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  1. I saw one on HBO in 1985 or 1986 called "Radium City." It involved a town where the women were employed painting the dials of clocks & watches with radium, so they would glow in the dark. The women were taught to put the paintbrushes in their mouth, and draw it through their lips to get a nice point, and then paint...thus poisoning themselves w/radium! The cancer & leukemia suffered in this town was tremendous, and I believe as of the mid 80s, the ground was still contaminated, and a geiger counter still brings up high readings. I saw this once, and then set up the VCR to tape i
  2. "Close my eyes, click my heels together and repeat...There's no place like home...There's no place like home!"
  3. KONGO--this is a dark, disgusting wonderful example of a pre-Code! I was really surprised by the story line, and I can't imagine what movie goers of the early 30's must have thought. Others along this "dark" genre of pre-Code include ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, WHITE ZOMBIE, FREAKS. I was surprised to see ISLAND shown on TCM this week. Way go to TCM!
  4. Here are two earlier "weird" moments: 1929 BROADWAY MELODY: "Wedding of the Painted Doll." The whole thing looks like the camera was bolted to the 22nd row of the theatre, and filmed straight on. Very vintage! The next one I don't know the year or picture. I think it was one of those early "revue" type shows. It has someone singing to a bunch of school girls, "Lon Chaney's gonna get you...if you don't watch out." I've only seen clips of it, but what a weird topic to sing about.
  5. Robert Osborne Forever. 'Nuff said.
  6. Oh, was I in heaven! A William Haines movie! For some reason I had never seen this one until yesterday (taped the Silent Sunday Night movie) and I enjoyed it. Haines looked so youthful, slim and sexy. He had great eyes, didn't he, and sure knew how to use them. I think since this was made in 1926, he'd have been just 26 years old. Also impressive was Lon Chaney in a "non-traditional" role for him. He was excellent as drill sergeant O'Hara. Kind of felt sorry for him, as he hopelessly pursued lovely Eleanor Boardman. I also thought the titles were well written. I snickered and gi
  7. I forgot about MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS A DREAM HOUSE. The scene between the contractor & Myrna Loy where she gives him her color choices for the interior paint is a classic.
  8. There is a scene in the movie TWO SECONDS where the men are working on building a steel girded building. Edward G. Robinson stars in this one. In the movie STRANDED with Kay Francis & George Brent, George is the foreman of a construction crew that is building a big bridge. Lots of scenes with the guys on the job. Both of these movies are shown on TCM. Good luck to you. Alix
  9. Count me as someone who enjoyed it. I thought the film had a very "foreign" feel to it. I loved the futuristic sets!
  10. What are your favorite "cult" movies? Anyone want to get this discussion going?
  11. Where did your find your copy of this movie? Or was it shown on TV?
  12. When was Leatrice Gilbert Fountain born, I wonder? Was she born before or after John's death? I didn't know she'd written a bio on her dad, and I bet it's interesting reading. When I want to locate an obscure book, I always rely on Ebay. Only rarely can I not find what I need (although sometimes I have to look for a month or two before I find it). Has anyone read this Gilbert bio?
  13. Has anyone seen any films starring Leatrice Joy? I have seen her on film making comments about classic Hollywood, but haven't seen any of her work, and know practically nothing about her life, except that she was married once to John Gilbert. What happened there? Can anyone enlighten me?
  14. I tried to "leave feedback" that I was having trouble posting messages on the message board, and was unable to do this. Guess this'll cut down on complaints, huh?
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