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  1. Ice Station Zebra. Hollywood's attempt to make a cold war pic. It takes more than CCCP on a shirt to be Russian. You have to speak Russian too. Duh. Now if TCM could only show a "Real" Russian Commie movie. Like OCTOBER. Or MOTHER, STORM OVER ASIA, AELITA etc. The Real McCoy.
  2. your disagreements are duly noted so its time you disagree somewhere else.
  3. I'll leave you to make sense out of that gibberish.
  4. If you don't like my topic post somewhere else.
  5. Before I was rudely interrupted by trolls seeking attention, I have a legitimate topic. IS the color the original color or is it altered? I am saying many movies color is altered. Its easy to do digitally. ROSEMARY'S BABY I got the dvd out of the library. Never saw the dvd before. Compared it to my VHS & THE COLOR WAS ALTERED. The main color scheme is yellow & white. The wallpaper clothes etc. Everything looked ok until about 3/4 thru when Rosemary's dress turned orange & on my VHS its yellow. In addition the walls are white but on the DVD the walls became light green.
  6. I said I was using generalities. Now why don't you two take a room or something. I am not being paid to babysit you.
  7. What you're doing is trolling. Making alot of wisass cracks. Trolling is hijacking threads. I don't troll. So right away you're wrong. My advice is to start your own thread & when somebody replies you can call them "trolls"... What I say is true. You would need to see it & if you did you'd agree with me. Its not something easy to describe on a message board. You just have to take my word for it. Make notes for future reference.
  8. I never meant to call you stupid or imply you are the wiseass. I was using generalities. I was on another board (nameless) in which a group of wiseasses invaded my thread & made a home there. I guess I should be flattered but somehow I wasn't happy about it. Everybody needs to get their wiseass nut. Including me. I need to shake off these parasites & plow through to the truth. What I think is the young audience needs to see vibrant glowing colors, & filmmakers were desperately trying for natural colors. But natural colors are too boring. So WB juices them a little. Like
  9. Did anybody see "Unguarded Moment"? That color was not the original color. It was clearly doctored to look ridiculous. Just this one example validates my opinion.
  10. That was more wiseass. Troll alert. I guess you get to be a troll on here by calling out wiseasses for what they are. BTW you are derailing my thread.
  11. Yes I am comparing two versions of the film. & the older version has more realistic color. Yes I am stating that. Its my opinion entirely. I own both versions not yours or mine. Both. Realistic wood color is not "dirt". But if you need to make up things to "shoot me down" why dont you judge for yourself & you'll end up agreeing with me. Try & find an old vhs.
  12. I am not calling anybody stupid. Its a generality. THEY THINK WE are too stupid to notice. I knew somebody was going to make a wiseass crack. People think they always need to ridicule everything. WARNER BROS. makes special tv masters in which THEY redo the color. OK? They are protecting their property from bootlegs. Real color is natural looking not garish like TCM. " Life & Death of Colonel Blimp" woods are dark brown mahogany not bright brown like veneer. To tell you need to own a copy of the movie before it was redone. Cost of tvs 10$ I own two Sony 14" from 1984. Now I'm tell
  13. I run these movies on two identical tvs right & left. On the right one there will be trees with grass in shadows... the grass will look dark as it should. On the left the grass is bright green! as if no shadow is there. the left is the TCM colorized version. The movie is I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES. You will see these variations in many many movies if you have the capability to compare side by side. You just need to own two identical tvs.
  14. "I've seen both "Doctor X" & "Mystery of the Wax Museum" but not on TCM. I seen both on an official studio release DVD. The color of the sky was not deep blue, it was a greenish/cyan color. Both of these films are fine examples of what is commonly called 2 Strip Technicolor, (actually there is only 1 film strip used in a special camera and then a special processing is used). The colors are more pastel and not saturated like a 3 Strip Technicolor film is. Blues don't reproduce well, The films are predominated by pastel looking green cyan tones, oranges red tones. Flesh tones and br
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