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  1. Thanks Fred. Alls I know is that it was much more enjoyable in full screen for me and my family. It never looked like it was cut off at all.
  2. Fred, do you have any info on the Unsinkable Molly Brown? They aren't playing it again until August 19. All I know is that as a kid it always filled the whole screen, now it looks like a little sliver and I can't make it completely fill the screen. So how did they get it to fill the screen when I was a kid?
  3. Look at the one playing now, Barrabus, it's so small that even when I zoom it twice, it still doesn't fill the screen.Another movie I'd love to see again in full screen is the Unsinkable Molly Brown. I grew up watching that movie, but when I taped it off tcm it was in letterbox. So does that mean that all the times I saw it as a kid that they were formatting it to fit the screen?
  4. I can't wait to see The Two Mrs. Carrolls on June 8! I read the book and was so surprised to hear that Barbara Stanwyck made a movie about it! I've wanted to see it for so long. I bet it will be great.
  5. No, the heads don't look stretched or weird to me at all on my tv. Oh, I wanted to tell you we do get one HD channel, not with the satellite, but with the rabbit ears on the roof, it is a PBS channel and I played around with the zoom button and it's crystal clear even after I zoom it twice! So you're right, HD would be so great to have when watching tcm letterbox movies. I don't know if I want to spend an extra $100 for the HD receiver for just 6 months, but it's tempting.
  6. Valentine, the movie looked fine to me on 16:9, not weird at all. I guess it just comes down to personal preference. MovieMadness, not sure what you mean by wide setting, it goes 4:3 then 16:9 then there are two zoom settings. The tv is pretty good, everything else looks fine to me, just don't like the scrunched screen of letterbox, that's all. I love watching the classic movies in full screen on this huge screen, like the one playing right now. It's interesting how each side feels so strongly about their preference.
  7. Okay, I just played around with the remote, I can switch it to 4:3, but I would never watch it like that with the two black bars on the side, I like it better on 16:9 filling the whole screen. Do you watch yours on 4:3? Do you like that setting better?
  8. I don't want any black bars, that's exactly what I don't want. I like the full screen.
  9. No, I'm not stretching or zooming it at all, it's on 16:9. There are no black bars on any sides, it fills the whole screen.
  10. Hi Valentine, Yes the movie that is playing on tcm right now fills my whole screen, is that what you were asking?
  11. Hi ValentineXavier, so people that like Letterbox movies also like to zoom them to fill the screen? I didn't know this, I thought they liked watching the scrunched screen. Too bad they didn't have a way to zoom it for us at full quality, then send that to our tv screens, that would probably please everybody! Thanks for explaining all this, it is very high tech!
  12. Mark, we can't get cable out here, it's a rural area, so we are stuck with satellite. I would never sign on with Directv for two more years, it has been terrible and so expensive, I just don't feel like they care about their customers. We had Dish Network before and were really satisfied with it, we should never have switched. But I'm sure prices have gone up since we had Dish Network, back then we didn't need to sign a contract and it wasn't too expensive every month. I don't know what the prices are now, but hopefully it's less than $75 a month!
  13. I can't think of any classic movie actors that irritate me much, but I don't like Will Farrell movies, they are just so foolish.
  14. Yeah, Caprice wasn't her best movie. But I'd still love to see Where Were You When the Lights Went Out simply because it's the only one of hers that I haven't seen! I'm sure it will be good to watch at least once.
  15. Mark, I just called Directv and they do have the free HD now, they didn't bother to tell us. Back when we joined up they said it was $10. How long has it been free? They said the receiver is $100, but since it's up in 6 months I don't know if it's really worth paying that much, I wish they would have told us about the deal earlier. I've been really unhappy with them and will switch to Dish Network as soon as our contract is up. I hate these contracts, if you are unhappy there is nothing you can do for two whole years!
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