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  1. Well, it looks as though they finally have filled in the schedule through the end of the month, And a passel of horror films there are too! (Most months wouldn't matter as much, but Mark focuses of SF/horror/fantasy, and October is *the* big month for that.)
  2. They've apparently added some of the missing films, and are now "complete" (whatever that might mean) through October 19. It's annoying, because my husband usually publishes a column of TCM recommendations for the next month on the last Friday of the month, but this assumes he *knows* what's going to be on next month. 😞 Luckily, enough good films are listed that he can just go with those. Bleh.
  3. Here it is the middle of September and there is still not a complete schedule for October available in the "Big Big Schedule". I know it's not moviecollectoroh.com's fault; but what's with TCM that they don't seem to have decided on their October films yet?!
  4. I think our cable company (Cablevision/Optimum) instituted a level between no TCM or sports and both which included TCM but not sports. However, they did not advertise it; it was only when we called to complain that they mentioned it. 😞
  5. This one doesn't include January, while https://www.moviecollectoroh.com/nightly/sched-new.htm did; does that mean we won't see as far into the future any more?
  6. I see you've posted January's schedule. Thank you and bless you!
  7. My husband was posting movie reviews on the Internet in 1984, though it may not have been called that then, and web pages didn't come along until the mid-1990s.
  8. I doubt you will get consensus on this--I really prefer that a film that is on (e.g.) January 7 be listed as January 7 so that when I go to program it, I don't have to do any crazy adjustments--which, by the way, are exactly what all the time zone complaints are about. Not to mention that trying to put program items in a spreadsheet sort by date and time is a total mess if 5AM on a given day comes after 7AM on the same day!
  9. So you're saying that as long as we know what is running in December, we can see what is running in December? Sorry, I'm not psychic.
  10. I hate how it looks and I hate, HATE, *HATE* that you cannot see even just the next month's worth. My husband and I put out a weekly zine and we've been running a column on our picks for TCM for the next month, said column running on the last Friday of each month. It looks like nothing in the last week or so will ever make this lilst. 😞 😞 😞
  11. If you send me your email, I'll send you a copy. My email is on my home page, which you can easily find by googling. -Evelyn Leeper
  12. One could, of course, condense the monthly schedule by doing a cut-and-paste into MS Word (or whatever) and deleting all double line feeds. I realize it's extra work, but it is do-able. (One could also shrink the font size to make it smaller.)
  13. The only problem with the new advance schedules is that TCM seems to think every month has only 30 days.
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