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  1. *That is a beautiful photograph of her! There's no doubt about the fact that this red headed star had a certain kind of beauty but again, there is something in the eyes that was rather cold and impenetrable. It seemed as though you might be able to get just so far with Ms. Parker but no farther...not one inch! I did watch all the films broadcast in June and haven't seen anything to change my mind but that doesn't change the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the films I had missed through the years. She never seemed to overplay anything and perhaps that's exactly what she meant to do. T
  2. *I have really been enjoying Mondays in June because of all the Eleanor Parker films I have finally seen after all these years. It must be a by-product of the fact that Ms. Parkers films are not heavily touted that I missed most of the body of her work outside of the films she did with major studio stars such as Robert Mitchum, Frank Sinatra, Paul Henreid, Stewart Granger, John Garfield, Kirk Douglas and more! I seem to have missed many of the films she made in the 40's and I am surprised at that since I've been a classic movie lover all my life! I am more familiar with what she did in the
  3. *Peter Lawford Day? You must be kidding! Lawford was an also ran...a totally second banana. Why should he rate a day on TCM? I agree with you Ascotrudgeracer!*
  4. *The biggest disappointment of my day with TCM and Burt Lancaster was "The Leopard" which was shown in the 8:00 PM prime-time slot. It's no wonder I had never heard of it or seen it before! The cinematography was wonderful but the story itself was altogether boring.* *This isn't the first disappointment in the "Summer Under The Stars" series and I'm certain it won't be the last. Every day this month I've been disappointed in some of the movies that were chosen to represent a star's body of work. This month has been more like one in which TCM bought the films no one wants to see. That'
  5. *I know that all you silent film buffs are going to give me a really hard time with this, however, I for one do not see the wonder in presenting 24 hours of silent films. Come to think of it, I fail to see the wonder of presenting 24 hours of films starring any one film star! Silent films are not one genre of my favorites but I certainly can understand that this is supposed to be a classic movie station and silent films absolutely belong on this channel. If TCM wants to showcase an actor or actress why can't they do so without monopolizing the entire 24 hour block?* *As good an actor as
  6. *Yes Valentine...I agree with you wholeheartedly. There are also many "B" movies and perhaps a few "C" films peppered in that I consider to be classics. I own well over a thousand movies and feel lucky to have bought some of them when I did since many have been taken off the market. We all have our favorites and that is how it should be. I think TCM does a fair job in broadcasting most of our favorites but I still feel there are too many others that are aired that just don't fit the bill of a classic movie. It's only my opinion and I don't expect anyone to rally around the flag and echo m
  7. *To TikiSoo*: *The reason I use bold print is so I can see it better while typing.* *To my knowledge about nettiquette only capitalization denotes shouting.* *The site gives me the options and I use them.* *I may even use color if it pleases me at that moment.* *I don't post here or anywhere else in order to endear myself to you. I post because I have an opinion. If you don't like that opinion or find it not useful then I suggest you move on. And you have the nerve to talk about being SNARKY? I'll critcize the station any time I feel the need to. Of course they have job to do as
  8. *Now that we've approached mid-year on TCM, five of my favorite films I have seen so far this year include the following movies; "You Can't Take It With You," "Gigi," "Friendly Persuasion," "Ben-Hur" and "South Pacific."* *Ten of my favorite classic films are these; "Gone With The Wind," The Wizard Of Oz," "The Search," "Moby Dick," "The Snake Pit," "A Christmas Carol" (the Alastair Sim version), "Judgment At Nuremberg," "I Want To Live," "My Man Godfrey" and "The Private Lives Of Elizabeth & Essex."* *Actually I have so many favorite films that they are too numerous to mentio
  9. *I just wanted to thank all of you for weighing back in with your comments. We all have our thoughts as to what a true classic film is and we all know what a "B" movie is. I'm just surprised that I've had to make a "C" list on TCM as well. I know we would agree on most classics which are too many to list here and we may even overlap in our feelings about "B" movies that ought to be classics and vice versa. I believe, to some extent, that the term "Classic Film" may be a subjective one as we all have some favorites that don't quite fit the bill but remain in our hearts forever more.*
  10. *I surely thank all of you for not understanding what I said. It is obviously a subjective comment. Having said that let me correct you on a few things. I am NOT a he...this is something you assumed. I am not new to film or classic movie channels. I am 64 years of age and have loved movies since I was 9 years old. I know a classic when I see one and I'll call a klunker just that when I happen to run across it. I've only been watching TMC for a year and I find my comment to be appropriate for all intents and purposes. I really don't care how many people have said it before I did* *and y
  11. *I have been watching TCM for about a year now and am surprised at how many films they show that are not classics at all. TCM needs to learn what a true classic consists of. Age does not make a mediocre film any better! No matter how many years ago the film was put out, a lousy film remains lousy. Some days are better than others but overall I must say that TCM depends upon filler rather than true classics.*
  12. If they ever have a Joan Crawford marathon weekend it would be absolute torture for me to sit through it. Although I have seen almost all of her films I really can't stand her at all. The roles she chose made her the consummate "*****" and showed no depth or broadness whatsoever. Her face grew to be little more than a mask and was never pleasing to the eye. I just watched "Torch Song" the other day. I hadn't seen it in years and it was billed as her first role in Technicolor (she had done color in a previous movie many years before this). Here you see her terribly wicked face in 1953 and
  13. It's six months into the year and I can only wonder why there are so many repeats over these last months. I have only been watching since last summer and have the 2011 Movie Guide which lists the thousands of titles that you have for sale. Do you not also have these titles in your archives? Here I am watching "Oceans Eleven" for at least the fourth time this year. I usually begin watching at about 2:00 PM in the afternoon and never change the channel until a little after 10:00 PM at night. There are so many movies you never air and yet all the repeats in this time frame are too numerous t
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