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  1. Rouben Mamoulian's version blows the doors off all the others, even to this day. It's because it takes on this dark, twisted sexual angle to it, with Fredric March's basest desires being inflicted upon poor Miriam Hopkins as his victim when he becomes Hyde. I still can't believe how dark it is. And the acting was terrific. I think maybe this could be remade now, with special effects the way they are. Hyde can always look a little different, so it'd be cool to see a new version of him. But even now I doubt a movie would embrace the sexually sadistic undercurrents of the story that this one
  2. I want to recommend this movie to everyone- it's SO GOOD!! Really, you should check it out. It was in theaters last summer and it's with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. I loved it and I think lots of other people would too.
  3. My favorite movies of hers are Bombshell, Red Dust and Red-Headed Woman. Watch those three and I think it'll give you the complete essence of her star power.
  4. Mine was The Little Mermaid in '89. I was three
  5. Does anyone have the full august shedule yet?
  6. here's a list of the people who I would say qualify as "today's stars," and by that I don't mean they're as good as the golden age stars, but i do think they'll be remembered as the really big ones from this particular era: Leonardo Dicaprio Brad Pitt George Clooney Johnny Depp Angelina Jolie Robert Downey Jr. Sandra Bullock (she's also a big 90's star but there are few female stars as famous and popular as she is today) I hesitated to include Jennifer Lawrence because she's so new, but I do think she may be worth mentioning as the most recent emergence of a really huge star who'
  7. plus they were of their era. were people saying that in the 60's and 70's, when they had their own stars, like Robert Redford, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Jane Fonda, etc? I do think that every era has its own stars, but all eras are different from each other, because the movies are different, the acting is different and so on.
  8. I loved it! it was a terrific conclusion and my favorite part was how Walt dies saving Jesse's life, as he dove on top of him to shield him from the bullets. i too think it's one of the great American dramas ever made
  9. from 2005-2009- who's Elizabeth Swann? is that supposed to be Keira Knightley?
  10. they are playing this next sunday, and does anyone know if they will be playing the english version or the french version with subtitles?
  11. i think they ought to go back to 5 nominees. the ratings will do well whenever people have seen the movies, as it was proven this year and 2010. if they had 5 this year it probably would have been lincoln, life of pi, silver linings, argo and i don't know, probably les mis? maybe django. but either one was a hit, i'm sure the ratings would have been exactly the same as they turned out, because ALL of those movies were hits and i think they've figured that out by now, so i wouldn't be surprised if they go back to 5 next year. and the good thing is, with all these films making money, it enco
  12. i love it when i find other people who do the same thing as me! i always try to see every best picture nominee this year i think lincoln and zero dark thirty were the best movies of the year. i want lincoln to win, even though it seems argo has won every single other award. i liked argo but i don't think it's anywhere near best picture quality. beasts, amour and life of pi were better than argo too i loved lincoln though. maybe it is for history buffs, but the script was so absorbing and intelligent, and i loved how it wasn't dumbed down for mass audiences. and the acting was amazing.
  13. antonioni's definitely not for everyone. i like l'avventura okay, but HATE some of his other movies my favorites are blow up and la notte. but i do think it's daring how he let the plot evaporate in l'avventura and purposely challenged the audience to stick with it. the characters aren't that likeable either
  14. not necessarily the best, but here are my favorites from the 90's goodfellas flirting the age of innocence beauty and the beast sleepless in seattle the secret garden groundhog day forrest gump clueless the american president toy story sense and sensibility jerry maguire run lola run shakespeare in love
  15. i can definitely see your point on that. i'm a big fan but he definitely took such a huge moral stance in his movies, that i can see where the hypocrisy came in. and i don't really care that technically she was 18. he knew her since she was 10 and he was in a long-term relationship with her mother, who he also had children with. it was a majorly creepy thing to do but i can put aside personal and product as well for the most part with these people, even polanski. although, i will say that his deed was much worse because it was an actual crime (drugging and **** a 13 year old child) and
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