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  1. So you flat out don't believe that the Russians are using social media to disrupt the American election? The Irish reporter, Donny O'Sullivan showed pictures of the posts done by the Russians. Wow, are you a Kremlin useful you-know-what.
  2. Letter from Trump’s Washington Olivia Troye on Trump’s Narcissistic Mishandling of the Coronavirus The first staffer on the coronavirus task force to go public tells The New Yorker that America’s pandemic response was “derailed by the person at the very top.” By Susan B. Glasser
  3. Regarding Trump's travel "ban" from China and then from Europe: the fact is that no one was told to self-quarantine for 14 days when coming to the United States. Tens of thousands came into the America after the restrictions were put in place. And later when Trump announced a shut down of Europe hundreds of very sick people rushed home and were crammed into airport customs lineups for as many as 10 hours. No plan whatsoever.
  4. Some highlights from ... AP FACT CHECK: Trump and the virus-era China ban that isn’t By STEPHEN BRAUN, HOPE YEN and CALVIN WOODWARDJuly 18, 2020 THE ‘BAN’ TRUMP: “We would’ve had thousands of people additionally die if we let people come in from heavily infected China. But we stopped it. We did a travel ban in January. ... By closing up, we saved millions, potentially millions of lives.” — Rose Garden remarks Tuesday. TRUMP: He didn’t ban travel from China. He restricted it. Dozens of countries took similar steps to control travel from hot spots before or around th
  5. I agree that it sounds like a comedy sketch. But just try to remember the target audience ... millions of brain dead and gullible Americans.
  6. Stupid may not be the best word. Mentally Ill probably describes him better and that's according to many many people such as Mary Trump and Bob Woodward. And he's only getting worse. A position of immense power is just not very good for someone like him. It is very unfortunate that the entire world has to live with the consequences.
  7. Breaking this morning that the new guidance from the CDC last month advising that only people with symptoms needed to be tested was not advice given by the scientists at the CDC but by ruling politicians under the guise of the CDC. We know that asymptomatic people can spread the disease which can lead to the deaths of others. I guess they just didn't care about that.
  8. Reporter Donie O'Sullivan on CNN just now showed several social media accounts by Russians posing as left wing groups attacking Joe Biden for being in the pocket of the right wing and Russians posing as right wing groups attacking Biden for being in the pocket of the left wing. Facebook and Twitter are taking them down but the interference is widespread..
  9. "Critical thinking?" Even if you saw some examples you still wouldn't believe it. You disbelieve EVERYTHING coming from intelligence and believe EVERYTHING coming from the right wing government. It is not even in his professional interest to be lying about this. It would easily be debunked by the government in power if that were the case.
  10. BillMemphis @BillMemphis · 12h Replying to @davidfrum Definitely the truth.
  11. BillMemphis @BillMemphis · 12h Replying to @davidfrum Definitely the truth.
  12. Saturday, September 19 10 a.m. Popeye: Olive Oyl and Water Don’t Mix (1942).
  13. The last refuge .... US news · 23 minutes ago President Trump signs an executive order to establish a 'national commission to promote patriotic education'
  14. Another Lonesome Rhodes moment ... David Frum @davidfrum When a former top Pence staffer goes on the record to say that Trump described *his own supporters* as "disgusting people" - it b
  15. David Frum @davidfrum When a former top Pence staffer goes on the record to say that Trump described *his own supporters* as "disgusting people" - it becomes even more credible than it already was that he referred to America's war dead as "losers" and "suckers"
  16. You seem to be doing a lot of belly aching on a "film" site yourself. Your problem is that you don't like criticisms of your emperor or you're just too .. (I won't say what I'm thinking) to understand or care about serious issues. This is Off-Topic BTW.
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