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  1. I wonder how many fools were taken in by the title change? Three? This looks like a good candidate for *TCM Underground* . Thanks as always.
  2. Tribbles?! Wow, that's some pretty fancy face/name recognition for Stanley Adams, Rich. I'm impressed. Either that, or you watch two or three hours of *Star Trek* a day. :^0 Thanks as always.
  3. *Sayonara* : February 06, April 06, May 06, July 06, September 06, December 06, February 07, March 07, May 07, June 08, April 09 *Cry for Happy* : July 08, August 09 *A Global Affair* : September 05, July 06, August 10 *Walk, Don't Run* : August 05, January 07, June 07, September 08, August 09, December 09, March 10, July 10 You might want to Google "what's on turner classic movies this month" and the movie title before you post that TCM never shows it. :-)
  4. *MARGARET O'BRIEN is 75 today* - mongo Thanks! :-)
  5. *All four films were shown in 2009 when Ronald Reagan was SOTM.* - lzcutter Details, details...it's much easier to just post these lists than to research when and if they they were ever shown. :-)
  6. Hmm, the crab seems pretty interested in that head. I wonder if they used a real corpse to save a buck on props? Thanks for the smiles.
  7. Wow! Worst movie yet? Did Mr. Magoo do side work as a Heinrich **** lookalike? Must find that wallpaper for the house...
  8. I think this could be your best work yet. My first smile all week. Thanks. I would love to take an axe to that little table in the first photo. I can't seem to take my eyes off of it. I need to go to bed, but I know I'll be thinking about that table...
  9. *You Can't Run Away From It* : August 07, December '07, July '08, January '09, November '09... November '11.
  10. Finally, a movie I've seen. More than once. Your post is the first time I've been entertained by it. Thanks.
  11. Great stuff! Love those matching vests in the first image. And thanks for reviving this thread, one of the few escapes left around here. Well, that and threads about repeats.
  12. They blew their entire budget on the great poster! I trust this John Brinkley isn't Dr. Goat Glands?
  13. In my youth, a young Art Garfunkel with a tan, so Captain Nately in *Catch 22* or Sandy in *Carnal Knowledge* .
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