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  1. I'll add to this thread by confirming that I have the same problem. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and the TCM HD channel on Comcast (Ch 789) is frequently out of sync, with the sound lagging the picture by less than a second, but it's enough to be noticeable and irritating. The low-def channel (Ch 501) is fine. I like watching the films in hi-def, but the sync problem is really irritating.
  2. I agree with others have posted about this. I *hate* the new schedule format. I used to be able to download an entire month, do searches on particular films or actors, and now it's horrible. I can't seem to find the next month in advance, there's no synopsis, etc. It makes the schedule useless, which means I will be watching far less TCM. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to your old monthly format with an entire month (in advance!) with all directors, stars, synopsis, and running times in a single file! Edited by: JonChaneyFan on Mar 22, 2011 3:48 AM
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