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  1. 'Happy Father's Day to all, including the Radical Left, RINOs and other Losers of the world:' Donald Trump releases statement blasting rivals - and saying he hopes 'everyone will come together!' Former President Donald Trump sent Father's Day wishes to 'Losers' and the 'Radical Left' on Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all, including the Radical Left, RINOs, and other Losers of the world,' Trump said.
  2. REVEALED: Tucker Carlson sent call from Trump to voicemail after his first debate with Biden and when the president did finally reach him the Fox host said his performance was 'not good' Fox News host Tucker Carlson is profiled in this week's media column in The New York Times, with author Ben Smith describing Carlson as a Washington DC insider and gossip.
  3. Tuesday, June 22 6:45 a.m. Torchy Plays With Dynamite (1939). What a great title.
  4. Just don't bother with Jake's Trumpism in Canada thread. Now that IS fake news. Here is an interesting bit of trivia. During WWII Lorne Greene was CBC Radio's main war correspondent. He gained the nickname, 'the voice of doom."
  5. ‘Italygate’ election conspiracy theory was pushed by two firms led by woman who also falsely claimed $30 million mansion was hers Exclusive ● By Jon Swaine and Emma Brown ● Read more »
  6. This is a bit off-topic but associated Canadian news probably doesn't deserve its own thread. A statue of the very first Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald was removed in his town of birth, Kingston Ontario. The Scotsman's legacy came under fire for his contribution to setting up the Residential schools for Indigenous peoples. MacDonald was a notorious drunkard and was known to pass out in the House of Commons. I found this far from perfect trait a bit endearing. I once went to an old pub in Kingston that boasted that John A. MacDonald had frequented it. I wanted to paint
  7. Reuters @Reuters · 10m WATCH: The U.S. and the European Union announced a five-year suspension of Trump-era tariffs in their 17-year-old dispute over aircraft subsidies
  8. Don Winslow @donwinslow · Jun 18 Mitch McConnell self proclaimed net worth on tax returns is $34,137,534. Walk me through how that happened while he was a United States Senator for 30 years.
  9. Monday, June 21 6:45 a.m. Sunrise at Campobello (1960). Another chance to see Ralph Bellamy’s turn as FDR.
  10. Ham, what about the White House? Should they paint it and re-name it?
  11. But naturally Pence didn't have the guts to stand beside Gary Cohen when he was unloading on Trump. He went to him later and praised him behind closed doors.
  12. This is sure to go down well. 'America should get a NEW flag': Singer Macy Gray says US should ditch the Stars and Stripes because it is 'tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect' and compares it to the Confederate Flag Macy Gray, 53, wrote the op-ed for MarketWatch ahead of Juneteenth, which was declared a federal holiday this week and is set to be celebrated on Saturday.
  13. 1998 8. Autumn Tale (1998) Eric Rohmer, France Several friends try to set up a middle age woman with a boyfriend. I found the images of the countryside more appealing than any of the characters. 9. Late August Early September (1998), Olivier Assayas, France This might as well be an Eric Rohmer film. All of the characters appear to question who they are really in love with and what to do with their careers. Mathieu Amalric is one of the leads.
  14. Sunday, June 20 10:30 p.m. Paths of Glory (1957). You can’t go wrong seeing this Kubrick film every few years.
  15. Well said, but don't forget the continuous misogynistic outbursts. It is hard to keep up with all this Trumpist aggrievances, I'll admit.
  16. 'They all f***ing hate me': Trump ranted about 'the blacks' he had 'done all this stuff for' who were furious at his response to the George Floyd riots - and blamed Jared Kushner for making him look weak, new book claims Donald Trump ranted about 'the Blacks' he had done 'all this stuff for' who he didn't think would vote for him in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests.
  17. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Ted Cruz Calls Obamacare a Democratic Plot to Keep People Alive So They Can Vote The senator added that, unlike Democrats, Republicans have “no intention whatsoever of keeping people alive,” citing Texas’s new “constitutional carry” gun law. By Andy Borowitz June 17, 2021
  18. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Biden Torments Trump by Seeing His Ex “It’s like Ben and J. Lo. But show a little class,” a Trump associate said. By Andy Borowitz June 16, 2021
  19. This is only a "liberal" issue because the OP wishes to characterize it as one.
  20. It's an upside down world. The republicans are trying to rig the elections via the State level and they are mad at democrats as they try to undo it at the Federal level. Lyin' Ted is an absolute worthless piece of you know what.
  21. Julia Davis @JuliaDavisNews · 14h Russia's state TV plays another clip of Tucker Carlson, quoting Putin's questions about the Capitol insurrectionists. Kremlin propagandists conclude: "We hit the mark. Putin was heard. Bullseye." They add that this proves they should continue influencing public opinion in the US.
  22. Earth is now trapping an ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, NASA says By Tik Root ● Read more »
  23. Saturday, June 19 2 p.m. Shake!: Otis at Monterey (1987). Otis Redding at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. 20 m.
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