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  1. Fred: Due to your assistance, I have revisited the mechanism by which font size is determined in a *printout* of the TCM monthly schedule. This schedule is supplied in the pdf format, which does not permit the designed-in font size to be changed, unless done so using Adobe Acrobat prior to printing. Yet the procedure which you have presented does indeed provide the means to do this without the use of Adobe Acrobat. This font-size-changing mechanism is built into the Internet Explorer browser, in the Page Preview feature. The pdf page can be expanded or shrunk to fit within a specific
  2. Fred, I have asked Izcutter to compare the font sizes on the June and July monthly schedule printouts and tell us whether or not these sizes are identical. This is very easy to determine, simply by printing out a given page of the schedule for both of these months. I assume that (and you) have already done this with the June schedule in the past, and can now print out a selected page from the current July schedule. Despite this simplicity, Izcutter cannot seem to get this type of printout in order to see whether the font sizes for July are smaller than the font sizes for June!! I do no
  3. Izcutter says: "Jeremy, I was able to change the time zone and print out the schedule with no problem. The type is not too small and is very legible. I used the print button on the monthly schedule and printed directly from there. I am using Firefox on both a Mac and PC and haven't had any problem with the time zone changer or printing of the schedule for the last few weeks." ============================================================== Thank you for your response to my post. Unfortunately, however, it does not answer the "key" question which I asked, which is: "Are the font
  4. As one grows older, it is much more likely that, if the movie being watched is one with a complex or intriguing story line (characteristic of many classic movies), he/she will be analysing (studying) the movie, picking up clues here or there, etc. Such an analysis becomes more difficult and perhaps impossible when others are present. On the other hand, younger people are much more inclined to enjoy a movie as a "party" affair, wherein other moviegoers are a member of the party. The kind of analysis that intrigues the elderly watcher of many classic movies does not appeal to one who is look
  5. Fred Dobbs says: "THIS JUST IN: Ok, so I clicked on the full Monthly schedule, and I was able to change that to Mountain Time. Then later, when I went back to the daily Schedule page, I discovered that the time zone had been reset to Mountain Time. So, apprently, changing it to Mountain Time on the full month schdule, also changed it to Mountain Time on the daily schedule. This suggests that to get the cookie to switch to our own time zones, we must do that on the full Monthly schedule page. Those of you who can't change the time zone on the daily schedule might try
  6. iz cutter says: "I also don't have a problem with the font size on either the daily schedule or the monthly schedule." ============================================================= Are you aware that any "problem" with the font size (i.e., a different size, from one schedule to another) does *not* show up when viewing the (monthly) schedule on the computer screen? However, a difference in font size does show up when printing out the schedule, since the design of the pdf page used to print the document contains the font information, and can only be changed using an application such a
  7. 7:00am Sunday I just checked the monthly schedule page and the links to the various other timezones worked and displayed the schedule with the appropriate times. (But I know they were inoperable before.) Plus, the link to the monthly Canadian version of the page worked also. But I don't understand the "font size" issue. Is this a problem on the "Monthly Schedule" page or on the "Daily Schedule" pages? Kyle In Hollywood ===================================================================== Kyle: The font size problem is with the *printing* of the July Monthly Schedule.
  8. Be careful what you ask for, Fred!! I mentioned quite some time ago that only the Eastern time zone was available in the monthly schedule. Well finally, the blokes have finally responded to this valid complaint. But hold on there; when one thing is fixed, another must inevitably be unfixed. Now the new font size is so small that you probably will be unable to read it without using a magnifying glass! At the same time, the wasted space has increased drastically, so we now have a small printed section, in miniscule fonts, in a desert of wasted white space. These fellows sure know how to
  9. We have been told that there is only one monthly schedule available directly from the TCM web site. However, the July monthly schedule from this web site is only for the Eastern time zone, even though the top line of this schedule displays a choice of all four US time zones!! Clicking on any of the non-Eastern time zones has no effect. This is definitely not what we are led to believe by all of the soothesayers who are claiming that the important problems have now been addressed. In my view, it is extremely important to have a monthly schedule available in all four time zones. As I have po
  10. Amongst many others, there is a very peculiar sort of error in the monthly schedule; it has been there for a very long period of time. I can hardly believe my eyes on this one! But then, these continuing errors (if one wishes to call them that) have been all too common in my recent experiences at the TCM.COM web site. Every movie start time in this schedule (I assume that it is also there in the schedules for the following months that have been posted somewhere in these forums, without an official blessing) which begins with a "9" is erroneous, with regard to the AM or PM! Whenever it i
  11. > {quote:title=ECL wrote:}{quote} > One could, of course, condense the monthly schedule by doing a cut-and-paste into MS Word (or whatever) and deleting all double line feeds. I realize it's extra work, but it is do-able. (One could also shrink the font size to make it smaller.) Isn't this a bit ridiculous, when (as I understand it now) this maneuvering around a newly manufactured problem was never necessary prior to an "upgrade" in the web site? Do you mean that one could also shrink the font size while *still* wasting a lot of space (now that I understand this concept)?
  12. > {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote} > *What wasted space? Where? Please explain what you are talking about. I am new here, now that I have some spare time to watch those marvelous old "classic" movies, but I do not understand all of the criticisms that are being leveled here at this web site.* > > JB, > > This is the Tech Forum for problems with using the website. (The Discussion Forums for enjoying movies is at the very top of the main forum page.). > > Since this entire website underwent a major upgrade two months ago, certain features have not been work
  13. > {quote:title=tcmfan1983 wrote:}{quote} > After pointlessly being sent back to the forum index and making my way back to this thread... > > Wow, this may be two fixes in one day. On the Monthly schedule the 31st of the month is there as ValentineXavier mentioned, AND the line of wasted space has been removed in the middle of each event's information. Incredible. That had to be maybe 5 seconds of coding to fix both of those (changing the improper 30-day cap to a 31-day cap, and removing a line break from the sloppy script generating the schedule page). I wonder how many thousan
  14. > {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote} > I just noticed that May 31 now appears on the monthly schedule! I would certainly expect it to be! But why your post?? jeremy
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