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  1. I generally use Chrome for everything. But it won't allow Flash that is needed to view TCM. I wish Firefox would work. Edge is better than IE was. I really like Win 10 Pro. I'll let this forum know when we have a problem again. Maybe never we hope. Thanks.
  2. I ran Malwarebytes and it cleaned out about 900 pups (potentially unwanted programs). I can't guarantee that was the issue. I might have been having some trouble with my password manager and it using the wrong password too. But something started the problem before I had the password issue. So I think it could have been the pups. TCM is now working as it should in Microsoft Edge. The not authorized to view still shows with Firefox. When I first had this issue CableONE told us to use Edge and that seemed to fix the problem. Still seems to be the fix. At least we can watch it tonight.
  3. Anybody finding a solution? It seems to be my pc is the problem as a tech support at my cable provider could access movies. I can also access them on my tablet. But not with any of my three browsers. I get a not authorized to view notice. It was all working last weekend.
  4. I am having a similar problem using Cable ONE. It has been intermittent before but last night it would never work and today it still doesn't work on my PC. I can log in with my tablet though. I also gave my log-in info to a Cable ONE tech support and it worked for him. So what could be wrong with my PC that I can't log in? I have tried three different browsers.
  5. I have a similar problem, but it doesn't pause, it gets stuck about 30 minutes into a movie. The movies are a little jerky at times and the video might pause with the audio not interrupted. I can live with that, but when it gets stuck I have had to refresh the web page and start at the point it got stuck. Then I can maybe watch the rest of the movie uninterrupted. Last night after that scenario we watched a second movie uninterrupted. Our internet speed is up to 50mbps. It could still be too much internet traffic at the time causing it. We have been wondering if it was us or TCM and
  6. Thanks to both of you. That's the one. I hope it's on again soon.
  7. We're trying to remember the name of a movie. It's an elderly couple who are losing there home because they can't make the mortgage payment. They have only a few days left before getting evicted when they tell their children that are grown up and have their own lives. It ends up that the two parents have to live apart from each other becuase the kids don't really want them, and can't afford to keep their parents living together. So sad. Anyone know the name of this film. Black and white. Not sure what year, and can't remember the actors names. I've only seen it once. Thanks
  8. It is 5:30 PST here in AZ and I can't access the daily schedule for now because it is on yesterdays page. Going to a previous day is not allowed I guess. The day starts at 7 according to TCM. Why can't they start the day at Midnight, and the week on Sunday like the rest of the world. Setting up the DVD player gets confusing as to what day it is. Jim
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