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  1. A tear came to my eye when they showed her beautiful image near the end of this beautiful video. Truly one of the last ...
  2. TCM should also let viewers know which aspect ratio each movie was shot in, as opposed to just letting us know it is "widescreen"; that way, we can adjust the aspect ratio on our tv sets accordingly. Mind you, it isn't hard to figure out most of the time, at least with the 4:3 movies, but there are some that takes a bit of guessing.
  3. FlyBackTransformer, yes, that auburn reddish hair is another reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Swithin, I just brewed some coffee, it is 3:30 am, (my night off from work) and I am going to watch Quartermass and the Pit in a few minutes.
  4. Anyone else as mesmerized as I am when watching this actress, especially in her horror pics with Hammer. In my opinion, she stole the first half of Hammer's 1966 Dracula, Prince of Darkness, as her character slowly built the tension for the viewer. Loved her transformation in this movie, but she lost the camera to Christopher Lee's bloodsucking performance.
  5. darkblue, if someone walked up to me with such a "smirk", I would feel very uncomfortable---like there is something troublesome about to happen. As far as the viewer is concerned, it is menacing. Of course, there is going to be trouble, just not what we thought.
  6. Compare the scenes between Marion and Norman after their crimes--Marion as she drives in the rainstorm --the viewer can hear the sound of pouring rain as we watch her panic thinking about the consequences of her crime realizing she will never get away with it, yet she still holds a menacing grin. And then, with Norman, who, after discovering the crime of murder, we hear the sound of the shower, just like the rainstorm, as he panics while cleaning up the scene of the murder. Even Norman has a menacing grin, but instead of thinking about the consequences, the viewer gets to actually see the
  7. HoldenlsHere, thanks for the response. Hitchcock was a genius at how he was able to get his actors and actresses to react to different situations, all in one scene. Notice in the Birds, when Hedren's character first meets up with Pleshett's --watch how Melanie reacts to Annie's inquisitiveness from the moment on the porch until they reach Melanie's car. She says very little to Annie, but alot to the viewer. Just in the way she changes her facial expressions.
  8. 1. Davis for her distinctive style 2. Stanwyck has the ability to get right into the male psyche-- there is no way you can hide any secrets from her 3. Crawford because she has the ability to convey every human emotion imaginable in one scene 4. Leigh becomes the character she plays--even though she barely changes her appearance in her movies, sometimes you feel like you are watching a different actress
  9. One scene that captivates me all the time is the conversation between Norman and Marion after he brings her the sandwich. As they sit across from each other in his office, I can;t take my eyes off of Janet Leigh --her reactions seem to shift depending on the either external forces (her response to Norman's odd and erratic behaviour) or the internal (she is overwhelmed with worry or guilt about the crime she had just committed that day). Yet overall, she conveys a calm, cool demeanor throughout the scene but the viewer is able to read her thoughts at any given moment....that is top notch act
  10. I just highlight the numbers with my cursor, then voila, they do appear
  11. Just looked at the schedule, and I agree it is going to be an exciting month of entertainment.This will be a great month to get family and friends hooked on TCM, for sure.
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the info. However, no other channel seems to have this problem. Perhaps I just don't know how to describe it properly--drag seems like the best word to describe it. The score track will slow down--it seems to drag in and out-- If it starts at the beginning of a movie most likely it drags throughout the entire showing. IT almost seems like I am watching a worn out video, or, like I posted earlier, the video/DVD machine needs an alignment. By the way, the spoken dialogue is perfect, just the score track. Seriously, it drives me nuts because I am a big TCM fan --I act
  13. lol, ok guys, you made me laugh. Not sure if anyone else has posted on this before, but I do notice that sometimes the music score throughout a movie will lag behind, sort of "drag". It becomes such a nuisance and I just turn the channel. But thanks for the laugh guys.
  14. Not sure if there is a forum for this, but have been noticing the movies are dragging (esp. the music background) . So please TCM, maybe someone there needs to clean the VCR or buy DVD's. Thanks.
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