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  1. Yes, it should be possible. Only Spotlight holders have seats reserved for them -- the rest is open seating for any pass holder. Hope you have a great time!
  2. Hi Katie -- Happy for you that you'll be attending the Festival next year! You won't regret it -- it's a great time. If you can afford either the Classic or the Palace, by all means go with the Classic. It will get you access to all screenings and panels, with the only exceptions of the opening night red carpet screening & party. The Palace will limit you to the screenings at the two large theaters and the poolside screenings; you'll be shut out of the fun and panels at Club TCM and all the screenings at the 3-5 other theaters involved. Your top priority right now should be to secure your lodging, if you haven't done that yet. The Roosevelt is already sold out. Nice, centrally-located and reasonably-priced hotels go fast after the dates are announced and you can be left with the very expensive ($400+ a night, like the W or the Loews Hollywood), the dives, or the far-away. It's best if you can book somewhere that is a reasonable walking distance from the venues. Tripadvisor.com can be very helpful to find a place. If you can't find a good hotel in your price range, you may want to also check out vacation rental sites like homeaway.com and vrbo.com. As far as the screenings go, you're usually safe if you arrive a half-hour or more early. There are a couple of smaller theaters that do fill up from time to time. Sometimes they will replay those films on Sunday, if a lot of people were turned away. Plan on eating some of your meals while in line (McDonald's snack wraps and Auntie Anne pretzel dogs have gotten me through many Festivals!). Have fun planning your trip! There's usually an embarrassment of riches at the Festival, and you'll be making some tough decisions. But that's half the fun!
  3. I think you'll like the Loews, Ellen. I've been to the Festival every year and always stayed at the Roosevelt, until last time. The Roosevelt's common areas are wonderful and you'll probably get to spend a lot of time there anyway. The rooms at the Roosevelt are more modern in decor than the rest of the hotel and not all that special, in my opinion, and the elevators can be really slow. Last time I was able to get a room at the Loews to save a little money and was surprised to find how much better I liked it. It's much more centrally located to the theaters and, being adjacent to the mall complex, it was easy to grab a quick bite between screenings. Lots of elevators, too! But the best part is, like the Roosevelt, they get TCM on their TVs, so you can keep watching even when you turn in for the night! I chose the Loews again this time without hesitation.
  4. I really hope it happens! After attending last year, I thought it would be great if TCM could work out something with Disney to have some screenings at the El Capitan. Showing Citizen Kane there would be perfect! (Of course, so would Fantasia...)
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