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  1. > I see that in "Road To Paradise," she plays twin roles -- a girl who falls in with gangsters and a wealthy socialite. Since I've never seen the film, I don't know if there are any scenes featuring both Lorettas. I just watched the sample segment of that one, and yes they are on screen at the same time. the funny thing is, i can't figure out how they did it! Some scene clips of the two Lorettas look like could have been achieved by having a movie screen projection as a background, but other clips look too seamless to be done that way. most could not have been splitscreen either, because the male actor in between them crosses the "line". hmmm. Loretta lookalike (her sister?) in the background shots? i'll have to get the movie just so i can figure out all the special effects.
  2. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Not to beat a dead horse, but every time you see that a film has a 1934 release date, are you doing further research to see if it was a pre-July 1st release? Or is it an event other than "release" which has to occur before July 1st? nope. i just watched *Music In Your Hair*, and it was very much in the style of pre-code movies (to me it looked more like it was made in '31 than '34). and there were sexy dancers, and a speakeasy. so yeah, i think it fits the genre. i probably should have left *The Age of Innocence* off the list, since it came out in late '34.
  3. I went ahead and bought it (from Newberry Comics via Amazon), and even with the free shipping option it already arrived! So far i've only watched *Murder at the Vanities*, but it was really great! IMO that movie alone was well worth the $12.50 to me. Duke Ellington! topless dancers! Toby Wing being a flirty babe! and the murder mystery storyline was pretty good too. > {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}That is an excellent price. I am tempted. Note, though, it may be fulfilled from Amazon, but it is being sold by a 3rd party.
  4. Pre-Code/ early talkie-era films this week: Monday Dec. 19 3:42pm *Music in Your Hair* (Billy Gilbert-starred short from 1934) 5:39pm *Night Owls* (Laurel and Hardy short, 1930) Tuesday Dec. 20 (Irene Dunne day) 6:45am *Cimarron* (1931 costume epic co-starring Richard Dix) 9:00am *Thirteen Women* (w/ Ricardo Cortez, Myrna Loy 1932) 10:15am *Ann Vickers* (w/ Walter Huston 1933) 11:30am *No Other Woman* (w/ Charles Bickford 1933) 12:30pm *The Age of Innocence* (another costume drama, with John Boles, 1934) 2:00pm *Stingaree* (yet another period film with Richard Dix, 1934) i'm really looking forward to *Thirteen Women*. Myrna Loy as a murderous psycho? With a premise like that how could it not to be entertaining? Thursday Dec. 22 (William Powell day) technically not pre-code, except for maybe the first one, but don't miss the *Thin Man* marathon (with all 6 movies!), starting at 8pm EST. Sunday night Dec. 25 12:00am *Duck Soup* (Marx Bros. 1933)
  5. I've never seen Raging Bull, or The Champ (either version), or any of the Rocky movies, for that matter. I just never cared at all for boxing, and don't need to see a movie about it. Even wih boxing-themed comedies, such as Keaton's Battling Butler or Harold Lloyd's The Milky Way, i lose interest once they get to the boxing scenes, even if they are comedic in nature. kind of ashamed, because as a red-blooded male, aren't i supposed to enjoy boxing?
  6. the *Universal Pre-Code Hollywood Collection* that came out a few years back, w/ six early-1930's Paramount titles rarely or never seen on TCM, such as *The Cheat* (Tallulah Bankhead, 1931), *Merrily We Go to Hell* (Sylvia Sydney, Fredrick March, 1932), *Hot Saturday* (Nancy Carroll, Cary Grant, 1932), *Torch Singer* (Claudette Colbert, Ricardo Cortez, 1933), *Murder at the Vanities* (1934), and *Search for Beauty* (Ida Lupino, Toby Wing, 1934), is currently available at Amazon for only $12.50. That's the cheapest I've seen it yet.
