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  1. Thanks so much for showing Touch of Evil on Noir Alley. At long last. So happy that I've finally had the opportunity to see both this and Third Man on my favorite TCM series. I know Touch of Evil, inside out. I find so many things to love, and consistently find new, little things that only reinforce that love. Eddie's comments were worth the watch, as he holds the film with the kind of reverence I think it easily deserves. I've seen the film many times in the theater, and that is the BEST way to watch it; the big screen is just overflowing with detail. Seeing it screen
  2. Well, as we get a new entry this evening, before finally leaving The Third Man Behind, I just wanted to relay another of the reasons i love the film so much. Callahan: " We should've dug deeper than a grave". This line, one of my favorites ever, does a great job of summarizing the whole ambiguity going on in the exhumation of the character of Harry Lime. He's hardly in the movie. He's off screen for an overwhelming majority of the film. He's talked about, pondered, and much of the story is the examination of Holly's friendship with Lime, and Anna's love for him. As the story goes on
  3. I really love Carol Reed's work overall. We could loosely categorize severl of his films and make them solid candidates for Noir Alley, and I'm all for it! If TCM wants to put Odd Man Out, The Fallen Idol, and Night Train to Munich (has this been screened on the show?) into the Noir Alley canon that'd be fine by me! They all have outstanding qualities tied to them; I just don't know how "Noir" they are lol.
  4. Wow; quite a bit of slagging on Orson here. Oh well. I couldn't resist commenting, The Third Man being one of my very favorite films of all time. I'm so glad that Eddie showed it; Noir Alley feels much closer to complete now. This movie has it all. Every time I watch it gives me back something new to ponder. This has the greatest entrance of any character in the history of the cinema. Period. That entire sequence is one of the most riveting I've ever seen. It's set up so beautifully, starting with the shot of the camera going through the flower pots on the window sill, peering down
  5. I just wanted to say about Killer's Kiss: Give it a try once with the sound OFF. The movie is so visually striking. Who needs the dialogue in this? The movie is not great overall, but the look is just endlessly striking. There are an endless number of shots that seem ready made to hang on the wall and stare at it.
  6. Although Strangelove is such a touchstone for TCM, I'm surprised it's relegated to a late night screening at the very end of the run. It's hard to complain about these selections. I love some of these. The Long Goodbye is fantastic; the long sequence at Hayden's house is pure gold. The crime films are his bread and butter. And I would love to give Terror in a Texas Town another viewiing.
  7. I agree that TCM should bring a host back to Underground. And that Joe Bob would be a fantastic choice for it. I still have old tapes of Briggs hosting TNT's Monstervision. A key reason that Briggs would work; in spite of the "Drive In" element of his schtick, Briggs clearly demonstrated the kind of all around understanding of genre film, that he could easily thrive with an eclectic mix of schlock and counter culture genre films. He could do foreign, he could do unusual, he could do intelligencia, you name it and he could fit right in. I would love to see this. Frankly, I'd love to s
  8. OK great. Saturday night I can live with, as long as it's still going to be on. Man, I love me some Underground!
  9. With the new series premiering on Friday Nights in April, does that mark the end of Underground? I'll sure be sad if it goes.
  10. What: Fury Where: TCM When: Monday, July 25th, 3:00 A.M. Eastern
  11. Hi everyone. I watched the Scarlet Street screening last night. The film is very strong indeed! It almost becomes sappy at times, but Lang does a superb balancing act, keeping the horror of what's happening to Robinson at the forefront of the action. The performances are uniformly superb. You know what really disappointed me though? It seemed like the entire film was badly cropped! I was consistently noticing almost half of the characters heads being chopped off at the top of my screen. I tried adjusting my TV to each perspective setting it has, all to no avail. It got to the po
  12. I simply cannot wait for Scarlet Street. It's the highlight of the week for me. The lousy quality of the DVD's out there is very well known. Only the Kino DVD is of a solid quality, and so far as I know Netflix doesn't carry that print. I've been waiting for a long time to see a quality print of this. I'm so ready for it!
  13. You're not the only one that watches Underground. It absolutely rules, we love it and its watched regularly in our home. And while I love me some Night of the Lepus, I too found it a bit confounding to see it was screening when my schedule said that Santa Claus was going to be aired. It's okay though; both of these movies have screened in the late Friday night Underground slot in the past six months. No great harm done.
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