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  1. I just like the idea of an ending in which Sam gets the girl. Of course, Rick gets stuck with Carl in a skimpy outfit but that provides us with a message: Life isn't perfect. "Isn't perfect? IT SUCKS!"
  2. Either that or Sam got **** that Rick left him behind and chopped up his piano for kindling wood. An angry Ferrari knocks Sam out and leaves him in the desert to die. Carl and Sascha use the underground to contact Rick who returns in disguise as a Nazi, and grabs Ferrari, forcing him to tell him where he left Sam in the desert. Rick retraces the route given, finally coming across a giant tent in an oasis where he finds a smiling Sam surrounded by three harem girls. "Sam, I'm here to rescue you," Rick proclaims, a little surprised by the presence of the ladies. "Sorry, boss," Sam replies, "but I don't need rescuing." "No, I can see that," Rick replies, "Mind if I hang around?" "Sure, boss," replies a smiling Sam, "Make yourself comfortable, but you may get a surprise or two." At that moment one of the harem girls removes her veil and it's Ilsa. "Ilsa!" says a shocked Rick, "Of all the tents in all the world you have to come to this one. What are you doing here? I thought I did the noble thing by sending you off with Victor." "I got sick of all that nobility between you and that husband of mine," says Ilsa, "and wanted a little spice in my life. I always found Sam a little cutie pie so here I am." "That's right, boss," says a beaming Sam, "She's my honey . . . er, boss, there's a couple of other girls over there for you. But I'm not certain they're going to be your type." The other two harem girls, one tall, the other decidedly chunky, move in on Sam to remove their veils. It's Carl and Sascha. Sascha winks at Sam. "Get away from me, you crazy Russian," Rick responds. "Come on, boss," Sam smiles, as he and Ilsa snuggle,"Give in." "This ending will never get by the censor board," Rick proclaims but, looking over at Carl and squeezing his cheeks to Carl's accompanying squeals of "Naught! Naught!" adds, "I think this is the beginning of a really weird friendship." The End.
  3. Dooley Wilson's Sam is a good guy who stuck by Rick since at least the Paris days. I always worry about him at the film's end, though. If you were Sam, would you want to be stuck working for Ferrari? Biggest flaw of Casablanca: not enough Peter Lorre, including finding some way to have him share a scene with Greenstreet. Aside from that, the film is a marvel of smooth direction, crackling dialogue and a cast that give performances of which you can never tire. Viva Bogart's Rick and Bergman's Ilsa, and if corruption always came in such debonair packages as provided by the charming Claude Rains maybe it would be a little easier for us to endure.
  4. The ending, as far as Garfield and his family is concerned, is ambiguous but his character has finally surrendered his macho instincts to acknowledge to his wife that he needs her. In losing his arm it will possibly bring them closer together as a couple - if he lives. SPOILER ALERT: That memorable crane shot at the end of the film is a real surprise. In closing the film with an image of a little boy ignored by all around him as he searches in vain for his father and is then left standing alone on the dock the audience is brought up short. Unlike the boy, we know the tragic news that awaits him. It's a reminder for us of the tragedies in life that daily impact others of whom we may give little thought. There will be a mother we haven't seen that will be torn apart, as well. It is also a reminder of the guilt that Garfield's Harry Morgan will forever feel for what happened to his friend. The tears produced in some audience members by that final shot are a testament to the heart breaking humanity that touches a film that might otherwise be dismissed as just a melodrama. By the way the little boy in that shot was played by Juano Hernandez's son.
  5. Spoken like a true cult follower.
  6. It's tough to pick just one Lugosi performance as my favourite. I love, just love, watching him when he played Dracula the second time in the Abbott and Costello film, bringing an aristocratic dignity to the role amidst all the (successful) comedy chaos around him. But then there was also his broken necked Igor in Son of Frankenstein, stealing that film, in my opinion, from one of the most illustrious casts that any Universal horror film ever had. And did you ever see a more contrasting performance to his silken smooth Dracula than in this portrayal, showing his acting range. But, if forced to pick just one performance, I look back to the beginnings of his Hollywood career and his role as Legendre, the zombie master, in that artfully created little "B" of ominous atmosphere, White Zombie. Lugosi is a commanding screen presence is this film, but he delivers a far more subtle performance here than in many other portrayals (try comparing this one, for example, to his mad doctor in The Raven). And those eyes used to hypnotize his helpless victims, to break down any resistant will power they may possess. Lugosi's marvelously understated performance makes the evil of his character that much more chilling and believable. This, to me, may well be Lugosi at his finest.
