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  1. *It was a virtual Encyclopedia of Shopworn Stereotypes and Tiresome Cliches.* - Andy Oh, come on! I shoot a rattlesnake every time I'm out riding a horse and herding cattle. Actually, I've been known to pick them up by the tail and move them off the road on cold nights to keep them from being run over. But that wouldn't make for a good movie.
  2. I wonder how many fools were taken in by the title change? Three? This looks like a good candidate for *TCM Underground* . Thanks as always.
  3. Yeah, I think could do it. My concentration on the movie might fade in and out after a couple of hours, but the orchestra would keep me from squirming too much. If the score's good...
  4. *I am a bit flabbergasted why people are spending so much time beating it to death.* - TopBilled, in It must be Full-Screen night on TCM *I believe CASABLANCA is severely overrated.* - JarrodMcDonald, in his/her 196-post The anti-CASABLANCA thread It's too bad screen names aren't held onto long enough to become classic.
  5. *Point 5 … and point 7 and five tenths.* Wow, that makes my head hurt. Technical advisor? We don't need no stinkin' technical advisor! Now why is that stupid spell check saying I spelled advisor wrong? Thanks for another great review. Those helmets and ridiculous codpiece space suits make this one look watchable.
  6. Windy day on the moon? Lateral gravity at work? Or the forerunner to *Blades of Glory* ?
  7. I don't even know what's on TCM tomorrow night. Any other team but the Pats, and it's most likely TCM time. Sooo, it's been almost 50-50 the last eleven years... :-) Go Pats!!!!!
  8. *It is on the March 2012 TCM schedule, to be shown on March 23.* - mn Thanks for that, musicalnovelty! Weird that it didn't show up on a site search, and the movie's database page only listed Monday's airing whenever I checked. Yesterday's the first time the March airing has shown up for me. Thanks again.
  9. I doubt I'll be around in 2032, nor will a huge chunk of TCM's current viewership. If you think TCM will hold true to their current direction, you made some good choices. I used to watch *Legend of 1900* every time IFC played it. I'm surprised that TCM hasn't shown it yet, fits in very well. Don't ask me why, but I did enjoy Burton's *Alice in Wonderland* , and could see TCM playing it in a few years.
  10. Did someone say *Wild Women of Chastity Gulch* ?
  11. *I can't be the only one who's read this?* - cl I finally read it a few years ago. The movie left out Jane's rescue by St. John after she left Thornfield, and the news of her enormous inheritance, instead substituting her return to Gateshead, which happened earlier in the novel, in its place. With such limited time, that part of the story was expendable. And Welles is the perfect Rochester.
  12. *Maybe Fox tampered with the sound track so they would have the only correct one to air on the Fox channel??* - Fred I don't think they've aired it on FMC in ages, if ever. I always check one of those TV schedule search engines for future airings and *Jane Eyre* never showed up until TCM got it. I'm with JonnyGeetar, I was just happy to see it again. It's still my favorite Welles performance.
  13. *...the next time they show the film...* - dusty It's a Fox movie, and not back on the schedule in the next three months. Could be a one-and-done.
  14. *...there are two soprano voices...* - cl That I did notice. I just dragged out my old VCR tape of the AMC broadcast, and amongst the snaps, crackles, and pops, only one Blanche singing. Weird. Why would the distributor make sure they had a great picture but fool around with the soundtrack?
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