pdf form on September 2 or 3, but we are still waiting for December. I understand that it isn't 100% correct that far in advance, but it's good enough.
  3. I'm equally disturbed by the slow pace at which TCM has been working on the printable schedules since the introduction of the flawed software in March. The only improvement I have observed since early May is that it is now possible to set your time zone and not have it revert to Eastern every time you go to a new page. I don't turn on my computer every day and prefer to have schedules on paper. A suggestion for those who object to all the paper a 1-month schedule uses. Copy and paste it to Word or other word processor as "unformatted text", then strategically replace the carriage returns w
  4. Fred- Thank you to you and Valentine for the trick to printing future months. I was able to tweak it one further by changing "tz=est" to "tz=pst" to get it to print in Pacific time. It still says "All times Eastern" in the heading, so I ignore that. I needed 54 pages to print June with the new format, compared with the 42 pages I used for May with the old format. -Clay
  5. I printed out monthly schedules just before TCM replaced their website. My printout shows two Buck Rogers episodes every Saturday morning from April 23 through May 21, ten in all. They are listed to start at 8:00 am and 8:30 am Pacific time. I agree with Robbie's analysis; there's a gap in the schedule just the right size to accommodate two 20-minute episodes.
  6. Icons or words? One of the suggestions made in the Problems with the Upgrade thread is to have a Preferences screen of if and how the movie synopses are displayed. If the Web folks decide to add such a functionality, then how the genre is displayed could be among those preferences. Speaking of genre, a simple change in this area I would like to see is for Musical and Romance to NOT use the same color.
  7. TCMWebAdmin- While you're correcting the problem with screens defaulting to Eastern Time, please also be sure all *printable* pages are adjusted to the user's preference, and display it on the first page, plus the name of the month and year. -Clay
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