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  1. > {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote} > The day schedule is a holdover from the days when television ran from morning till night. A broadcast day began around 6am (at least in the east) and would end around midnight or later. So, the fact that the broadcast day doesn't begin at midnight has less to do with someone's error than that is pretty much the way it was always done. It is hardly TCM's folly and certainly not the programmer's fault. > > Not even the networks start their broadcast day at midnight. > > Didn't you ever get TV Guide? They used to do it that wa
  2. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=Vizio32 wrote:}{quote} > > Tried to download Chapters 7 and 8 of Buck Rogers today from TCM. Got the message stating you cannot download in this format anymore. > > What do you mean by "download" and "format"? > > I recorded the two chapters dirctly to DVD from my normal DirectTV satellite signal. I was using a Panasonic VHS/DVD recorder. > > Are you trying to record it with your computer or what? FYI, Fred the VHS man: To "download" is to transfer a digital file from a source such
  3. > {quote:title=scsu1975 wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > > > {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote} > > > I can't record on the regular digital signal but can on the HD. Go figure. > > > > A few months ago, I wanted to record an HD digital movie from my outdoor antenna, onto my new Panasonic VHS recorder, but it would not record from my antenna. A message came on the screen saying that I could not record a digital signal on my VHS recorder. > > > > But, I have a digital to analogue converter box in my bedr
  4. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > *" But to repeat, where are the June and July one-month schedules? If not by clicking on the "month schedule", is there a link which leads to these non-May schedules? If so, it is not at all obvious. But perhaps I am just too old to see it."* - O_Is_D > > There is no link on the Schedule pages to the full month schedules for future months that I can see. But here are links you can use... > June Schedule - > http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=pst&sdate=2011-06-01# > July Schedule - > http://www.tcm.com/schedu
  5. FALSE FRANTIC FIXIT FOLLIES I spoke too quickly about the continuing saga of the monthly schedule. After I looked closely at the results of my 33 page May printout, I discovered several flaws (of a varying degree of severity) that were not evident at a quick glance. (1) Failure to wrap descriptive text during printout--*serious* folly This programming error is not in evidence on the computer screen, but appears predictably in the printout. A long, single-line text description is erroneously cut off at the right paper margin; i.e., without wrapping around to the next line. Character
  6. Kyle, I am now preparing an update of my previous post which sheds some new important light upon this matter. Stay tuned for it, as it answers some of questions which you raise in the post to which I am now responding. There is some very important insight here and what is happening is most disturbing, to say the least. I should have this post up in about one hour, in a new thread which is named (at this moment, at least) "False Frantic Fixit Follies". The Fs have it!
  7. > {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote} > I think most of us want to display the full month's calendar, for upcoming months, not just select individual days. Have you found a way to display an entire upcoming month, like we can the May calendar? This seems to be the burning question of the moment, doesn't it? NURSE3 unfortunately does not have the right prescription for accomplishing this. So back to the drawing board..I also doubt that those who are supposed to be straightening out this scheduling disaster have it, either. We will see how this plays out as the weeks, mont
  8. > {quote:title=markfp2 wrote:}{quote} > It's getting so I can't keep track of all the changes and fixes. Am I just missing something or is the monthly schedule still only the current month without being able to get the next two? I know we can go out that far on the daily schedule and if we know the link can get those advance months, but one click was always simpler especially for people who are not regulars here and don't know their way around. You are quite correct. The monthly schedule is still only the current month without being able to get the next two. Apparently you and I a
  9. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > Looking at the Daily and Monthly Schedule pages (using the links in the banner at the top of the page), it seems all the "problems" have been addressed and fixed. The pages display all the titles for every day, display (and retain) the correct time zone and include the one-line synopsis. > > Are there other schedule issues that remain? Or have the schedule problems finally been resolved? > > Kyle In Hollywood > > Edited by: hlywdkjk on May 14, 2011 6:57 AM > for typos Not so *fast* there, Kyle! No, *all*
  10. > {quote:title=clearskies wrote:}{quote} > It sure isn't just Voranis. I too have the same problem with too much fast action going on in films these days. Have the problem as well with some grandchildren talking so fast, everything seems to be speeding up, life is becoming a blur. Good grief, must be getting old... That's debatable.
  11. > {quote:title=Frank-------Ohio wrote:}{quote} > One good thing about the Web administrators ineptness is that they let the prisoners go free. I was banned for about a year now for my dissent. FREEDOM !!!!! Probably not for much longer though. You seem to be disoriented, Frank (or is it frank?). In a war between nations, prisoners are locked *IN.* In a war between TCM and its customers, prisoners are locked *OUT.* This technique places an emphasis upon older prisoners, since TCM is wooing the younger crowd. Old Is Debatable
  12. Yes, management is reading this, and they have been reading similar comments for almost two months. Unfortunately for all of us, who are getting old just watching this continuing day in day out and week in week out, reading these comments is *ALL* that they are doing! Ignoring those who have remained loyal to TCM over a long period of time. The TCM management that is in charge is going to die naturally of old age (many years from now) without lifting a finger. And oh yes, by the way, have you tried to print out a complete one month's schedule of upcoming movies to be shown on TV? I
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