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  1. I would like to add my comments about the new schedule. I also used to copy and paste it to a word document so I could read about all the movies for the upcoming week and decide what to watch. That is not possible any longer in my own time zone. The email schedule that I get from TCM is not in the right time zone and I have tried everything I can think of to copy and paste in my own time zone, but everything I do, seems to have a problem. I keep getting the times wrong and just found out that I missed a movie in the middle of the night last night that I really wanted to see. I have been s
  2. The new schedule is incredibly frustrating!! Please, please, please put it back like it was!! Not a single thing was wrong with it. I just spent nearly two hours trying to figure out what I wanted to watch this coming week and am not even close to accomplishing that project. And if I ever do manage it, it won't be in the right time zone.
  3. I sure would like to add my vote for this issue. The small summaries were how I decided whether or not to watch a movie and to have to click an 'expland' button for every single one, just doesn't work.
  4. I sure do agree with you that the new format is not nearly as good as the old one. I used to be able to download the whole thing in my own time zone and that is no longer possible. Plus the small summaries for each movie that used to be there can now only be found by going through the 'expland' button. It used to take me just a few enjoyable minutes on Saturday morning to map out my movie watching for the week. I was still able to figure it out with the new format, but it took me four hours and was not the least enjoyable. I wonder if there is any way to get them to put it back like it wa
  5. I am not in the Eastern time zone. With the old format, I was able to choose central time and look at the whole month in the proper time zone for me. I could download to my computer also a month at a time in the proper time zone. With the new format I don't see a way to do that. I can see how to look at each individual day in central time, but not the whole month. Is there a way to change the whole month? Thank you.
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