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  1. Bugs Bunny and Beaky Buzzard only made one cartoon together, Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid, and they were a memorable teaming. Beaky, as he later came to be known, is actually called "Killer" by his Italian sounding Mama in this one. He has a slooooow talkin' Mortimer Snerd-like voice, an Adam's apple the size of a small baseball and he's not the brightest buzzard in the world. Truth is, you knew from the beginning that it would be a particularly one sided duel of wits in this one between Beaky and Bugs but it's fun to watch them together in this Robert Clampett directed effort. Bea
  2. Speaking for myself, I haven't seen a film at the show since 2000 when I watched What Lies Beneath. I watch everything at home on my TV, even if it's a film I burned off the internet to put on a blank DVD. My viewing habits have totally changed. The fact that few films have been released in the past 20 years that I really care about has something to do with it but the few I did want to see I largely finally did see on my television. I don't hold any particular sentimentality about the big screen, though viewing an epic of some kind undoubtedly has more impact in a theatre. Grey mark
  3. Don't forget that DOCTOR X (hopefully restored) is on in the wee hours Friday morning (1:30 am EST).
  4. Trump shares bizarre videos and tweets by actor Randy Quaid about voter fraud, Fox News "Is this the way America goes? Is this really our future? Wake up you sleeping giant, the lilliputians have tied you down with their fantastic dreams of icebergs melting into dinosaurs and train tracks stretching across the Pacific waters. Trump trumpets reveille and it's time to heed the call." https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-shares-bizarre-videos-tweets-actor-randy-quaid-about-voter-n1248818 Trump may move to California just so he can vote for the man whose videos he retwee
  5. One of the best episodes of The Rifleman was the third to last episode in the series called "Old Man Running." Character actor John Anderson plays the grizzled title character who comes to the McCain ranch, asking Lucas if he will protect him from three gunmen after him. Lucas refuses, telling him to move on. The old man says he knows he has no right to ask a favour of him and rides away. Mark, who witnesses their interaction, doesn't understand what he just saw but is surprised by the hatred in his father's face. As the episode continues it turns out that the old man is the father o
  6. A person can say "we" in this sense, as in a world view of the White House, without meaning that he is American. Then again, your mentality, as always, MM, is strictly of the Them Vs. Us variety, so it is no surprise that you would make such a comment. Sneak into your country? From Canada? You've got to be kidding!
  7. I'm not surprised that news ratings are down under Biden's Presidency. In fact I would have predicted it. Now that we have a more traditional, somewhat boring and NORMAL HUMAN BEING (!!!) in the White House people are taking an interest in things other than politics 24/7. And that's a good thing! America went through four years of stress under Trump, never knowing what would come flying out of his ignorant, racist mouth or what stupid policy he would enact. There were plenty of arguments (look at these boards), with those who opposed him infuriated while his defenders would either duck fo
  8. I grew up watching The Rifleman. Lucas McCain had a tendency to be an over protect father and his sermons to Mark about "life lessons" could be a little tiresome, at times. However, Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford worked well together as actors, which was vital in selling the show. Johnny Crawford always showed a heart felt sincerity in his portrayal of young Mark that I found affecting. RIP Johnny Crawford
  9. My biggest grievance with Casablanca, one of my top ten films with some of the smartest dialogue of the movies, is that Ugarte was knocked off too soon (Peter Lorre is simply too much fun to watch as a weasel). But, no, that does not make Ugarte a tragic figure. One of my favourite lines in the film: Thank you, oh thank you, to the Epstein brothers for their cleverness with words (along with the delivery of those words by some of the best acting pros in the business at the time).
  10. I can't really see it, Herman. Rick has been wounded by life, to be sure, thus his hard shell of cynicism. And at the end of the film he is self sacrificing when it comes to his love life. That makes him rather noble (though he would scoff at the word) but hardly tragic. Rick is a tough, independent guy and he will persevere. I'm not saying his future, uncertain as it is, will be a happy one. Who knows what lies ahead. The main person at the end of Casablanca for whom I feel sorry is Sam, left behind by Rick after years of companionship. I mean, would you want to be suddenly stuck working
  11. Sherlock Jr is Keaton at his most inventive. This is one of his best visual stunts.
  12. You and Nipkow should get together for a peanut butter and meatball sandwich.
  13. Such a sad case of TDS. When are you ever going to get over your obsession with him, MM?
  14. I was under the impression that TCM won't show Warner Archives releases until a year after their release. Therefore my guess is that while Mystery of the Wax Museum's restoration might be shown, Doctor X's will not.
  15. If that joke of mine doesn't get a reaction, maybe I'll have to write something "profoundly intelligent" in order to get a laugh from someone. That's me, Dargo. I'll get 'em anyway I can.
  16. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby had really nice chemistry in Road to Singapore. It's a shame they couldn't have . . . Oh, wait. Never mind.
  17. I see your viewpoint, Swithin. But do you not also find it sad that a man thought, after largely living a wastrel's existence in which he failed to realize his once great potential, he had so little to live for that he could redeem himself by sacrificing his life in order to save that of another? I see his death as both heroic and tragic.
  18. Just about as bad is when you get a laugh emoji from someone after posting what you consider to be an intelligent, perceptive observation.
  19. That's the problem with humour, my friend, particularly if it might seem a little edgy to some. Some posters, particularly those who don't know you, might not "get" it and even take offence. (It's even worse when those who do know you always take offence). Many a time I've cracked a "funny" on the boards and there wasn't even a ripple in response. And I'd think, "What? Have these people no sense of humour? It can't be me." Well, sometimes maybe, just maybe, it is me. Not every joke can be a gem. Yet, I still try. (Many, in fact, have told me I'm very trying). By the way, your "has a
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