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  1. She was Star of the Month in January 2021. Glad they are doing this daytime theme for her fans.
  2. Next: There's no cake for her at the guillotine.
  4. Zaza -- played by Gloria Swanson in 1923 movie of the same name
  5. MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE (1948) Next: lots of celebrating
  6. Monday October 18, 2021 Hopkins on TCM virginia city the old maid old acquaintance lady with red hair wise girl men are not gods trouble in paradise the heiress
  7. I think your reaction (dislike for the film) probably has more to do with the fact he's playing against type as an unsympathetic character. I am sure as an actor it was fun for him to sink his teeth into a role that gave him something different to play, other than the standard western romantic hero.
  8. In 2016, Lucille Ball had a Summer Under the Stars day. I partnered up with fellow message board poster CaveGirl to do a write-up about Lucy, which was posted on my blog. I will share it here...it was done in two parts: Part 1 Lucille Ball was born in upstate New York in 1911. Her father was a mining engineer and died when she was four. Her mother was a concert pianist that encouraged young Lucille in her thespian desires from day one. At the tender age of fifteen, Lucille was allowed to go to New York City to attend dramatic classes. But the instructor told Lucille she mi
  9. I reviewed this film a few years ago and rather enjoyed it. Here's my commentary: Made near the end of Alan Ladd’s career, ONE FOOT IN HELL is tougher than most westerns. It’s about a man named Mitch Barrett who seeks revenge on a town for the death of his wife. Aaron Spelling co-authored the screenplay and he gives Ladd plenty of opportunity to demonstrate a range of emotions, which the actor does with skill. Mitch Barrett goes crazy due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, and we’re supposed to sympathize and even applaud his brand of vigilante justice. The whole
  10. Wright, Wilbur -- played by Michael Moriarty in THE WINDS OF KITTY HAWK (1978)
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