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  1. It was almost certainly made in the 50's, because there were comments in the dialogue about the commies. So I think someone had it near correct earlier when they were saying it was probably one of the films during the McCarthy era where even our "criminals" were commie fighters! I ended up watching pickup on south street (got it from netflix) and that was definitely more in the direction of what I'm talking about. It was definitely a similar type film, but probably more of a lower budget film meant to capitalize on both the red scare and the cool gangster noire film all at once. And it was in
  2. Lucky Jordan SOUNDS more like the film I'm referring to, but I'm pretty confident it was Russians and not Nazis. I distinctly recall the scene where the Russian mobster tells him how insignificant our gangsters are compared to the gangsters back in Russia. He specifically was mentioning how much more ruthless the Russian Mafia was. I recall that the plot had something to do with him stumbling across a plot due to the hero "Lucky" trying to muscle in on some sort of protection racket. I hope that helps, that's really all I can remember. From what I remember of production values, I don't t
  3. I don't think this is the movie, although thanks for the suggestion. I rented it from Netflix, and this was a great movie, a fantastic film. Never would have discovered this gem without you. However, the movie I'm talking about isn't about a pickpocket. The main character's name I'm almost certain is Lucky, and the movie has a lot of talk about the main character being a "gangster" as if "gangsters" were cool. It's definitely a 40's or 50's era film, and has a more light-hearted feel than Pickup on South Street. Lucky wisecracks a bit more, but also seems to puff up as a tough guy a lot t
  4. I've been trying to find a movie for years to no avail. I've only seen it once on TMC maybe close to 15 years ago now. The plot is set in the very late 1940's but most likely in the 50's. It's about a gangster (he calls himself that, but he's probably in all likelihood just a common street thug) named Lucky (I think. I am almost positive that was his name, but a search for the character on IMDB yielded nothing, so perhaps it was a nickname employed by other characters in the film) who happens to uncover a plot by Russian gangsters. I don't remember what the plot he uncovered was, but I do r
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