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  1. I once had a dream with Timothy Carey in it in which he had his teeth clenched but the front ones were on hinges and he stuck out his tongue a foot and a half. I woke up screaming and was afraid to go back to sleep the rest of the night. Way too much film noir viewing in my life.
  2. I wonder why it is that trump followers who love to bring up 2016 conveniently overlook 2018.
  3. Yes, Nip, I know that distress in others is a pleasurable experience for you.
  4. Yup, Canada failed to get on the U.N. security council. Now ask the average Canadian how much he cares about that as opposed to how much he is concerned with how his government leaders are battling covid 19. Canada, like the States, was slow off the mark and the devastation in senior residences due to the disease is a source of national shame. However, unlike the States where the death toll keeps skyrocketing in many states, the disease is currently under relative control in Canada. This is because provincial governments and the federal government, no matter what their political differences may be, banned together to fight the disease and, unlike Americans, Canadians have a leader who lead by example by wearing a mask. And, unlike many in the States, Canadians have listened to the scientists and adopted the mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing measures asked of them. Canada has had 106,000 cases of covid 19. That's the same number that the States has had in the past few days. By no means is the war against covid 19 over in Canada but the nation is at a point where the cases are today few enough that contact tracing can be employed when a case does occur. In the States, meanwhile, you have a President who is about to hold a second campaign rally where masks are optional and everyone will be squeezed together (while the President himself is protected as much as possible with tests of everyone around him). The recklessness of the American President in his pursuit of re-opening the economy, while at the same time down playing the seriousness of the pandemic, all in pursuit of his re-election, is making this pandemic one of the greatest calamities in American history, with a President who has been completely derelict in his duties to defend the nation. By the way, MM, who is banned from travelling to Europe these days, Canadians or Americans?
  5. Trump’s 29th Trip To Mar-a-Lago Brings Golf Tab To 334 Years Of Presidential Salary Yet after three years in office, T**** has spent two-and-a-half times as many days on a golf course as Obama had done at the same point in his first term. If Trump plays golf both Saturday and Sunday, he will have played 248 times. Obama by his 1,123rd day in office had played 92 times. And because Trump insists on playing at courses he owns, the cost to taxpayers has been nearly four times as high as it was for Obama. More than two-thirds of Trump’s golf outings involve seven-figure trips aboard Air Force One, mainly to Florida and New Jersey, but also to Los Angeles, Ireland and Scotland. Obama, in contrast, played most of his golf on courses at military bases within a short drive of the White House. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/trump-golf-mar-a-lago-taxpayers_n_5e4712b9c5b64d860fcab86c?ri18n=true&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS91cmw_c2E9dCZyY3Q9aiZxPSZlc3JjPXMmc291cmNlPXdlYiZjZD0mdmVkPTJhaFVLRXdqRG43bUl2ckhxQWhXd2lPQUtIU2RUQ0hVUUZqQUNlZ1FJQVJBQiZ1cmw9aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZ3d3cuaHVmZnBvc3QuY29tJTJGZW50cnklMkZ0cnVtcC1nb2xmLW1hci1hLWxhZ28tdGF4cGF5ZXJzX25fNWU0NzEyYjljNWI2NGQ4NjBmY2FiODZjJnVzZz1BT3ZWYXcxTVpmWFB0VFNkM0M4RWRXR3NFNGtJ&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAI8FI6i5ktT5SkRspu2VwqGDm0SeCaah5hcVQJ7WDuV-EsRguSE0gATPaHPjPqKKlOlFnf6ueDs9MWOIH4KOrXB45n3H2A2tW7ttwi0DH3bc9SE9jPAkf-KvlbMEhnh2ZCy_oxcBs3V3uF4VnmaZw7nNWxSnqhtneOVdXH9_AII0 So who's the dummy?
  6. So have you already bought the party balloons for your celebration party when Trump gets re-elected, MM?
  7. TRANSLATION: Trump's getting better at his cheating, especially with all the practice he's been getting at it since being in office.
  8. Stop parroting the fantasy cop out excuse used by Trump. FACT: The U.S. has 4% of the world's population, with 25% of covid 19 cases. FACT: The EU just banned Americans from visiting Europe (with those big U.S. tourist dollars they desire) while such nations as Algeria, Rwanda and Canada qualify to visit the continent because of their success in fighting the virus. THE UNITED STATES JOINS NATIONS LIKE BRAZIL AND RUSSIA AS A COVID 19 DISASTER DUE TO THE TOTAL INEPTITUDE OF TRUMP'S "LEADERSHIP." THIS IS A MAN WHO HELD A RALLY, HAVING SOCIAL DISTANCING STICKERS REMOVED FROM CHAIRS TO CROWD EVERYONE TOGETHER SO IT WILL LOOK GOOD ON CAMERA, TO HELL IT THE FACT THAT SOME OF THOSE SUPPORTERS MAY DIE AS A RESULT.
  9. Well, you got that right, Dargo. I can't speak for how any Scots living in Canada may say "about." All bets on pronunciation are off there.
