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  1. It gets really weird, doesn't it, when Lamb Chop talks like Jerry Mahoney?
  2. You still don't get it. You're the only person to whom it matters whether this act occurred in a Republican or Democratic state. It doesn't matter which political party governs that state or any other state in which an act of this nature occurs. That cop cold bloodedly continuing to kneel on a black man's neck for nine minutes as the man repeatedly said he couldn't breath and cried out for his mother was an act performed in public, with cameras recording it, of the purest evil. And the other cops just standing there doing nothing as people around them pleaded with the cop to let the man up are all a part of that evil. Trump is not directly responsible for what occurred in Minneapolis. But with his appeasement of racists in the nation and his wink-wink nod of the head towards white supremacists (those "very good" people in Charlottesville) he helped to pave the way for the kind of acts of racial hatred that we have seen lately. While racism existed long before Trump arrived on the scene, he has exploited it and his Presidency has, in the minds of many racists, made those acts against minorities more permissible once again. And ALL (!!!) Trump supporters, unless they are deaf, dumb and blind to any kind of reality, must be aware of that fact! Many Trump supporters (I won't guess at the percentage) are not racist, of course, and support this man for other reasons. But they also all know that, by that very support, whatever their motive may be, they are enabling a man who, at the very least, encourages racism in the nation because it has profited him politically.
  3. Tasteless. A man died, his family is grieving, a community is in an uproar and you're cracking jokes about it.
  4. Has anyone ever seen THE REVENGE OF KIM? It's the film in which, whenever Hildegarde Neff speaks, Kim Novak's voice comes out.
  5. Yesterday America passed the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths from covid 19, the worst in the world. And neither Trump nor you, Jake, had the decency to acknowledge this number of tragic historical significance, with far worse to come. Instead you were posting banalities about Jimmy Fallon and Twitter. That's right, resort to your usual modus operandi: Whenever events happen that you find uncomfortable from your partisan viewpoint, if you can't deny them or call them fake then go into distraction. YOU THINK YOU'RE WINNING, JAKE? YOU'RE FOOLING NOBODY!!!
  6. Oh, cut out those GD stupidly partisan comments. Everything with you is finger pointing politics. This heinous act, kneeing on a man's neck as he says he can't breath, killing him in the process (with other cops standing around doing nothing to stop it), is the evil of racism, pure and simple. And that has been with your nation since its inception. That evil is in more than just the States, of course. Canada has had more than its share, as well, as it still does. By the way, Trump, your President, the one you will vote for again in November, has trafficked in this crap going back to his birther garbage which first brought him political prominence. As he continues to speak in not so subtle code language to white supremacists, you know, those "very good people" who showed up in Charlottesville a couple of years ago. Okay, I got into finger pointing myself there but, in Trump's case and that of many of his followers, knowingly closing a blind eye to his race baiting or, worse, agreeing with the sentiments, they all have it coming.
  7. If Donald Trump had a choice between Joe Biden becoming President with 150,000 deaths from covid 19 or he getting re-elected with 500,000 Americans dead from the virus, does anyone doubt that he would choose the latter?
  8. Joe Lockhart @joelockhart The fact that @realDonaldTrump used today, of all days, as we pass 100k deaths to brag about what a great job he's done without a word of comfort shows what a complete broken and worthless human being he is. We deserve to decline as a nation if we give him another term.
  9. What is there about Biden as potential President acting as role model to the nation at the time of a pandemic that you don't understand? Whether Trump is daily tested or not, he should be leader enough to wear a mask rather than be a role model for all those Americans who cast safety for others aside and refuse to do so.
  10. Yes, it's impressive but we don't see the congestion and the people living on top of one another. "Wonder Cities" like Wuhan and Tokyo and New York and London are seen now with such different eyes due to covid 19. Will people ever regard these great cities quite the same way again?
  11. So Truman, today one of the most revered of U.S. Presidents, was just another cold hearted bastard. What a surprise.
  12. Sorry to distact but can anyone tell me why the A bomb was dropped on Nagasaki after the devastation of Hiroshima had shown that it was all but over for the Japanese? Yes, I know, they didn't immediately surrender after the first bomb but, come on, it was just a matter of time. What was the military or political reason for the second bomb?Just racism and hatred for the enemy?
  13. Biden is demonstrating responsibility and leadership by acting as a role model for the nation by wearing a mask in public.
  14. So many of those huge cities in China (and Japan) are visually dazzling wonders of lighting, particularly at night. This is a shot of Wuhan. \
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