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  1. Barbara Stanwyck on TV's The Big Valley Next: has a clothing or fragrance line
  3. I'm watching SIN TAKES A HOLIDAY (1930) on YouTube. It just premiered 95 minutes ago. They are using a cleaned up print from Kino Lorber. I'm about ten minutes into the story and already I love it. Constance Bennett is just perfect in this, as the put-upon secretary.
  4. Eliot, Russ -- played by Joel McCrea in REACHING FOR THE SUN (1941)
  5. Another sitcom NBC adapted from a British hit was Dear John. That one starred Judd Hirsch and had a wonderful supporting cast.
  6. Yeah, sure, I get it. I think she also said she was adopted. So that means Mickey's illegitimate son had a daughter he gave up-- her. As a result, she never met Mickey Rooney. But she said in another thread this morning that she sent several hand-written notes to Rooney in his later years. I asked in that thread if she had ever heard back from him, but she hasn't replied yet.
  7. Poor-poor laffite. LOL It was a good show, that's why I remember it. I think the title was meant to express the ongoing exasperation of the main character (played by Klugman). If I recall correctly, in the pilot episode he found out he had fathered a son years earlier. The young "punk" (Stamos) showed up on his doorstep and wouldn't go away. The premise was that the old geezer would gradually bond with the kid. I haven't seen the British episodes, but I bet the British version was a bit edgier. American sitcoms in the 80s tended to be pretty syrupy.
  8. The grandmother was not one of Mickey Rooney's wives, if I am interpreting Jessica's earlier remarks correctly. I think she implied her father was a "love child" that Mickey fathered with some woman he didn't marry. That's why I asked if the grandmother was also in show biz. She could have been a secretary, a florist, anyone he met off-camera. Or she could have been an actress in one of his movies.
  9. Erm, maybe. But a lot of the gossipy stuff is over-exaggerated. I think the best way to evaluate a film is to look at whether the scenes are staged and photographed with quality. And if there is quality in the performances. Everything else is kind of meaningless in my opinion. Again the film has to speak for itself.
  10. Re: You Again? Interestingly, the British actress who played the maid in the British version came over to play the maid on the American version. Both shows were in production at the same time so she must have been quite busy! In the British version her character's last name was Thompson but in the American remake, it was changed to Thompkins. No idea why!
  11. Funny. You Again? was a short-lived NBC sitcom starring Jack Klugman and a young John Stamos. This was right before Klugman lost his voice and Stamos went on to do Full House. It was well-written and nicely played, based on a Britcom called Home to Roost. But while it had respectable ratings, it was not the big hit NBC hoped it would be. So it was axed after two seasons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Again%3F
  12. You don't think he had chemistry with Ann Sothern? They made a ton of rom coms at RKO.
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