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  1. Please - just a note from kathy who posted some time back: Never did I mean to denigrate the very handsome Clark Gable in any way, shape or form. I've always loved him and his legendary status will last forever. He was a great actor who - like so many in his time - was often taken for granted (he and so many others) and I dislike this fact very much. He portrayed so many fine performances in many films and of course - Rhett - will always be his and his legend. I never meant this thread to turn into statements against Clark, some of which have been quite mean. But when I read
  2. Just a p.s. from kathy to my previous post just a minute ago: I am not in any way making a content between Errol and Bette. I've always loved them both and their legends will live forever. It was never my intention to cause anyone to post vitriol against either of them. My original post in this thread was about the slap. That's it. I thank all of you who answered in the thread and were respectful of both of these great, legandary actors. kathy
  3. TomJH: Since I started this post in the first place, I feel I must say something now. I find your 'comments' re Errol to be very disrespectful. There are out and out prejudices against him by you. So I wish you do go elsewhere and never - never - again put down such a great and legendary actor who was and still is loved by so many! The wonderful book "Errol and Olivia" is probably the best thing to come around in decades. It is just so truthful and beautiful at the same time. kathy p.s. and another thing - do me a favor (ha!) and take that JG worship of y
  4. Just have to say it again, valeska -- They sure were right. What a beautiful, sexy man. And noone will ever come around like Rudy. His legend will never be surpassed. Never.
  5. I never thought of a cable glitch - this could be a reason. Yes, the slap with that heavy ring on has become a story in itself. And my mom and I just waited to see it again; like I said, I've certainly seen it before several times.
  6. Oh, it is a once in a lifetime experience! I'm so glad you are looking forward to it. I am so much. The film and Peter are so iconic and in this edition I just can't imagine how it will be. Each time I see it, I think, I love it and Peter - more and more. Perfection.
  7. Oh, how can people write unkind things about Clark? What a handsome man; born to portray Rhett. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK - Rudy. Valentino oozed sex from the get-go. The pics that were printed in this thread are so steamy that I just melt at his gaze. From the first glance in "The Four Horsemen", breathing out the smoke from that cigarette, to that never to be forgotten tango in same, he was sex personified. He was also one of the best actors that ever lived too. What a beautiful, sexy man
  8. Thx again swithin for the info. You really think she was like this? I think I was always jealous. She was married to Peter from the late 1950's to late '70's, as I recall. It would include the filming of LOA in 1961 and 1962. I remember so clearly a pic that was printed in the mid '70's with them; later on someone commented it was really a "staged" pic because they were really on the outs by then. Of course, in the mid to late '70's Peter was becoming very ill due to self-destructive behavior and ill health and there were different operations. He became very thin and was...u
  9. Thx for your reply to me, swithin. You must have seen the wonderful restoration of LOA that was done in 1988-1989. Now - what I can say is you have your opinion of LOA and I certainly have mine. I originally saw it as a young girl in Apr. 1963 and of course many times since. To me it is one of the greatest films of all time and contains one of the most iconic performances (Peter's) in this great film. This has never changed in my mind; in fact the new edition will probably be glorious. I saw a very brief clip of it and it looks so beautiful - even Peter's eyes are more beautiful.
  10. Thank you to those who replied to my post of yesterday re the above. Well, all I can say is that the scene I saw did NOT show Bette actually slapping Errol hard across his most handsome face. The pic shows the reaction to the slap, not the slap itself, where bette just about bangs that huge ring across errol's cheek. My mom even mentioned it to me the next day! Where was it? (We were both waiting for it)., Oh well, I suppose we see different things in different scenes. That one w/that famous slap has been talked about since the filming of the wonderful fil
  11. When will TCM show a clip from the upcoming Blue-Ray 4K re-mastered classic film Lawrence of Arabia, which will be shown in select theaters on Oct. 4th? LOA had been beautifully restored in 1988-1989 and was just as great as could be - finally to see it as it was in 1963, before the stupidity of 'producer' Spiegel expunged more than 20 minutes, and before the immense stupidity of Columbia Pictures cut it up again in 1973. Now it will be shown in all its beauty, re-mastered again. I love the film, always have and have seen it so many times. To see it in the new way - the iconic p
  12. Please - I must know: Why oh why was such a famous short scene eliminated from the wonderful film The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex? Last Friday night I watched this film again (one of my all-time favorites). I waited for the famous scene where we see Bette slap Errol with that very large ring - causing Errol to react as if he saw stars; it was so painful when she slapped him. This is such a famous scene, with all sorts of stories about that "slap" and the look on Errol's face as Bette hit him. Why was it eliminated - I've watched it many times on TCM (just lo
  13. Before I begin, I must say this: The name is O'Toole (with an 'e' at the end). How can anyone not know this? Please - Peter O'Toole is a living legend and one of the greatest actors the screen ever had. Don't demean his name with so-called "defamatory" words as there are in several posts by those who know nothing of the man or his wonderful career. The interview w/Peter was great - but much too short. I mean, this is Peter O'Toole! His iconic performance as T.E. Lawrence in the iconic film Lawrence of Arabia is one of th
  14. Dear Kyle: Thank you so much for your kind answer to my post of yesterday re Peter O'Toole. May I add a *"P.S."* to it please? -- I certainly will try going to the festival next month; I'd never get the chance to see Peter again. Who knows - I may be there! Long way from MA, but how I would love to see him! On a personal note: Bless you Peter, honey, for all the love and joy you brought to my life. Kathleen (Kathy) Anez Blackstone, MA USA (and a p.s. again to you, Kyle. It is so kind of you to answer my e-mail).
  15. Two yrs. ago I wrote to Robert asking him to interview Peter O'Toole. Now Peter is going to be the special guest at the film festival 4/29 and 4/30. What a coup for TCM! How I want to go to CA 4/29-4/30. I never had the luck to see him; I'd probably be too shy to even talk to him. I've loved Peter since I was a young girl, first seing him in his iconic role as LOA, so beautifully handsome in those white cotton Damascus robes, keffiyeh and agal. Can you imagine the effect he and the classic film had on a girl of Syrian descent? And through the yrs. and all of his great performances
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