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  1. What I often wondered is if new and upcoming directors were nervous to direct big, big stars. Did or do major stars respect a young director or do they intimidate them? I would guess the actors would familiarize themselves with a newer director to know what they can expect? Just guessing off the cuff here.
  2. Not necessarily a game, but thought it might be fun to recall those characters that were here one minute and gone the next! I'll start... Chuck Cunningham from "Happy Days" Poor guy went upstairs and never came down! 😜
  3. I think one of the most controversial replacements ever was Jack Burns' Warren Ferguson on "The Andy Griffith Show." If I remember right, and correct me if I'm wrong, Andy thought Jack would fill the spot well, but then reconsidered. Later, Andy Griffith took the blame and said it was his fault. I will admit though...the color episode of TAGS titled, "The Bazarre", where Warren arrested the Mayberry women for gambling (playing bingo) brought out anger and facial expressions in Andy we'd never seen before! And seeing Andy do Jack's "Huh, huh, huh" towards the end of that episode was prett
  4. How do you feel about replacements in teams and acts? As an example, my father (who's 91) is a big Stooges fan and will watch the Stooges with Curly religiously. Then, will watch most of the Shemp ones. But, won't go near the "Curly" Joe Besser or DeRita ones. Does shows or characters make a break a movie or TV show? I loved to watch "The Dukes of Hazzard" as a kid and had my eyes always on the General Lee. Best car ever to me! But when Schneider and Wopat left, I couldn't even take Coy and Vance in the General. I quit watching until John and Tom came back. So does the c
  5. An Ache in Every Stake. The food prep was amazing! Curly shaving the ice: "Are you married? Or happy?" 🤣
  6. Ok. Much better understood now. Thanks for all the responses! But, I gotta say....it's still pretty irritating! 😂
  7. I guess I dont understand, txfilmfan. I get the part about the actor having their own prod. company. But, again, if Paramount makes films, why is there a "ETC. Films" too? I guess what I am looking for, and sorry for going a long way to ask, is what part does each play? Why is there a "Films", a "Productions", a "Presentation", a "Distribution", a "Studios" for one movie? I thought Paramount (and others) made Films and was it's own Studio. So why have another "Films" and "Studios"? Why so many cooks making the stew?
  8. I get so frustrated that you have to go thru so many promo screens before a movie starts. Can someone tell me what the process is? For example, before a movie starts you see a company and a presentation and a films and a this and a that and etc. I hope I am explaining this ok. You see four or five different promos that say "A So and SO Company," "Example Films," "A This and That Production," "Something Studios" and then the film begins. If a movie is done with say, Paramount Studios, what are all the other companies and films for? Thanks!
  9. If you haven't caught it on Youtube, there is an entry on there where someone put together the intros of tons of Saturday Morning cartoons/shows/commercials. I watched it the other night and was just jaw dropped at things I had forgotten about from my childhood. The Harlem Globetrotters, ISIS, Shazam!, The Flintstones (with Pebbles and Bam Bam as teenagers), plus tons more. I sat there remembering me in my PJs with my bowl of sugary cereal sitting cross legged on the floor.
  10. I had a thought once that hit me as the perfect fit in a TV show. Once, when I was watching "Little House on the Prairie," they mentioned not having any law in Walnut Grove. Later, it hit me that Sheriff Andy Taylor would've been perfect for Walnut Grove. At least, IMO. He would've been great being in the town council, taking on Mrs. Oleson, and flexing toughness when needed. And all the fishing trips with Charles and Mr. Edwards. So I thought of this game......can you name a TV character from one show that would've been good in another show? You must name ONE character only.
  11. "On the Waterfront" - I, too, watched this and went...."It was..ok." "The Searchers" - While I admit it is a great western, I can't see it as the greatest western of all time as some have titled it. And, in fear of getting blasted, I tolerated Jeffery Hunter. I didnt like his acting at all.
  12. Given the subjects and atmosphere of this forum, I thought asking a question about method acting would be appropriate. Is method acting a better way to prepare for your role? Is it too "over the top" in preparation or is it seen as a legitimate form to get into the role and concentrate better? I had read something years ago that Eric Stoltz was supposed to be Marty McFly in "Back To The Future," but demanded everyone call him and treat him as Marty off camera and it drove everyone nuts. Then today, I read where Jim Carrey did the same while portraying Andy Kaufman. Do acting school
  13. Thanks, Moe. But I was talking about the actual outdoor shots. Part of that was shot outdoors.
  14. I was watching the Sydney Chaplin home movies of Charlie's "The Great Dictator" and wondered if anyone knew where the outdoor finale scene was shot? Looked too big to be at Chaplin's studios. I was thinking maybe a big clearing, field or park in or around L.A.?
  15. I had a question about the outdoor backlots and city scenes of places like Paramount Studios. I just watched the "Chicago" episode of "Little House on the Prairie" and had read that Michael Landon used the Paramount backlot for Chicago and Old Tuscon studios for Sleepy Eye. I went to the Google overhead to look at Paramount's backlot and to then to their website to look at the Chicago set and it looks pretty different from LHOTP. Do the studios redesign and reconstruct outdoor sets after so many years to keep them fresh? I know they get decorated and set up for the shows and movies as needed,
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