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  1. My Gawd! Stop the election! Evidence be damned! Just take MovieMadness' word for it!
  2. I agree. You should have the choice of taking the vaccine or alternatively be sent to Devil's Island or some other leper colony where you cannot harm the rest of society. Grow up.
  3. Even Donald Trump said he believed her right after she testified! But then they ALL tried to say she was telling the truth but got the wrong dude. Yeah, right. Boy this really tells me something.
  4. Ivanka Trump ... the best judge as to the waste of tax payer's dollars.
  5. Mary Trump says Donald only gets worse because people always allow him to get away with everything. Not only will Donald Trump get worse but so will the Republican Party and politicians in general if they are allowed to get away with crimes if able to be proven. I doubt appeasement will make any difference to most Republicans who follow Trump. You already see the knives out for Biden right here among the Trump supporters and what has he done besides speaking of uniting the country? Everyone has an opinion. Mine is don't be like Neville Chamberlain. Evil and corruption have t
  6. It take it that you don't put Dr. Ford in that category. She had not intended to testify until a friend revealed her identity. Then when she did testify about the attempted rape what did she get in return? Death threats that forced her to go into hiding.
  7. Funny how many of the people who mocked Hillary supporters for being upset about the 2016 election are now so detached from reality and cannot themselves come to grips with losing. Sad and pathetic. What did Mick Mulvaney say? GET OVER IT.
  8. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) The most petulant 46 minutes in American history For maybe the first time in Trump’s presidency, reality hasn’t been conforming to his nonsense. Analysis ● By Philip Bump ● Read more » Trump campaign’s star witness in Michigan was deemed ‘not credible.’ Then, her loud testimony went
  9. Why are these Fox and Friends hosts socially distancing while calling upon people to gather in close knit quarters? And the network still has a work from home whenever possible policy.
  10. Democrats should star a Go Fund Me account for Sidney Powell and Lin Wood!
  11. 'He's a loser who did true damage to this country!' Magician and former Celebrity Apprentice star Penn Jillette slams Trump as a 'clear villain' and blames him for thousands of Covid deaths on Michael Cohen's podcast 'He is a f***ing loser who did true damage to his country and everything that I love,' Penn Jillette said in an audio clip exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com.
  12. P.S. If called upon to testify in a related case a self-pardoned Trump would just have to tell the truth to any and all questions and he would then be fine. Do you think he could do that?
  13. I think there has been a failure to communicate. By 'opening up' I just meant the realm of the fifth amendment and what it entails. Those that have been pardoned are compelled to testify without choice and cannot rely upon the fifth amendment and must tell the truth or face the consequences. They have been pardoned for these crimes so there is no downside personally to telling the truth. But their testimony could be harmful to others or if you are a politician to the world of public opinion. This is what legal scholars have been saying on the matter so I guess I thought you would kno
  14. Which one can no longer rely on if the subject of a pardon. You either tell the truth willingly and completely or go to jail.
  15. David Frum @davidfrum · 8h December 2, 2020. Day of peak US death toll from the CO
  16. Thanks Mr6666 ... Laurence Tribe @tribelaw · 5h Are self-pardons OK? How about unlimited preemptive pardons? The 2 Qs may seem distinct, but they’re not. Presidents who know they can pardon any & all federal crimes they may have committed while in office will know FROM THE MOMENT THEY TAKE THE OATH that they’re above the law. ========================================================== There are lots of reasons a self-pardon
  17. Let's hope that they treat this like all the other nutjob law suits that float around after an election. Trump PERSONALLY sues Wisconsin for 'unlawful and unconstitutional acts' during the election - days after shelling out $3M for a state recount that certified Biden's win President Trump is personally suing Wisconsin for 'unlawful and unconstitutional acts' during the presidential election in his latest legal bid to overturn Joe Biden's win in the state.
  18. 'Extremely strong pardon for sale': Twitter users mock Trump with memes after he held up graphs in his pre-recorded White House address to 'prove' the election was stolen Twitter users were quick to take to social media to share memes mocking President Donald Trump for holding visual graphics during a bizarre 46-minute video that he posted on Facebook where he called for the election to be 'overturned' and admitted his remarks would be 'disparaged'.
  19. Friday, December 4 3:45 a.m. Motel Hell (1980). I thought Rory Calhoun was pretty good in this.
  20. You forgot that he might pardon himself which opens himself up to the fifth amendment.
  21. That's the period I'm talking about. Early 60's. I would have picked it up in Florida or the Carolinas. There was a real Civil War craze with kids about then. Caps from both sides. Flags of course and the crazy graphic Civil War cards.
  22. I used to have some of that when I was a kid. I suppose it was just fake reproductions. Does anyone else recall that?
  23. It looks like Powell's lawsuit to overturn Wisconsin has made an error. The defendant's were given 21 days to respond before a stay order. But by that time everything should all be over. David Frum Retweeted
  24. Another repercussion of a pardon. And if you lie it is straight to jail. Do not pass Go. Michael Cohen @MichaelCohen212 · 8h Yes and they lose the ability to invoke their fifth amendment right
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