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  1. The Invisible Man Returns (1940) One of the first films planned by Universal when the studio decided to make a return to their popular horror vehicles of the early '30s was this production, their first sequel to 1933's The Invisible Man. Vincent Price, cast in the title role, had the first of his horror starring vehicles here, a genre to which he would return (and become a legend) later in his career. The story involves an innocent man (Price) about to be executed for a murder who makes an escape from his prison cell via an invisibility formula administered to him by a scientist
  2. Please repeat after me, MM: Biden won the election. Trump lost it. There, that wasn't so difficult to say, was it? Okay, maybe it was a little tough for you the first time but keep repeating those words to yourself until one day you finally come to believe them. And then, guess what, you'll finally be in the world of reality. Next up will be a real toughie for you, though, but I hope you can say it; The Democrats are NOT responsible for every evil known to mankind. I admit it might take a while before you really believe this one.
  3. Well I happen to think that Ava Gardner was the . . . Oh, wait, you said no arguing. Sorry.
  4. Canada kept politics away from the science. Sure there are the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers here, too, but what the nation doesn't have is a major political party supporting them or right wing media sowing division on the subject.
  5. Yet it's young people in Canada that largely comprise the unvaccinated, which could potentially lead to a 4th wave among them in the nation.
  6. This is a pretty good one, Bogie. Makes one have flashbacks to Double Indemnity, if only because of Fred's participation.
  7. Except of Muslims, blacks, women in positions of power, immigrants in general, anyone seeking an abortion and Democrats, you mean.
  8. Because of the thousands of discs I own space became a problem. It has helped that I have made purchases of nylon CD/DVD binder cases, each with a 400 disc capacity. So far I have 32 of them (some earlier cases with a capacity of 320 only). They take care of a significant number of the discs, though they still dominant a floor in one small room. I will designate each binder alphabetically. One binder, of example, has titles A to E, with others F to L, M to R and S to Z. However I just lump the discs together under their title's first letter. The As are altogether, for example, but in no p
  9. Oh, he's scared of that, too. He also lives in constant fear that one day some Islamic berserker or street scum may break into his home and destroy all his John Wayne DVDs.
  10. MM listed Vermont twice because there's twice as many Democrats there, he figures. Trump won exactly one county in that state in the election, while Biden walked away with 66% of the overall vote. He's still ticked the state gave Biden three electoral votes.
  11. Yeh, that's right. You're not being reckless and irresponsible by ignoring science and refusing to get a vaccine, thereby endangering the lives of others, including potentially the fully vaccinated with the arrival of new variants. You're standing up for rights and freedoms. It's a shame that others around you may pay with their health or even lives for your freedom stance, you rugged individualist.
  12. I have a very large DVD library of thousands of discs (probably around 11,000), both pre-recorded as well as copies of films I've put on blank discs. Most I never put on after initially seeing them. They just sit there. Lately, though, I have been dismayed to discover that some of the older discs are freezing up on me. Call it laser rot or DVD rot or whatever, I have now been forced to try to replace some of my DVDs with newer versions of them for that reason. This has not only happened to some of the pre recorded DVDs but to some blank DVD-Rs upon which I made recordings, as well. S
  13. But I have a long list of actors I want to ban. Where am I going to shove that list? Oh, wait. Don't answer.
  14. Walter Brennan was a racist. Therefore let's start a campaign for TCM to never show The Westerner, Sergeant York, My Darling Clementine, Meet John Doe, Rio Bravo, Red River or anything else that dirt bag ever appeared in. I thank you. Next up to ban, John Wayne . . .
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