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  1. Nipkow you've been a member since 2014. And all you can come up with is another anti-Biden thread?
  2. My company is VERY successful. We've been hiring more people, to fill in the spots of those who started working from home last year. So we now have double the workforce, those in the office and those at home. They gave us all bonuses in December and there will be a mid-year bonus in June. Arizona is a right to work state. We have the right to work and we do. We work hard all week and we work overtime on some Saturdays. I will never be able to file unemployment because we are cross-trained, and we have offices across the country. So they could ask me to go to Florida to work in the Ne
  3. Why would you want him to be acquitted? People died. If it was your brother that got killed, you'd sing a different tune. As for unity, the GOP is certainly not united in its view on Trump. Many of them no longer support him and will vote for impeachment. You are trying to mix different issues-- justice and unity. Probably because you are still being brainwashed by rightwing media which has a sick perversion in bending the truth to divide the nation even more.
  4. Maybe let them watch and decide for themselves. She's playing a white trash woman, she's not supposed to look glamorous. Scroll up and see the pic I posted from her last film in 1970, she's still very glamorous when the role calls for it. Her role in THE CHASE does not call for her to step out of a time machine from 1933.
  5. Our fifth western star is Rory Calhoun. He steams up the screen with Yvonne De Carlo in RAW EDGE (1956). He gets a kiss from Joanne Gilbert before it's time to RIDE OUT FOR REVENGE (1957). And he gets ready for his close-up.
  6. Yes that’s another great one. I concur.
  7. I think she had four Oscar nods as supporting actress. For THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, MRS. PARKINGTON, JOHNNY BELINDA and HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE. Each role was quite different. I agree that she's a lot of fun to watch in MRS. PARKINGTON.
  8. Excellent replies yesterday! one thousand nine hundred fifty-ninth category Cussing kids THE BAD NEWS BEARS (1976) STAND BY ME (1986) GOOD BOYS (2019)
  9. Have you seen these classic films: 2291. 2292. 2293. 2294. 2295. 2296. 2297. 2298. 2299. 2300.
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