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  1. I watched the movie "U-571" the other night and when I saw Jon Bon Jovi, a question came to me. I was curious if any of you know how casting for a movie is done. I thought "Of all the actors that could've been had, why would they say "Hey, Jon Bon Jovi would be good for this part!" I know this might be kind of a strange question, but I wondered what made movie people come up with the actors and actresses for the parts? I mean I know some are picked for certain tough guy parts or suave / sexy parts, etc., but it just struck me funny as, again, of all the actors out there, why someone like Jon
  2. I hate when you get people that do to movies and TV what they also do to wrestling. A great example is "The Dukes of Hazzard." Notice how you see them jump the car and KNOW the car would come out with a bent up bumper or bottomed out, etc. But it comes out in perfect shape and roars off and you have that person that says... "Now you KNOW that car couldnt make that jump and just keep driving!" Did I ask you?! 🙄 Things like that. And, as I referred to, the movie "American Outlaws." When they had Zee James, Jesse's wife, all six gunned and in on the holdups / robberies. PLUS, Jesse an
  3. 1. People say..."Oh, that's not realistic at all. That's so far fetched / would never happen / Oh brother." Isn't Hollywood supposed to make the unbelievable believable? 2. Hollywood takes real historic events and embellishes them or just flat changes things. I mean if Hollywood can make anything happen and there's SO much imagination and magic, why can't they make historical events more interesting? The horrible Jesse James movie, "American Outlaws" leaps to mind.
  4. Does the computer technology leave you kinda wanting in films? For an example, if you saw several hundred to maybe a thousand soldiers in a war movie, you knew they were actual men. But now they can do that with a few men and computer tech to clone as many as they want. Does technology ruin realism?
  5. Fill your hand, you ___ __ _ _____! John Wayne, True Grit (I put the blanks there because it used to be my handle on here and I was told I had to change it)
  6. The Christmas scene at the store where he plays with the nativity scene had me in tears where I had trouble breathing the first time I saw it. The best part for me was where he backed the truck up to get the sheep.
  7. I've noticed all of the companies involved in movies. Sometimes you can even think the movie is starting and it's a little 15 second credit for a distribution company. Like you see a shot of an island and the camera pans to the water like something will start to happen, something is going to come up out of the water or the camera will dive in and....... And then........the company name fades in and is floating like the water. You then feel like a dweeb 'cause you just got sucked in.
  8. I was recently watching reruns of "Roseanne" and I noticed something during the opening credits. There were six to seven producers for each episode. One episode had Producer (name), Producer (name), Producer (name), Producer (name), Supervising Producers (two names), Produced By (name). Why are their so many of them and what do they all do?? Thanks.
  9. One that always stuck out to me was the back door on The Andy Griffith Show. "Let's see.....the door is on the wall where the sink and cabinets are. Hmm....let's move it a couple of feet to the left on the other wall!" I just dont get WHY? I know it's trivial and not exactly a world crisis problem. But I was just curious who came up with ideas like that. Characters, like Chuck Cunningham, I get. Character is lame, doesn't quite fit like you thought, etc., etc. But why a person, like Clara Johnson / Edwards has a name change without getting married just makes me scratch my head. Floyd b
  10. This is a trivial subject, but one that has bugged me for years and I was hoping someone, maybe with industry knowledge, could answer it. Why do names and places change for no reason in TV shows? Example, I am a fan of the Andy Griffith Show and notice how the Taylors address changes, Floyd is married with a kid and then he talks about dating other women and no more mention of a kid, Aunt Bee's friend, Clara had the last names of Johnson and Edwards, the backdoor in the Taylor kitchen was on the wall with the sink in the black and white episodes then was on the wall to the left in the color e
  11. "You hate me! Everybody hates me!" - said Nancy three times every freakin' episode!
  12. Yeah, ham, I mean you hear the studio audience, you know Andy Griffith really isn't a sheriff, you know Adam West doesn't really change into Batman, but it's all about suspension of reality. I have read articles where members of the public have actually forgotten to leave "pretend" behind and ask celebrities where their partner is, like asking Andy Griffith where Barney is or people being really honestly mad at Alison Arngrim because they look at her and still see Nellie Olsen and how "she" treated Laura Ingalls. Some people forget the magic and pretend and take it way to close to the heart!
  13. I thought this might be an interesting thread. I was wondering if any of you dislike seeing behind the scenes of shows or movies? I am looking at a lot of behind the scenes shots from "The Andy Griffith Show" and you see the studio lights above the interior of the courthouse, the production crew all around a shot being done, etc. Do any of you stay away from this? My father hates to see it. he says it ruins things for him. He likes to suspend truth. I love it. It's never bothered me at all. Thoughts? Opinions?
  14. Dargo, I just found the Phantom of the Backlots thread. I perused it and was gritting my teeth with jealousy 😬 How lucky can you be?!?!? ON THE SET of Hogan's Heroes?! WOW! I have wondered about the normal citizens that live around a studio and hearing all of the explosions, sirens, etc. that might be in a production. I know there were houses all around the 40 Acres lot and I imagine it was quite common place to hear the explosions coming from Stalag 13. Can you imagine an out of town relative...."BOOOOM!" "What was that?!" "Oh, we hear that all the time. That's coming from be
  15. I know the towns and cities are all just empty structures, but I was just wondering if someone went in and laid waste to it. Something so sacrilege about it. 😢
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