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  1. Occasionally TCM shows the 1933 film short "MENU" that was written by Thorne Smith during his brief tenure at MGM. In fact, it's airing on the 15th of this month (16th if you're on the east coast). Thorne also wrote a treatment that got turned into MEET THE BARON, starring Jack Pearl, Jimmy Durante and The Three Stooges. He gets no screen credit for this however. There was also an Ed Wynn film called THE CHIEF that Thorne wrote a treatment for didn't receive any screen credit. If I think of anything else I'll post it. Michael
  2. Indeed, the dog's name in the Topper TV series was Neil
  3. Yes, they based I MARRIED A WITCH off of Thorne Smith's novel The PASSIONATE WITCH, a book that was actually finished by Norman Matson because Thorne Smith passed away while writing THE GLORIOUS POOL and only had an outline for THE PASSIONATE WITCH written. I wish they'd do a proper DVD release here in the U.S. of I MARRIED A WITCH. I see the Spanish & European imports pop up from time to time but I'm hoping for a U.S. release someday. Frankly, I'd love to write the liner notes and supplemental material for any Thorne Smith related DVD releases TCM were to offer! Michael E
  4. I wish they'd release a DVD of all of Pete Smith's film shorts too! I just recently learned that the Pete Smith short, MENU, written by Thorne Smith is available on DVD as a bonus on the Katherine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection.
  5. I can chime in on 2 of these titles. Doctor X---the B&W version is different from the Technicolor version. I've got both on VHS and while much of the film is the same, there are different shots & slightly different lines used in some places. It's a very interesting experience to watch them back to back. I'd love it if they released a special 2 disc DVD of them together. As for Night Life of the Gods, UCLA did restore it several years ago and I have watched a poor quality copy of the film (this was over 10 years ago that I watched it) but it was not anywhere near
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