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  1. I haven't seen The Visit in almost five years. The last time I viewed this was on the FMX channel. Miss Bergman performance in this underrated film truly personified the old adage "Hell hath no furry than a woman scorned"
  2. Has TCM gone woke? An entire month long salute is dedicated to the beautiful and talented, Ingrid Bergman. Yet TCM has elected to air, three of Miss Bergman's most memorable films. Including 1945's Oscar nominated, The Bell's of St. Mary's (1945). One of Hitchcock's best, Notorious (1946) and Joan of Arc (1948). It appears that TCM is continually try to tune off many of its viewers with their non stop, selected themes. Centered upon racial, LGBT and gender based topics. How can the producers dedicate an entire month salute to one of its greatest female stars of the Golden Age; Ingrid Bergman
  3. Would be nice to see a month long salute to classic Hollywood Westerns but this genre unfortunately wont make the cut as an upcoming theme on TCM's monthly review. As they are invested in regurgitating commentary centered upon race in films!
  4. Yes this was also one of my favorite Lucille Ball films but her character was pretty nasty.
  5. Yes. He reached a low point in his career during the 1970's. By accepting low budget films. Including that dreadful 1977 classic film, Lady Dracula. Sadly, his alcohol consumption and chain smoking eventually caught up with him. As his ruggedly handsome looks which he bore profoundly throughout his youth, literally diminished. After dying prematurely at the age of 45.
  6. Just watched the 1966 Sci-fi classic, Fantastic Voyage. Which aired yesterday and would love to see a TCM tribute dedicated in honor of the sadly, underappreciated actor Stephen Boyd. Mr. Boyd starred in this classic sci-fi classic. Along with Raquel Welch and Edmund O'Brien. His ruggedly handsome good looks enabled him to star in a number of versatile roles. Including in his most memorable film, 1959' Ben Hur. As the villainous Masala. Despite his phenomenal role in this memorable film, Mr. Boyd did not receive an Academy Award. Nor was he even nominated. . Though he died very young, many o
  7. Gee...whiz..I often wonder...are the message boards read by the TCM staff? I really miss the Suggest A movie com box. Which was a truly accessible tool used by fans to suggest movies and other documentaries on TCM. Lately, I've grown disappointed with some of the changes made on this channel and am becoming a bit bored by all of the excessive "wokeness" adopted upon this network. How many times must we be informed about issues concerning race? "women's films" and other special interest topics including LGBT images? I miss the days when classic films were documented by the late and charming hos
  8. Susan Hayward was an outstanding actress who won an Academy Award as Best Actress for her riveting portrayal as murderess, Barbara Graham. In the 1958 drama, I Want To Live. (1958) She should have won multiple Oscars as well for other performances. Including I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955) & Smash Up, Story of a Woman (1947). She is one of my favorite classic actresses from the Golden Age and would love to view some her memorable films during the daylong Summer marathon, Summer Under the Stars.. She outshines in just about every role she starred in. Died too soon but left a lasting impression up
  9. Martin Sheen as character, Musante's equally twisted friend was just as psychopathic!
  10. Phenomenal actor. Uncle Charlie definitely qualified as a psychopath.
  11. Mrs. Danvers was one creepy character. Consumed with the memory of a beautiful deceased woman. She definitely was bordering upon the path of a sociopath.
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