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  1. Well, we have George Clooney, don't we? He recently made the leap into TCM (for obvious reasons, of course). I believe that it was in a 1999 "classic" named Three Kings. But I could be wrong, since I have not looked this up but am quoting this title from my astonishment at this latest insult to the word "classic". Gerald
  2. Now wait a minute there, Sprockets; you are being unfair. How can you expect for one to be able to play a jazz guitar (if you accept the username) *and* understand the elements of English grammar at the same time? I suppose that it's (by the way, James, note that the ' in the word "it's" replaces the letter i, just as the ' in the word "would've" replaces the two letters ha) either one or the other. Using a ' as a replacement for certain letters is a well known principal to those who are learning English. The word "of" has no place in this lesson in English 101. These movie fans a
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