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  1. Saturday, August 8 Charles Chaplin 9:45 p.m. Modern Times (1936). And here is my number 2 Best Actor performance of all time.
  2. "I am the King of Ventilators." With each ventilator comes a free Mr. Pillow. Act now and get one free.
  3. I saw a report on Bloomberg Canada that aluminum producers in Canada could care less. American manufacturers are still going to buy the product as it is in short demand. They will pay the higher prices and pass this on to consumers. A small group of lobbyists for American aluminum manufacturers are said to have Trump's ear.
  4. Which President was reading to a bunch of little kids when the towers were hit? What a maroon.
  5. Most of Europe is currently democratic socialist and they are not totalitarian societies. Finalnd? Denmark? Libraries, Firefighters ... these are all "socialist" entities.
  6. (J. Lawler Duggan for The Post) New York attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA in suit accusing gun rights group of wide-ranging fraud and self-dealing In a civil suit filed Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James alleges that CEO Wayne LaPierre and other top leaders drained $64 million from the nonprofit in three years. By Carol D. Leonnig ● Read more »
  7. Satire from The Borowitz Report Americans Support Using U.S. Postal Service to Ship Trump to Different Address By Andy Borowitz August 5, 2020 Photograph by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP / Getty WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a major vote of confidence for the embattled agency, a new poll reveals that a majority of Americans support using the United States Postal Service to ship Donald Trump to a new address in January. While it has become a tradition for outgoing Presidents to depart 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue via helicopter, Americans “strongly agree” that using the U.S. Mail to remove Trump would be preferable, the poll finds. Americans agreed that, after a new President is inaugurated, on January 20th, Trump should be left on the curb outside the White House for pickup by a local mail carrier. Additionally, there was a strong consensus for sending Trump to his new address via Priority Mail Express to insure that he is dispatched as quickly as possible. Although Americans were divided as to what Trump’s new address should be, there was substantial support for overnighting him to Cyrus Vance, Jr., the New York County District Attorney.
  8. Satire from The Borowitz Report Americans Insanely Jealous of Spain After Corrupt Head of State Flees Country By Andy Borowitz August 4, 2020 Photograph by Mischa Schoemaker / DPPA / Sipa / AP MADRID (The Borowitz Report)—Americans are insanely jealous of Spain after its disgraced former head of state Juan Carlos announced on Monday that he was fleeing the country. In interviews across the U.S., Americans expressed dismay and frustration that multiple criminal investigations were “all it took” for the former Spanish ruler to voluntarily leave Spain forever. “So wait, in Spain, if a leader is being investigated for financial crimes and tax evasion, he just writes a letter saying goodbye and then he leaves?” Carol Foyler, who lives in Topeka, Kansas, said. “Whoa.” Tracy Klugian, who hails from Butte, Montana, harbored similar feelings of jealousy when he learned of Juan Carlos’s self-exile. “So, basically, the people of Spain will never have to see or hear from this corrupt narcissist again?” he said. “Man.” Harland Dorrinson, who lives in St. Louis, said that he was seething with envy when he learned that Juan Carlos might have already fled to the Dominican Republic, some four thousand miles away from Spain. “Four thousand miles away from Washington is basically the North Pole,” he said. “Why does Spain get all the good things?”
  9. 250,000 people from all across America are expected at a South Dakota Motorcycle Rally. No masks required.
  10. I would like to see our very own TCM Programming Challenge participants!!! They do incredible work.
  11. Friday, August 7 Sylvia Sidney 9:45 p.m. Thirty Day Princess (1934). With Cary Grant. I haven’t seen this one. 12:45 a.m. Les Miserables (1952). Sidney might be a bit old for Fantine but she makes up for it with good acting.
  12. And staunch supporters of Israel who rightly support abortion rights and their government pays for them too.
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