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  1. Some posts back in this thread, I made humor of the industry always going to a kid when things are in trouble. Can anyone explain why that happened? Did the industry think cuteness would draw the viewers? Or the expanding ideas of someone else to add more mischief in episodes? This needs to be it's own thread....Name the Kids Added to Shows Towards the End. With that, I will add Danny Cooksey to "Different Strokes."
  2. Last night, wife and I watched a western called "Forsaken" starring Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland and Demi Moore. Excellent, excellent movie! Father/son in church was a very moving moment and a husband/former flame confrontation was electric! Donald and Kiefer paired as a father and son in the movie was brilliant casting! Brian Cox was great too. A real d*ck! If you can see it, do it!
  3. hamradio, they will pick up with the same characters from the show. This isnt a reboot like a remade Little House. This is the same from the TV show.
  4. Currently watching "The Rifleman" and "Little House on the Prairie" on Prime Video. "Rifleman" at lunch and "Little House" before bed.
  5. I really like Andy Devine. His raspy high voice and the way he carries himself is part of the main reasons I watch Liberty Valance and Stagecoach.
  6. Thanks, TopBilled. I forgot they had twins. And then there was also Grace Ingalls. This should be very interesting to watch it play out. I'm pretty excited to see what happens and how. I fear it will have a "Dallas" fate. The new "Dallas" sounded great, but didn't seem to pan out. Especially after Larry Hagman passed. No J.R., no Dallas. Will this fly without Michael Landon?
  7. Alison's Nellie Oleson was straightened out by her husband, Percival. If I remember, they wound up having a baby girl. So would she be a brat? Or would Nellie teach her right. Speaking of Percival, that's another they would have to "kill off" since Steve Tracy passed away. A thought that just hit me. Maybe....the show is based on all of the kids being grown (Laura and Almonzo's girl, Rose, Nellie and Percival's daughter, etc.) and the adults (Laura, Almonzo, Nellie, Mary, etc.) make cameos or guest appearances? Or do we see everyone come back that's still around?
  8. I'm the same, Rudy's Girl. I don't give two drips about the award shows anymore. I did. I used to. But there is definitely something lacking in today's moviemaking. Or most of it. There are gems that do come from time to time. But I am sour on Hollywood. Seems like they are running out of ideas. There are so many sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, etc. We will never see the great icons of film again like we did. Granted, people like Denzel, Hanks, etc. are great, great actors. But I dont think they will hold icon status like Tracy, Poitier, etc. I think that time has forever passed.
  9. I have kinda' winced mentally when I see Vic Morrow in "Bad News Bears" and know what's coming in his future. Or James Dean, Jayne Mansfield, Carole Lombard, etc. You wish you could jump thru the screen and cut them off from their fate. "Hey Vic, when you get a call about "Twilight Zone: The Movie," pass on it!
  10. I would guess pick up where they would be in real life. Kids being grown, the adults in their professions, etc. What I would love to see is, at least one shot, of maybe Laura going to the cemetery to visit Charles and Mr. Edwards.
  11. https://ew.com/tv/little-house-on-the-prairie-reboot-paramount-exclusive/
  12. From what I have read, this is in production work now. Very early, but it's a go. I guess that would have to be explained.
  13. I have read major buzz about a new one hour "Little House" drama reboot. Alison Arngrim has already said she's in, but it seems pretty quiet after that. That should be very interesting. One, if I have done my math right, with the younger cast members (Gilbert, Anderson, Arngrim, etc.) being in their fifties, that would make the time frame the 1920's? And the buzz seems to indicate they will return to Walnut Grove. So questions loom big.....will Walnut Grove be a much bigger and thriving metropolis? Not like Chicago, but a much smaller scale. Alison Arngrim said she'd love to be the new w
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