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  1. A Quiz is Born (For Week 1) The Canvas site would not let me move on to the 3rd question after getting the first 2 right. That page reverts/flips back to the Syllabus page Anyone else experiencing this? Are there only 2 questions?
  2. I found the questions at the end of Lecture 1 interesting. In Pondering the difference between Broadway musicals and early Hollywood musicals it seems that once sound was introduced and Hollywood starting releasing musicals many other forms of stage music theater were lost (i.e. Vaudeville and Minstrel shows) They either had to adapt to the "new" kid, or perish. (We know the outcome) But living in that time had to be a bit scary for Vaudevillians. Especially those who thought this film thingy will never fly. I also wonder how many local theater owners were not in a financial positio
  3. "Dear kindly Sargent Krupke .. you gotta understand ... " :-) One of my all time favs
  4. Can never get enough of Yul Brenner slowly moving his hand towards Deborah Kerr's waist with locked eyes and says ... "NOW?" ... to "Shall We Dance" in the King & I ... Chills just thinking about it.
  5. I guess I get to keep $50.00 No that's not it .. Fred was right ... "Janie" Thanks for taking the time to post.
  6. OH MY GOD ... THAT'S IT!! I can't thank you enough, Fred!
  7. We really could use a film buff's help. My brother and I are going nuts. We saw this movie when we were kids in the early 60's, have never seen it again and can't remember the title. Don't have much info but this is what we remember. 1940's - Main character is a zany teenage named Jane. It's a madcap, WW II comedy. Jane is so popular she's always bringing strangers home. Her house id filled with commotion. She has a slightly overweight friend with dark hair. Christmas is instrumental somewhere in the movie and I think the ending had her at a train station with a lot of soldiers ...
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