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  1. Susan Hayward was an outstanding actress who won an Academy Award as Best Actress for her riveting portrayal as murderess, Barbara Graham. In the 1958 drama, I Want To Live. (1958) She should have won multiple Oscars as well for other performances. Including I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955) & Smash Up, Story of a Woman (1947). She is one of my favorite classic actresses from the Golden Age and would love to view some her memorable films during the daylong Summer marathon, Summer Under the Stars.. She outshines in just about every role she starred in. Died too soon but left a lasting impression up
  2. Martin Sheen as character, Musante's equally twisted friend was just as psychopathic!
  3. Phenomenal actor. Uncle Charlie definitely qualified as a psychopath.
  4. Mrs. Danvers was one creepy character. Consumed with the memory of a beautiful deceased woman. She definitely was bordering upon the path of a sociopath.
  5. Yes TCM is consistently bombarding the network with "race conscious" content and its becoming redundant.
  6. Sadly forgotten today, the beautiful and talented Debra Paget became Elvis Presley's first leading lady in the Western classic, Love Me Tender. Her most signature role was in the star studded 1956, block buster feature, The Ten Commandments.
  7. Definitely Norman Bates AKA Anthony Perkins.
  8. So who would you nominate as the classic screen psychopath of all time? My vote goes to Tony Musante. Who starred alongside Martin Sheen in the gritty 1967 drama, The Incident. Musante and Sheen portrayed two violent city thugs who enter a local train in Manhattan one early morning and began harassing a group of frightened passengers.
  9. Okay...I mispelled his surname but you knew who I was referring to.
  10. Belafonte was a good friend and contemporary of Sidney Portier. Both competed for the so few roles offered to black actors during that era but in all fairness, Belafonte IMHO, wasn't much of an actor either. Like NKC, he was fine singer and basically, eye candy. Didn't offer much in any of his limited roles.
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