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  1. i'm watching star wars flicks on spike now...and would like to know the origin of "Jedi." hoping one of you star wars warriors will know how the term came about. i figure george lucas came up with it. thanks.
  2. THANKS to you, Fred Dobbs, for providing the info on where THX 1138 was filmed! Interesting that the tunnel scenes were filmed in the BART tunnel. in the early 1980s, i was in the air force near sacramento, so not far from frisco. thanks to all who offered comments on the film T.R. in colorado
  3. i agree that "combat!" was one of the best old tv shows! good acting...vic morrow...etc. i also enjoyed "the wild wild west." fairly good acting (robert conrad and ross martin were great) but a lot of action! haha.
  4. one of my all-time fave movies! richard burton was awesome in this flick...as a cynical spy. love the scene of him and the shopkeeper arguing and burton hitting him (getting thrown into jail in england to make the east germans think he was a potential spy for them...at least i think that was the storyline! haha)
  5. just wondering where this movie was filmed. it seems like it was filmed in some shopping mall maybe in california. help me out, TCM movie buffs!
  6. I just goofed! the unit that had a plane crash in this movie was the 365th Fighter Group (not squadron). sorry about that. as i said in my earlier post, they were known as the "Hell Hawks."
  7. Just wanted to mention that one of the plane crashes in this movie was an actual plane crash by a P-47 pilot of the 365th Fighter Squadron, 9th Air Force, nicknamed the "Hell Hawks." One of my uncles was a pilot in the 365th. Good movie with Robert Stack and Edmund O'Brien.
  8. i agree...iconic actors in this flick, which is always entertaining. i think van johnson was terrific.
  9. I know that Tom Mix died in a car accident east of Phoenix in 1940 (there is a historical roadside marker there...which i've seen on youtube). But i've never heard about exactly what happened. Would like someone to enlighten me on the circumstances of his death. thanks. T.R. in colorado
  10. Interesting movie with a great performance by Alec Guinness as a mentally unbalanced Scottish Army officer who enjoys pushing back more than a few drinks in a pub! Great old flick of a bygone era.
  11. I am ex-USAF (late 70s, early 80s) and served in SAC, so i've always enjoyed this look at the "old" SAC. I was a an Air Force cop and, so, I chuckle at the old Air Policeman telling newly-arriving Stewart "We had an orangutan get on the base once. We were all on the carpet for that one." haha. Also, I enjoyed Jimmy Stewart's performance in this flick (he became a brigadier general in the AF Reserve)...along with Harry Morgan's! I think parts of it were filmed at Carswell AFB, Texas (Fort Worth).
  12. I've always thought that Phyllis Thaxter, in the 1940s, was incredibly beautiful! She just had that "all-american girl" persona onscreen.
  13. Who amassed more personal wealth in Beverly Hills- Merv Griffin or Bob Hope? Just curious. I know that Hope bought real estate shrewdly. Anyone know?
  14. Ready to parachute out an airplane, an old war correspondent asks Errol Flynn's character: "What do I do if my chute doesn't open?". Flynn's reply: "You'll be the first one on the ground." That always cracks me up!
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