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  1. She has an awful close-up at the end of THE PROUD REBEL. She was back to looking glamorous in LIBEL (1959) and LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA (1962).
  2. I think a frequent 'mistake' people make (and I mean fans as well as critics) is that they compare a film made during an actor's prime with a film made during an actor's decline. In the case of Alan Ladd, not everything is going to be SHANE. Nor should it be. And I also think it's 'wrong' to compare this film to THE PROUD REBEL. It's not supposed to be THE PROUD REBEL. It's not a remake or a sequel of his earlier hits. What ONE FOOT IN HELL is, in my view, is a high concept western. Where the revenge motif is taken to extremes. In a way it's a precursor to the much more violent spag
  3. two thousand two hundred twenty-eighth category Released posthumously SARATOGA (1937) was released a month and a half after Jean Harlow’s death. THE MISFITS (1961) was released two and a half months after Clark Gable died. SOYLENT GREEN (1973) was released almost three months after Edward G. Robinson had passed away.
  4. KING KONG (1933) Next: There's an African American guy coming over for a meal.
  5. OKLAHOMA! (1955) Next: OKLAHOMA CRUDE (1973)
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