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  1. "If right doesn't matter were lost. If truth doesn't matter we're lost." - Adam Schiff Adam I have some sad news for you - Trump supporters were lost a long time ago.
  2. Sunday, January 26/27 4 a.m. Come and See (1985). Excellent Russian WWII film. Highly recommended.
  3. Michael Caine credits Enfield for kickstarting his film career with Zulu. He said that he doubted that any English director would have cast a Cockney in the part of the posh Lt Gonville Bromhead (what a name!) but American Enfield had no problems giving him a shot.
  4. Yeah, that's why Guiliani coerced factions of the FBI to threaten to leak the news about the reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation right before the election. A move that prompted Comey to preempt this by announcing it himself.
  5. Somebody might want to inform MovieMadness about this.
  6. Tell me again about reckless Hillary Clinton was with national security issues. Trump is a disgrace.
  7. Greta responds to what it is like to be insulted by Trump and Mnuchin.
  8. A GOP senator traffics in flimsy allegations to impugn Alexander Vindman — again The senator has called Vindman’s motivations into question before. On Thursday, she went even further. Aaron Blake
  9. Saturday, January 25 10 a.m. Popeye: Doing Impossikible Stunts (1940). midnight. Try and Get Me (1950). Cy Endfield film with Frank Lovejoy, Kathleen Ryan, Richard Carlson and Lloyd Bridges. Maltin rates this noir quite high. Repeats Sunday at 10 a.m.
  10. Pence is so boring even Prince Charles skips shaking his hand ... Prince Charles snubs VP Mike Pence as he walks past his extended hand to warmly greet Netanyahu and Putin at Holocaust memorial event in Jerusalem A video clip of the Prince of Wales greeting officials in Israel showed him walk along the front row of seats, shaking hands with several guests. But when he came to US Vice President Mike Pence, the heir to the throne appeared to 'snub' the vice president and carry on walking (pictured). Despite Pence standing up to shake his hand, the Prince merely looked him in the eye before moving on to shake hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was seated next to Pence. But once Charles walked past Pence, he then took his seat next to French President Emmanuel Macron and was introduced to the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. The Prince greeted Putin with a handshake and a smile in a separate clip posted online.
  11. Sure but this policing is a relatively new phenomenon. I'm not saying that reference or visual of Oscars cannot be used but it would have to be by permission. You may notice the small R behind the words Academy Award now which refers to registered trademark.
  12. I have the book to. If he updated it he would no doubt have to change the title as the Academy won't let anyone near the trademarked names or statue any longer.
  13. There are a million reasons for Trump to skip the debates. He won't care. He's all about preaching to the choir now. As President he keeps trying to divide the nation.
  14. The Energy 202: Trump made nearly 500 false or misleading claims about the environment while in office Here are the ones he repeats the most. Dino Grandoni
  15. Mnuchin said Thunberg needed to study economics before offering climate proposals. So we talked to an economist. And he agreed with Thunberg. Philip Bump
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