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  1. I was looking forward to watching Roy's movies today and started watching Home in Oklahoma but was very disappointed in the quality of the print being shown. I have it on DVD and my copy if very clear and uncut. Where did Turner get this bad quality version? I also have Springtime in the Sierras uncut and in Trucolor which was Republic Pictures version of color. I understand that the copy Turner is about to show is in black and white. Why not get a version like I have which is uncut and in color? One of Roy's better movies is the 1944 Song of Nevada. I have it crystal clear and also uncut.
  2. Why doesn't TCM show the "B" Musicals of the 30's, 40's and 50's? Television used to show them in the late 50's. I remember seeing many of them. Nice musicals, cute stories. They must be in some film vault.
  3. There is a Bogart movie called "You Can't Get Away With Murder". I remember seeing this movie years ago and there is a scene where Bogart is in a getaway before robbing a filling station and he tells the driver that "dames are like dogs and cats, nice to have around the house". Now I watched this movie the other day and this line is missing. Did they edit it out so it would not offend anyone? Or am I mistaken and this was in another Bogart movie?
  4. I was watching some musical clips on *You Tube* from the 40's movie called *"Beautiful But Broke"* with *Jane Frazee*. What a nice movie with lots of 1940's swing and jive songs. I wish TCM would obtain it and show it.
  5. Great B & W movies from the mid 50's. Scary for a "B" movie. Really scared me when I saw it in the movies and also later when it was shown on TV. This movie has not been shown for many years. I hope TCM obtains it and shows it.
  6. What a movie. Before the Hays Commission. WOW. I hope TCM shows it in the near future.
  7. We love The Mole People and Fire Maidens From Outer Space. Both made in the 50's. Good stories and attractive actors. Very well made movies.
  8. Would love to see some of the early Charles Starrett Movies he made at Columbia that had Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers in them. This was before they joined Roy Rogers over at Republic. Good stories and of course great song by the Sons.
  9. I watched Born to Kill with Lawrence Tierney and Clare Trevor. Love that movie. Please show more Tierney movies like: Kill or Be Killed Shakedown Dillinger Female Jungle (has Jayne Mansfield in it) The Hoodlum Devil Thumbs a Ride Bodyguard Step by Step
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