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  1. How ironic that no one believes TCM.com/shop is a reliable source for DVD and other sources. My, how the mighty have fallen. T
  2. Had no idea he was waxing poetic on Carrie Fisher?
  3. Perhaps that's my issue: I was operating under the impression that the art of sacrasm was akin to the patter of snarking, as well as the notion that my username was an homage to a Russ Meyer flick. And remember folks: the cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)
  4. Thanks Kyle for reposting, Now we have two administrators. One in fact and one acting administrator.
  5. > {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote} > > I am going to let Michael direct your behavior. And I am going to let you process this conversation. I look forward to more productive posting with you. > I'm sure Michael is grateful that you, TopBilled, will allow him to do his job . Of course, your attitude suggests you exonerate yourself from any blame for a thread that has turned into this kerfuffle. You think you are blameless for this mess? Maybe you really think this board is for you and you only. Oy vey the humanity.
  6. Sepatone, lzcutter made no mention of Andy Hardy, so why are you addressing her? But I think I know who you were too reticent to address. Now we cannot express our opinion about Andy Hardy films? We are told to lay off him as if he were some poster who reported us for abuse? It's opinion. Please don't tell people to lay off their opinion. No one is telling you to lay off yours.
  7. I think you should take your own advice and stop directing your posts at me personally. Why are you fixating on my posts only?
  8. I sent one PM to tell you that it is not your purpose here to tell me in posts that my posts fall in to two categories. Either rubbish or worthwhile. Who are you to tell me such an arrogant thing? Answer a question. Is this board only for you and your opinions?
  9. Why don't you stop responding yourself. This is all about your ego...............You want to be the one who gets to tell others what to do. Your ego wants to be the one who wins this kerfuffle. Are you really this insufferable or is this just a feign to get attention?
  10. You're fixated on me. Stop responding to me if you have issues with someone who disagrees with you. You're the only poster who reports anythinthig I write. You think you are God's gift to this board.
  11. Is the Loretta Young thread for those who only fawn over her? Absolutely not. I'm I the only poster who has made comments that are not glowing, in your estimation? Absolutely not. Have you excoriated these others individuals for expressing their opinions? Absolutely not. You seem to only fixate on me. So from this perspective you are harassing me by demanding that I don't have the right to write as I wish. LOL
  12. You're so misguided. It's called having a healthy dose of reality. Not everyone is comfortable churning out simplistic theories for complex problems and putting rose colored glasses on for pet ideas. Does everyone have to project such naivete? Because someone may disagree with your thesis does not mean it is bullying. I think you should check your ego at the door before you accuse people of such henious actions. The forum does not revolve around you and your thin skinned feelings. Some of the things you claim, as far as being some type of victim to those who disagree with
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