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  1. 21 minutes ago, jakeem said:


    Rush: “Can you imagine if they'd have told Abraham Lincoln, ‘We're gonna mute the microphone if you don't shut up, sir.’”

    What microphone?  The one over at the Airport that George Washington captured?   :lol:

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  2. I see that the Justices other than Roberts are voting on party lines when it comes to suppressing the vote.  Who says this isn't political?

    The Republicans and their values are in the minority in America so the only way for them to come out on top is to suppress the vote.  You don't see the GOP against these voting suppression measures in 2020 do you.

  3. 1 minute ago, Sepiatone said:

    Assuming Trump wins reelection.....  I have to ask....

    Does anyone suppose both Pence and McConnell have the strength of will and fortitude to put Trump back on the rails?


    The sorry part is that there ain't no coming back for Donald Trump.  His decline into madness had been hastened by the power of the office he holds.  It was the worst job in the world for someone with his narcissistic sociopathic condition.   We have seen him get worse by the day and he truly cares for no one but himself.

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    "[I]if your goal is to do nothing, then you create a situation in which it looks okay to do nothing [and] you find some experts to make it complicated.”
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    Laurie Garrett
    · 7h
    41 insiders were interviewed by @washingtonpost to produce this horrifying, stark acct of the inner workings of the @WhiteHouse #Coronavirus Task Force. No matter how badly you thought the #Trump admin was mishandling the #pandemic, this expose will shock. https://washingtonpost.com/politics/trumps-den-of-dissent-inside-the-white-house-task-force-as-coronavirus-surges/2020/10/19/7ff8ee6a-0a6e-11eb-859b-f9c27abe638d_story.html
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  5. QcgK2k4V_bigger.jpg

    This is an important story. Trump & GOP are campaigning against "socialism." But Trump has been a consistent advocate of direct govt intervention in/control of economy - with all the disastrous results supposedly free-market conservatives should have predicted, but didn't.
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    The Verge
    · 7h
    President Trump struck a deal with Foxconn that promised to turn Wisconsin into a tech manufacturing powerhouse in exchange for billions in tax subsidies. Three years later, the factory — and the jobs — don’t exist, and they probably never will https://theverge.com/21507966/foxconn-empty-factories-wisconsin-jobs-loophole-trump
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  6. Ronald Reagan's son says his father would be 'horrified' by the Trump administration and blasts the president's children as 'grifters who are profiting off his presidency'


    NEW Speaking to CNN's Ana Cabrera on Sunday, Ron Reagan (left), the son of Ronald Reagan, one of the most decorated Republican presidents in history (pictured together bottom right), laid into the current administration and even shared choice words for Trump's family (top right). When asked about the role Trump's children have played during their father's White House tenure and his 2020 re-election campaign, the 62-year-old accused them of being 'grifters' who were trying to profit off of his presidency. 'They're certainly entitled to campaign for their dad,' Reagan said, adding he and his siblings did the same for their father. 'When you cross the line is ― I hate to say it here, I don't mean to be blunt, but we've got a bunch of grifters in the White House. They're treating this as a grift,' he continued.

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