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  1. Jake, you love to quote a slave owning President from two centuries ago. I don't think it's a coincidence that any poster who constantly posts about white grievances also continues to chastise the "corruption" of large cities, where large populations of African Americans cast a vote.
  2. A tribute to everyone's favourite scene in KISS ME DEADLY "Oh, yowweeeEEEEE! That hurts! That REALLY hurts! That hurts so much I can feel it right down to my toes! The pain! THE PAIN!!! I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!" "Hey, Mike, do it again, will ya?"
  3. So then why is Trump losing all but two of his 30 court cases and, to say the judges involved were Democrat, is, at the least, inaccurate, at the most, dishonest. Any of a number of the judges have been conservative Republicans. For example . . . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Federal judge dismisses Trump campaign Pennsylvania lawsuit "It is not in the power of this Court to violate the Constitution," Judge Matthew Brann of the US District Court in the Middle District
  4. Please provide link for your information. Or did you get it from the same source where Rudy Giuliani gets his?
  5. History is watching you, too, you pathetic graceless bag of corruption! If you only cared about your nation half as much as you care about yourself.
  6. Bend of the River (1952) James Stewart plays a border raider with a past leading a wagon train of settlers along the Oregon Trail. He's a man trying to flee his past in this Technicolor western, the second of five that he made with director Anthony Mann and one of the big box office hits of its year. As with his other Mann westerns, though possibly to a less developed degree here, Stewart's generally amiable demeanour covers some dark secrets, the actor's lanky frame convincing in the saddle, though there remains an interesting vulnerability about him. Arthur Kennedy scores well, bri
  7. Please, you idolize Trump like you have a schoolboy crush on him, a man accused of rape, among other sexual assaults, and you have the nerve to talk about someone else's hypocrisy.
  8. You know, MM, your obsession with all things Obama is almost as great as Trump's. In Trump's case a lot of it has to do, I suspect, with his feelings of inadequacy compared to the poise, cultured refinement, lithe athleticism, powers of articulation and ability to inspire others that Obama possesses. On top of that he is now making a fortune as a best selling author. Does that just about sum up your feelings of inadequacy compared to him, too, MM?
  9. Has anyone seen The Highwaymen, with Kevin Costner as Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger who finally tracked down Bonnie and Clyde? A good film, with the two gangsters only appearing fleetingly in it. The drama has Hamer as its central character. I don't know how historically accurate it is compared to either The Bonnie Parker Story (which is largely fictional) or Bonnie and Clyde but it has the feel and atmosphere of its mid west Depression era setting (unlike the Dorothy Provine film). All three films end with the ambush in the car. Hamer was controversial as a man not leery of using deadly force
  10. I admired the film but couldn't quite understand the title. I wonder if you have to read the Faulkner novel to find out what it means. Thanks for looking into it, sewhite.
  11. Actually, I think the tommy gun might have done a pretty good job at slaying you, too, Tiki Soo.
  12. Could someone please tell me the meaning of the title Intruder in the Dust?
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