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  1. I hope this is the right place for this... I met the creators of a new movie trivia card game a couple of weeks ago at AwesomeCon in Washington, DC, and I think that any TCM viewer would absolutely love it: https://www.goldenbellstudios.com/moviebuff https://www.facebook.com/MovieBuffCardGame It's a card game, and it works a lot like some of the threads in the Games & Trivia section of the forums. There are no questions about specific movies, so the game isn't tied to any era and needs no expansions or anything. Basically, you have to complete a set of four items, start
  2. It's just riduculously hard to pick a favorite from the eight (can't vote for my own) schedules here! CountessDelave's schedule is fantastic; I think I like the "Little Black Book" theme best of all (and nice work finding entries for X and Z!) Sunny75's schedule is really strong every day, and I love how the Oscar theme was used all the way through the week. Capuchin's apocalypse theme was great - really creative and well done. Aimalac did a super job with the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis SotM teamup. As others have said, the animated Lord of the Rings is just a brilliant choice.
  3. Hey, thanks for all the kind words! I really appreciate them! It was a lot of fun putting the schedule rogether. I loved the "re-awarding the Oscars" prompt for the contest - it gives you so much to work from. Some of the Oscar omissions are really surprising when you look back, especially at films and performances that weren't even nominated (I still can't believe Omar Sharif got completely snubbed for "Zhivago"!)
  4. Well, here's my schedule! It covers November 25th through December 1 of 2012, which is of course the beginning of "the pre-Christmas season" as Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" would say. So, here goes... *Sunday* What's the first thing you think of at Christmastime? Decorations! So we begin the week with a couple of films about interior decorators: 6:00 AM Pillow Talk (1959) Color-102 mins. Universal International Pictures, Rock Hudson, Doris Day. Dir Michael Gordon. P/S 7:45 AM Tassels in the Air (1938) BW-17 mins. Columbia, Curly Howard, Larry fine, Moe H
  5. I'm about 2/3 finished, , hopefully I'll have my schedule up Thursday or Friday. Love the thme!
  6. IT's really difficult to choose - everyone's schedule is so good! At least it's a little easier, with two that have taken themselves out of the voting, and I can't vote for mself, so I only have five to select from: Looking at those five: CountessDelave - I love "the world according to Spock" and especially the classic Star Trek episode in there! The songwriter tribute is great, and I think your "memory" themes for Memorial Day are fantastic Sunny75 - Your Christmas Day is great - and including "A Christmas Story" just puts it over the top for me. My wife will tha
  7. I went back 20 years, to 1991. Year by year, I thin you can make an argument for any of these to be essentials in 50 years: 2010 Social Network (perfectly captures a huge moment in recent history) Black Swan (brilliant and disturbing) Inception (the weakest of these three from 2010, but I think it'll hold up) 2008 Wall*E (I'd just pick one Pixar movie as an Essential, between this, "Nemo" and "Toy Story") 2007 Juno (captures the times, and a breakout star performance from Ellen Page) 2005 Grizzly Man (very troubling, but maybe all the more essentia
  8. Great question! It's a tough choice. I think maybe I'd go with "The Awful Truth". It'd be a blast to hang out with Lucy (Irene Dunne) and Jerry (Cary Grant) Warriner, maybe help them out and take Mr. Smith out for a walk now and then, and live in one of those absolutely gorgeous apartments! Edited by: JamesinArlington on Oct 6, 2011 10:49 AM
  9. OK, here are the notes for my schedule. The first thing is that the very fact I'm entering is sort of a nod to my background, specifically my wife, who introduced me to TCM and to many, many classic films. So the entire entry is a tribute to her. Getting more specific... Sunday, February 12th We're honoring the efforts of film composers today, all day. We start with Howard Shore ("The Fly"), then an early effort from Alex North ("Viva Zapata!"), and next is Dmitri Tiomkin ("Alice in Wonderland", one of his earliest films), Elmer Bernstein ("Saturday's Hero", his first film)
  10. Well, I got it finished today after all! Here's my entry for the contest: Sunday, February 12th Behind the scenes - celebrating some of the greatest film composers of all time 6:00 AM The Fly (1986) Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis. Dir: David Cronenberg. Brooksfilms Color-96 min. P/S 8:00 AM Viva Zapata! (1952) Marlon Brando, Jean Peters. Dir: Elia Kazan. 20th Century Fox BW-113 min. P/S 10:00 AM Alice in Wonderland (1933) Richard Arlen, Roscoe Yates. Dir: Norman McLeod. Paramount BW-76 min. P/S 11:30 AM Saturday's Hero (1951) John Derek, Donna Reed. Dir: David Miller. Colum
  11. Great entry, SansFin! I think I like best the "Merchant of Venice" - great choice to put "Fortune Cookie" in there for a somewhat lighter repite from some very serious, dramatic films around it! I'm working on my entry - I'll have it later today or tomorrow - I just have to finish up Sunday, and I'm all set!
  12. I'm definitely going to enter again; my wife (a much bigger TCM fan than me) may also, time permiting.
  13. I'm just glad to see that I wasn't the only one who thought the ending was ambiguous. My wife thought it was obvious that Paul Douglas was telling the truth, that Porter had run away with Addie but had a change of heart, and that Jeannie Crain's husband would be back from his (totally legitimate) business convention in the morning.
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