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  1. I' haven't seen the film yet. I hope to catch it on time Friday morning. The opening sequence does cut to the chase of what the film is about. The plot is obvious the minute the group of school children are shown playing and singing an inappropriate song that is already "ripped from the headlines" in their own neighborhood. The mother of the little girl berates her for signing the song as the mother goes along her business with her daily housework while waiting for the child to come home from school. The cuckoo clock is shown to indicate the time that the children are dismissed from school, as
  2. RO said that his all-time favorite movie is Notorious (1946).
  3. Recently, I've been noticing a string of movies airing in pan and scan, movies such as Witness for the Prosecution, Inherit the Wind, Judgement at Nuremburg, and right now, Birdman of Alcatraz. I also look at the schedule grids @ tcm.com and those movies that I mentioned were not marked as "Widescreen" formats. What is going on!? Is the programming department slacking off on quality? Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  4. It's one of the best the film noir classics, The Narrow Margin (1952). It's an excellent movie, highly recommended! It will be on Wednesday, 9/17/14 @ 10 AM EST. Enjoy!
  5. It is going to be a record breaking, packed house in Hollywood. Congratulations to all of the lucky passholders, even those who have the "Matinee" and "Palace" passes. The "Palace" passes were the last to go as of today, 3/25/14.
  6. The guest programmer's choosing of two 2009 films because he chose it that way and the fact that The Holiday is being shown because it's simply a Christmas movie are no excuses for being shown on TCM. What do you think they have TBS and TNT for? Why do you think the word "classic" is spelled out in bold, capital letters under the TCM logo?
  7. What I don't understand is why TCM is showing the movie The Holiday, a 2006 film on Tuesday, December 17 @ 11:30 EST when either sister networks, TBS or TNT should be the ones airing it? That frightens me!
  8. Even though this year's Oscar festival has all of the usual suspects, I'm pleased and relieved that there are no modern junk included this time, only films from the silent era to no later than 1993. All of the best of the best films recognized by the Academy are being aired. In my opinion, this is the TCM that I know and love.
  9. I haven't got it yet either. I called three times, and they would give me two different late dates, the 16th first and the 19th. It's still not in my hands. I usually get my issues the first week of the month. Something isn't right. It had better arrive by the end of the week like they promised or there will be some action.
  10. Thanks a lot! I appreciate that. I finally have the entire list for my files. I'll only print future updates later on.
  11. There is an error concerning SOTM July 2013. I want to print this entire list so I won't have to keep looking back and forth.
  12. Can anyone post the UPDATED SOTM (up to January 2014) AND SUTS (up to August 2013) lists please?
  13. I would definitely pick The Philadelphia Story (1940), The Band Wagon (1953), The Red Shoes (1948), and On The Town (1949).
  14. In 2012, the studio Paramount Pictures will celebrate its centennial anniversary. Although TCM has to purchase the licensing rights to its films, what would be your suggestions for TCM to help celebrate the anniversary? What Paramount films do you think should air on TCM?
  15. *My Wish List:* ** About Mrs. Leslie (1954) Christmas Holiday (1944) City Beneath The Sea (1953) Souls At Sea (1937) Inferno (1953)
  16. Since RO is the namesake of many Roberts from the Golden Age of Hollywood, TCM should show only movies starring and/or directed by a Robert or few, throughout the whole month of May. RO can also pick his own favorite "Robert" movies.
  17. Can you update the list with the names from 2010 and this year 2011?
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