  7. Great list, Detective Jim. May I add a couple more: The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), with Bela continuing in his role as Igor to Lon Chaney's Frankenstein Monster. Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943) with Lugosi as the Monster, perhaps not his greatest performance but a fun film. One of the problems in appreciating Bela here is that the Monster, I believe, is supposed to be blind but that is not well established in the screenplay. Return of the Vampire (1944), a highly atmospheric vampire tale with Bela wearing the cape once again. Although, for copy right reasons he is not called Dracula, making this technically not a Dracula film, this was the closet he had come to the role since his star making turn as the Count in 1931. And thanks for the great Lugosi video Antonia. I look forward to seeing your video on Bela's homes (even if it is sad to see the modesty of his last residence).
  8. There is a feeling of triumph at the end of Body and Soul but it is mixed with an ambiguity as to how much future Charley Davis may have. At the time of Garfield's death I suspect that Body and Soul was regarded as the highlight of the actor's career. But time changes perspectives some times and today, I suspect, films like The Postman Always Rings Twice and, as it becomes increasingly better known, The Breaking Point may generate more interest and excitement among many buffs. Garfield himself was on record as ranking The Breaking Point above Body and Soul, a film whose popularity and status had brought him a lot of pride. I would rank Garfield's family man skipper forced to work with criminals in The Breaking Point as probably the actor's definitive performance. That tough guy tinged with vulnerability for which Garfield was known never seemed more real to me than in this, his second last film. Garfield was clearly maturing as an actor, bringing more depth to his performances. I also appreciate the unspoken love that Garfield's Harry Morgan had in his friendship with loyal ship mate Juano Hernandez. Garfield wanted the role of the friend to be played by a black actor to provide the film with a subtle message of racial harmony. That heart breaking crane shot final image in the film, by the way, was the idea of director Michael Curtiz.
  9. Because the stain of impeachment will be on his name for all future Presidents to know they can't treat Congress and the constitution in the arrogant imperial manner in which he has. Plus there is the possibility that a Senate trial will bring out further evidence against Trump (unless Mitch McConnell has his way which, in turn, will be seen for what it is - A COVER UP). Plus any GOP Senator in a purple state who votes to acquit Trump (or refuses to hear new testimony) may pay a huge price for it in November. Any reasonable American knows that GOPers refusing to listen to new testimony means one thing - they're afraid of the truth. Hell, the testimony might help Trump, if he's so innocent, so why not let the public hear it? Not hearing it smells of one thing - A COVER UP!! Trump will be acquitted by the Senate but there will still be an historical and political stain on his name which can rally the forces against him even more by the time of the election, especially with the future revelations that will come out as well. You may close your eyes to the law breaking of this man, Nip, along with other members of your Trump cult, but fair minded Americans (even including some Republicans) will not.
  10. They didn't try to impeach Trump. They did impeach him. And the son-of-a-**** will have that stain upon his name for all eternity no matter what the GOP Senate does. History will record the Democrats in the House as having done the right thing while the Senate Republicans will be seen as involved in a cover up if they deny new witness testimony. There will be more revelations of Trump's behaviour after the trial and it may have an impact upon the independents come next November. But trying to explain this to a cult follower like you is a pointless exercise.
  11. See what I mean? Nip knows the Retrumplicans are lying and the White House is lying. None of it matters to him. Just a win, no matter how immoral the President of the United States may be and no matter how much he will continue to divide the country and only be emboldened to more unconstitutional acts once he is acquitted by a rigged Senate jury. Chaos is what Trump brings to the table wherever he goes and chaos seems to be just fine with many of his supporters.
  12. "Watch your mouth, mug. Even I got a better looking pan than that! . . . And stop calling me Blinky!"
  13. Notice how quiet (relatively) the Trump people are about this Senate trial? They know he's going to be acquitted - hell, we all know that, it's a rigged GOP jury - but don't ask any of them if they want witnesses and new testimony because they know Trump's guilty as hell but they don't care, they just want him to win. To hell with the truth. To hell with the future. Just a partisan "win." That's all that counts to them.
  14. Well something worked out for them - twice. I guess that's a rug on Bogie in this shot. I wish their little girl didn't make that face. She's kinda scaring me.
  15. I just watched this one for the first time. It's not without fun for action fans and Mitchum is pretty loosey goosey as a priest who carries a machine gun. Silly movie but fun if you're in the right mood for it. But it's sad to see Rita Hayworth. She looks like she's from another world.
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