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  1. THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933) Next: lots of screen time for Dick Van Dyke
  2. Natalie Wood Next: Who worked with Bob Denver, Dawn Wells and Jim Backus?
  3. In THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (1935) Claude Rains' character is an opium addict.
  4. Peter Lawford Next: Who worked with John Wayne, John Payne and John Candy?
  5. two thousand two hundred twenty-sixth category Mood altering drugs DRAGONWYCK (1946)..morphine THE BIG CUBE (1969)..LSD ROCKY IV (1985)..steroids
  6. Anthony Quinn Next: Who worked with John Goodman, Roseanne Barr and Sara Gilbert?
  7. Essential: THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (1935) TopBilled: As most people know the original source material for this film comes from Charles Dickens’ last work which was incomplete at the time of his death. There is much speculation regarding how the author would have finished the story, which was one of his darkest and most nihilistic works of fiction. Universal played up the novel’s non-ending when advertising the film which arrives at its own Hollywood-type conclusion. Claude Rains was not the first choice to play John Jasper, the opium addicted choir master who becom
  8. Practically all the Abbott & Costello films have been issued on home video. You can probably find a copy of IT AIN'T HAY at a public library. I've also seen it on YouTube.
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