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  1. **Please Play THE SINGLE STANDARD *Greta Garbo* is in this one.** **Greta Garbo has done a good piece of work in The Single Standard. It's the first role in which Garbo plays a real american woman.This movie is about Arden Stuart (Greta Garbo), a San Francisco debutante, meets Packy Cannon (Nils Asther), a sailor-fighter turned artist, in an art gallery. She falls in love with him and goes off with him on a yacht for a prolonged affair. When he leaves her to go to Paris on business, she returns to San Francisco and finds herself an outcast. However, Tommy Hewlett (John Mack Brown) . who has always loved her, marries her, and they have a child. Packy returns. and Arden is again attracted to him, causing her husband to contemplate suicide. Arden realizes that her husband and child are more important to her than a romantic escapade, and Packy goes out of her life forever.So Please Turner Classic Movie play this wonderful movie.* *Thanks Alyssa* Edited by: babydrivemewild on May 12, 2011 11:47 PM
  2. Please play SUSAN LENOX: HER FALL AND RISE .....I would love to see this film it's the only movie she did Clark Gable. It was said that Gable and Garbo were so mismatched that they clicked.And because they go along so well, Garbo and Gable were almost paired again,but never happened.This movie was based on the David Graham Phillips 600 page plus book!!! So please TCM play SUSAN LENOX: HER FALL AND RISE I would love it so much:) Thank You Alyssa
  3. *TCM Please play Inspiration it was Garbo's sixteenth film.She plays a artist's model Yvonne and falls in love with Andr? (Robert Montgomery), who is studying for consular service. They become lovers, but he is unaware of her former lovers. When he finds out, he leaves her. Later, finding her poverty-stricken, he buys a country place for her. When he tells her that he is to marry another, she pleads with him. Reading of the suicide of one of her friends, Liane (Karen Morley), who killed herself when her lover, Delval (Lewis Stone), left her, Andr? determines to forsake his career for her. He comes to tell Yvonne this and finds one of her former lovers pleading with her to return to him. Andr? says he will forget everything, but when he falls asleep, she writes him a farewell note and leaves, determined not to ruin his life.Garbo gives a stunning performance as the girl who is the toast of Paris studios she is AMAZING in this film,She truly gets me inspired...Love you G.G* *Thank You Alyssa* Edited by: babydrivemewild on May 4, 2011 2:45 PM Edited by: babydrivemewild on May 4, 2011 2:47 PM
  4. *Please play Anna Christie I need to see this movie with the divine Garbo!* *She is the most beautiful actress that ever graced the movies.I love her in this movie and I think that if anyone hasnt seen this great film, they will be in a trance with her magic. "Gif me a visky, ginger ale on the side, and don' be stingy, baby." G.G* *It is also Garbo's first "talkie"* *Thank You Alyssa*
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