  10. I'm sure they only talk that way in Kelowna when they say they're getting on a boat. You should take an aboot face on this one, Dargo. While Canada is a large country and there can be some variations in speech, I'm sure, I've never heard any Canadian pronounce "about" any way other than that. Besides, you Yanks are always thinking that others have accents or "funny speech." I know this after being told about my "Australian" accent when I took a trip to Vegas.
  11. I think Silver River is one of Flynn's more interesting films with one of his best performances. The writing of the film falls apart at the end and the final 15 minutes feel rushed, like they were trying to wrap the film all up somehow, but the characterizations in this film, particularly Flynn's darker portrayal than usual, are strong. Particularly effective, I feel, is Flynn's scene is a bar in which he is confronted by Thomas Mitchell who gives him a David and Bathsheba lecture. Mitchell is ruffled in appearance and flamboyant, as opposed to the reserved Flynn who stands in elegant attire. The two contrasting actors bounce off one another admirably for a memorable scene. Bur I can't agree with you, though, rosebette, that Sheridan's performance seems "mailed it"at times or that she seems to be in her cups. She and Flynn have a delicious sexual chemistry in this western. In fact, outside of Olivia, along with Alexis Smith, I think Ann was Flynn's best leading lady. Flynn clearly enjoys playing his role as a scoundrel in this film. Best scene in the film for me occurs after Sheridan has walked out on Errol and his grand house is being torn apart by creditors taking all his possessions. Flynn is stoic as he walks about the place, uttering a physical threat once only when workmen are about to take down a giant portrait of his wife (Sheridan) hanging on the wall. Flynn's only friend (played by Tom D'Andrea) tries to console him, suggesting he try to reunite with his wife, then adding, "Of course, it's none of my business." "That's right," a proud Flynn responds, "It's none of your business." D'Andrea departs, leaving Flynn alone with only a few workmen. Then the actor and director Raoul Walsh have one of their most touching moments together in my opinion, beautifully conveying the emotional vulnerability of Errol's character. Flynn leans against a door jam, trying to act nonchalant as his possessions are taken away. He starts to leave a room, then stops, and, almost as if by irresistible impulse, finally looks up at the wall beside him. The camera pans up to where he is peering to see the portrait of Ann Sheridan.
  12. Too bad this Lone Ranger doesn't want anything to do withTonto.
  13. "That's right, ladies and gentleman, let's have a big round of applause for the science deniers who don't have a clue what they're talking about and never stop letting us all know it. I especially want to honour these people since I depend upon their votes to stay in office."
  14. "That's right, Laura, we're just like you. We're STOOOOPID and damn proud of it."
  15. And with your latest polls numbers . . . THE LOON WORRIER
  16. THANK GOD (!!!) you're on the track of statue defacers, Mr. President. Now if you could also turn your attention to a disease wracking your nation and reports that Russia put a bounty on American and Allied troops, that would be appreciated too. You know, actually ACT LIKE A LEADER instead of a man looking for cultural divisions he thinks may help his re-election chances.
  17. I sent a fan letter to Olivia de Havilland at her Paris address in 1990. I heard nothing in response at the time, thinking, "Oh, well, I tried." Then, much to my surprise, I received a response from the lady in 1995. I could hardly believe it when I saw a thick envelope arrive in the mail with her return address in the corner of it. She sent me a note of apology for the time delay, and thanked me for my letter she called "perceptive," along with all five photos I had sent her autographed. A very gracious response from one of the legends of Hollywood for which the wait (a little lengthier than expected) was well worth it. I'm glad that I was able to make a brief connection with an actress who has appeared in a larger number of favourite films of mine than most. Never would I have imagined, though, that after all these years she would still with is. For which I am very grateful.
  18. Big cast for sure in an entertaining "high finance" soaper, kingrat. But I have to say that I thought Christopher Plummer stole the show, if only for his final scene in the four parter.
  19. This is the last known photograph taken of Sean Flynn, along with fellow photojournalist Dana Stone, before they disappeared. Sean struggled for a few years trying to figure put what to do with his life as he lived in the shadow of his famous father. He clearly had the same adventurous spirit (working for a while as a big game hunting safari guide) but, tragically, his dare devil pursuit of a news story behind enemy lines cost him his life. The two disappeared in 1970, with Flynn declared legally dead in 1984. His mother, Lili Damita, spent a fortune in a futile search for her son.
  20. Canadians to be allowed into EU countries, but U.S. citizens shut out The European Union announced Tuesday that it will reopen its borders to travellers from 14 countries, but most Americans have been refused entry for at least another two weeks due to soaring coronavirus infections in the U.S. Travellers from other big countries with high infection rates, like Russia, Brazil and India, will also miss out. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/european-union-travel-list-1.5632422 So how you doing with all that Winning, Winning, Winning with Trump, Jake? Algeria, Morocco and Rwanda are among the other nations whose citizens are deemed safer to visit Europe because of their containment of covid 19 than Americans. That's right, Rwanda, one of those "**** hole" countries according to your President, has done a better job than Trump in fighting the disease.
  21. Sean Flynn, son of Errol, appeared in a few films (including Son of Captain Blood) before meeting his doom as a photojournalist in Cambodia.
  22. That's Norman Lear sharing the moment with three of the world's great comedy performers. This photo was taken in May, 2017.
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