  7. thanks for the link, VP19! very nice write-up. > Just did an entry on these five two-packs: http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/469215.html
  8. yeah, it's too bad they don't qualify for the current $10 sale. Even being 2 movies for the price of one, i'm still too much of a cheapskate to pay full price. but the moment they get marked down to $13.95, i'll be all over the Joan Blondell ones (which i already have on old worn-out VHS tapes, but it would be really nice to finally have them on DVD). and i need that Alice White movie too. any early-Loretta Young aficionados want to clue me in to which of the five young Young movies are most essential? I thought i'd seen a lot of her early movies, but none of these are ringing a bell. i'll probably end up getting *Loose Ankles* at least, since it is paired with *The Naughty Flirt*. Hard to go wrong with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  9. i think it is worth mentioning here that the Warner Archive is releasing a whole bunch of pre-Code era movies on DVD tomorrow (all in double-disc packages), including: *Havana Widows* (Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell 1933) *I've Got Your Number* (Pat O'Brien, Joan Blondell 1934) *The Office Wife* (Dorothy Mackaill, Joan Blondell 1930) *Party Husband* (Dorothy Mackaill, James Rennie 1931) *The Naughty Flirt* (Alice White, Myrna Loy 1931) *Loose Ankles* (Loretta Young, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, 1930) *Road to Paradise* (Loretta Young, Jack Mulhall 1930) *Week-end Marriage* (Loretta Young, Norman Foster 1932) *The Right of Way* (Loretta Young, Conrad Nagel 1931) *The Truth About Youth* (Loretta Young, Myrna Loy 1930)
  10. Pre-code era films this week: i was a bit late checking this week, so i completely missed the marathon of early-30's EG Robinson films that aired in the wee hours this morning. i wanted to see *Dark Hazard* in paticular. oh well! Wednesday Dec. 14 (Eastman House Film Archive Day) rarely aired early talkies: 7:45am *The Valiant* (Paul Muni, 1929) 10:00am *The Trespasser* (Gloria Swanson, 1929) 1:30pm *Lottery Bride* (Jeanette McDonald, 1930) 4:30pm *Delicious* (Janet Gaynor, 1931) 6:30pm *Payment Deferred* (Charles Laughton, 1932) (lots of rare silents this day too!) late night Thursday Dec. 15/ Friday Dec. 16 3:30am *One Way Passage* (William Powell, Kay Francis 1932) 4:45am *The Key* (William Powell, Edna Best 1934) 6:00am *Road to Singapore* (William Powell, Doris Kenyon, Marian Marsh 1931) 10:00am *Student Tour* (Jimmy Durante, Betty Grable 1934) 11:30am *Love in the Rough* (Robert Montgomery, Dorothy Jordon 1930) 1:00pm *In Gay Madrid* (Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, 1930) 2:30pm *The Cabin in the Cotton* (Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Jordon 1932) 4:00pm *Hell Divers* (Wallace Beery, Clark Gable 1932)
  11. through 12/14 - DVD's $10 each when you buy 3 or more, plus free shipping. even better deal than the black friday sale. http://www.wbshop.com/Buy-3-or-more-for-%2410-each%21/WACFRI,default,sc.html
  12. totally with you on Cagney and Sheridan. Sheridan just glows in Torrid Zone, more so than in any of her other movies that i've seen. too bad they didn't immediately shoot several more films with that pair.
  13. > {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}Racketbuster, it's been a great month for pre-codes, so far, and promises to continue to be! I'll have to check in here more often if you are going to post the weekly pre-codes on TCM!!! That's awesome, thank you! > > I agree with you about the cut-off--it's mid 1934 I believe, but though you definitely notice some taming of things, I have seen films released in late 34, and even in 1935, that have pre-code elements to them, and are pretty borderline racy/violent at times. > much appreciated. i know its a bit redundant since you do those amazing weekly summaries in the main forum, but since i am focusing just on pre-codes/ early talkies (my main movie interest at the moment), i thought it might be useful to others like myself, and maybe help spark some new discussions in this otherwise neglected forum. sadly, i won't be doing this every week, since some weeks you won't find any pre-codes on the TCM schedule.
  14. I don't know what studios did with unwanted unreleasable movies in the classic era. Maybe recycle the usable footage into other movies? a lot of modern feature films had delayed theatrical releases for various reasons, usually because test screenings don't go as well as hoped, and a majority of those eventually end up going direct-to-DVD or cable instead of getting a proper run in theaters. There are exceptions; *Mulholland Drive* started out as an unwanted 1999 TV pilot, then after a few years of re-editing and reshoots it was successfully released as a feature film. *Prozac Nation* is an example of a film that should have just been quietly dumped into the DVD bins, but for some reason, someone in charge thought that was worthy of a theatrical release. Oddly, the two leads of that film, Christina Ricci and Jason Biggs, also starred together a few years later in an eerily similar film called *Anything Else*, which by chance got released in theaters about the same time as *Prozac Nation*, so I often get the two movies confused. *Anything Else* is better (being a Woody Allen movie), but something tells me if all copies of both of those movies got wiped out in a freak vault fire, not many people would notice or care.
  15. the 3-minute "quality sample" teaser clips are now up for all those 1930's movies coming out on 12/13. http://www.wbshop.com/Pre-Orders/ARCHIVEPRE,default,sc.html
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