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  1. MM, you're all talk. You create a thread about a social injustice committed during WW2 and feign outrage at what happened to American citizens who were of Japanese heritage then, making sure to remind everyone that it was done by a Democrat President. But if someone reminds you of racist acts being performed against Chinese heritage Americans today in America, spurred on by a Republican President, you are strictly hear no evil, see no evil. What a display of phony partisan outrage on your part.
  2. What a cop out response. I'm talking about racial prejudice in America against Asian Americans TODAY! That's far more pertinent now than the historical injustices committed by FDR 75 years ago. Have the courage to address that, MM, not fall back on your usual TDS crap in order to avoid the topic.
  3. It's obvious that this thread was created by MM just because he has a hate on for Democrats, with FDR a favourite target of his. The physical attacks on Asian Americans today is a topic he avoids, particularly since trump was the one who helped to push that hate by referring to covid 19 as the "Chinese virus." So tell us, MM, since you oppose the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, what do you say about Asians, many of them U.S. citizens, being attacked, both verbally and physically, in American streets today?
  4. Another two faced politician except this one really is a blood sucker.
  5. On behalf of Movie Madness, he resents that comment.
  6. A lot of people talk about certain scenes in THE ROARING 20S, such as the big speakeasy scene with "Wild About Harry" getting sung as Cagney and Bogart share a table or the ending with Gladys George's tearful delivery of the film's famous last line. And you're right, the shootout in the restaurant is excitingly staged by director Raoul Walsh. But, on a minor note, I just like the way that gangster Paul Kelly slurps down a plate of spaghetti.
  7. Raoul Walsh was the director of Colorado Territory, which, aside from being an effective western take on High Sierra, also directed by Walsh, makes a rather touching variation at the end from the original.
  8. McConnell has been the biggest Trump enabler who tried to get on the right side of history by blasting him even after he voted him not guilty of the charge on a technicality he created himself by refusing to have the trial before January 20th. Now, of course, Trump has declared war on him.
  9. The message of Grumpier Old Men was that . . . MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!
  10. Don't forget, too, that, for a pre-code "happy" ending, Al Jolson covers up a homicide because he likes the assailant and doesn't like the victim. A few months later, once the code was being enforced more, they could never have had that ending.
  11. The wolf whistle musical sounds in D.O.A. seem like what they are, an obvious cheap way to get a laugh, IMO. What's more, they are completely out of place in a film as serious as this one. I like to think it wasn't Dimitri Tiomkin's idea to do this, especially since his musical score, sometimes sweet, often stirring, otherwise adds greatly to this drama. Here's Tiomkin's introduction under the film's opening credits. Great stuff! Makes me want to watch the film all over again.
  12. SPOILER ALERT: Maybe it's been a while since you last saw D.O.A.. Eddie dies in the last minute of the film and we never see Paula's reaction to it. In fact, even though she knows that something is terribly wrong, he never tells her that he is dying. I agree with you, however, that their romance is a sweet one, including his doubts about marriage and then final realization of how good she is for him after he knows it's too late. Paula, by the way, suddenly shows up in the dark streets of Frisco towards the end to comfort Eddie. The fact that she can find him in those streets after arrivin
  13. Oh, I think that image is of Eddie alright, midwestern. Having said that I think he is clearly doubled in a few of the film's action scenes (par for the course, of course). One of them is in that terrific scene in which you see him frantically running through a Frisco street after he gets the news he's dying. It's really O'Brien doing the initial running because we can see his face, but there is a prolonged shot, as well, of his back as he runs and I'd bet big bucks that's not the actor. Even in the film's opening under the credits (with Dimitri Tiomkin's music dramatically accompanying h
  14. Violence, no matter what the reason, is to be thoroughly condemned. To condemn that on one side and not the other, as you are doing now, is spectacularly hypocritical, as well as self serving. Aside from that BLM's protests (apart from the rioters that exploit the situation) are based on historical racial inequities that are real, while the Trump mob attack on the Capitol (assisted by right wing lunatic fringe bigots) is based on the fantasy Big Lie promoted by Trump that he "lost" an election and attempted an insurrection to overthrow the decision of the American voter. At one point
  15. Yes, I neglected to mention The Fisherman club where we see the jazz musicians playing in D.O.A. a very atmospheric, excitingly directed and edited sequence. And you also, very briefly, get to see a very young Hugh O'Brien there (before he strapped on his Wyatt Earp guns) as a jazz aficianado really into the music. Ever wonder how many Hollywood films show the trademark Coca Cola name? I don't know if it's still available but I have a DVD of the film released by Image Entertainment years ago that has a very nice contrasting image, with only one ten second or so moment that look
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