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  1. 12. The previous schedule listed (most of the time) when a movie was being broadcast in a widescreen format. I wish this "widescreen" information was included again. It is more helpful than knowing what the theatrical aspect ratio is when the broadcast aspect is 1.33:1 (full screen).
  2. Dr. Edwards, I, too, am adding a request for a repeat of courses. I did not receive notification of the Hitchcock course from Canvas and did not see it advertised on TCM. As others, I would value the opportunity just to have access to the course materials to gain insight into these films. Your Film Noir and Slapstick Comedy courses were extremely informative and interesting. Having taken the Noir and Comedy courses, I wonder why these are the only archived courses available to me. Could all previous courses be made available in the archives to people who have taken at least one other of these
  3. Thanks, Kyle, and TomJH. The schedule seems to be up now.
  4. Thanks darkblue and TomJH for your suggestions. As I stated originally, I am able to get the daily and weekly lists, but would like the full month to print and plan. I have always been able to get the full month listings until now. Is there anyone on the TCM side who can provide some help?
  5. I can get the US Month Schedule and Daily and Weekly scheds, but the Canadian Month Schedule comes up blank when I click the Schedule link in the Menu bar. I can toggle to the US listings on the Month page, but clicking "Canadian" shows a blank template. Tried IE 8 and Google Chrome with the same results. {font:Times New Roman} {font}Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution? Are TCM's Web folks aware of a problem?
  6. The Wild Bunch Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid Ride The High Country The Culpepper Cattle Co. Monte Walsh (Lee Marvin) The Hunting Party Once Upon A Time In The West Shane The Hired Hand Major Dundee
  7. I'm looking for King Richard and the Crusaders. I set my DVR according to the broadcast schedule, but the picture started a half hour later than listed and I missed the last part of the movie. Any help is appreciated.
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