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    Calgary Alberta Canada
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    Film Noir
    French New Wave
    Italian Neorealism
    The Horror film today and yesterday
    Hollywood nightlife in the 'Classic Days"
    The clothes, cars, Homes, hotels, the sleazy bars, the drink, etc.
    The stars, writers and directors I enjoy are to numerous to mention you will find
    Errol Flynn, Jean Harlow at the top.
    Going to Film Conventions such as TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL

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  1. I am back after  long absence from this  forum. Many changes in Life  or many sequels to the franchise.  I see we  Canadians still cannot take  part in Backlot or stream the films.   Seems to be the least of the worries these days. 

  2. Firstly I am a Classic Hollywood for years or I would not be here. I have written on Classic Film and be very privileged to be a media credentialed person at the TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL many times. Thought of yourself as a producer? Here is an opportunity. Boris Karloff was a horror icon as well all know. He was much more then a Monster with humble begins. This new documentary illuminates an unknown chapter in the life of this famous actor of his early years in Canada on stage as he moved towards Hollywood and history. Its an opportunity to become part
  3. Often wonder why Canadians and other parts of the world are excluded from the opportunity to join? I had to 'speak" about legals and copyrights. Seems to biga large deal with the network yet others get excluded. Maybe others feel the same way? cheers
  4. wow i logged on canvas said it lost my results of third quiz that i has supposedly spend over 110000 minutes doing. what gives???
  5. Nice first clip on Mack Sennett Sennett was born Micheal Sinnott in Richmond Quebec.. The father of slapstick, the Keystone cops , Sennett's bathing beauties etc was Canadian. He moved to Connecticut when he was 17. Lots of us Canadians down there in film including Mary Pickford, Norma Shearer, Fifi D Orsay even Marie Dressler from TILLIE 'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE.
  6. Hello The Vimo produced lecture clips dont have sound when I play them back even when downloaded and using another player. I am using the cursed chrome browser which has been updated. I understand its silent film comedy at the begining perhaps not for the lectures. Nice touch would be title cards. Anyone else have the silent scream troubles that I do????? (DISREGARD THIS POST. I HAVE REPAIRED THE TROUBLES. THE GOOGE TEMPERMENTAL AUDIO PLUG IN STRIKES AGAIN)
  7. One wonders as to the neglected source of early vaudeville for these gags plus the stars themselves Very good to see this little piece which in 44 second set up a style of film making to come. Comedy and cruelty can be so close sometimes but we still laugh. Below is the link for what could be the original or remake if the one posted in the lecture is the first? Different seting in this one. Perhaps it was the first use of recycled/reshot film.idea. Good reflection of the current film making technology of the time as the camera stays still: framing like a st
  8. i wish that this TCM on demand and other parts of the site worked in CANADA. We dont get the same video feeds
  9. I will suggest that Altman's Picture has strong Noir influence. Firstly the shot compositions showing duality in characters of Griffin and others with strong use of shadows and blinds even in daylight. Second the subtrafuge used between Griffin and the police all in some very biting dialogue, three, the very cool acidly police man played by Fred Ward reminicent of Dana Andrews at his cyncial low key best even without a hat. Four the numourous film posters and objects that pop up in strange places in backgrounds, in open drawers that offer clues. Five Altman's use of secondary charact
  10. For myself it has always been two fingers, neat (single barrel prefered) bourbon or Scotch Whiskey.
  11. Is Robert Alman's 1992 THE PLAYER an 'over the top' Noir picture or just simmering right?
  12. Mitchem the actor makes the film with his dialogue delivery his way of staring blank yet intense. He plays the 'silences' well in his scenes which to me tell more then words. His clothes seem to be slapped on and rumpled no matter how they are fixed. The laconic hero with the vocie just on the edge of saying ' I dont care" Brilliantly lazy fits Noir well as the postwar cynical spirit rises up.
  13. Would agree with the it does remind some people of LADY OF THE LAKE (1947) with Robert Montgomery in the Directors chair. DARK PASSAGE opening sends a message especially the "spinning barrel" pov that this is a world upside down and out of control that suddenly stops at destination. On gets lots of "whirlpool": effects in Noir pictures for various reason. The pov actually changes as if you were sitting on the back of the truck watching the barrel then shifts to first person for the tumble then back to being an observer as you the back of the convict running. The next shift is back t
  14. http://glitterbest52.wordpress.com/ [s|http://glitterbest52.wordpress.com/]pread the word. cheers Terry Edited by: Zaca52 on Apr 30, 2013 10:31 PM
  15. I had heard that someone was working on Anne Sheridan bio as a chapter in another book. Wondering if she should be the subject of full length single volume?
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