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  1. Who are these 42% ? Funeral directors?
  2. 'Oh please, are you kidding me!' Melania didn't believe ANY of Trump's denials about affairs and would take photos with handsome military aides as revenge, Grisham book claims Former first lady Melania Trump was 'unleashed' after reports of her husband's alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, including being escorted to the State of the Union by a 'handsome' military aide. Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham sheds new light on Melania's reactions amid the scandal. According to Grisham, she did not believe her husband's denials, saying: 'Oh, please, are you kidding
  3. Thursday, September 30 Deborah Kerr day. My pick … 8 a.m. I See a Dark Stranger (1946).
  4. Add to that the fact that Mary Trump is suing her uncle for fraud and misrepresentation. If proven that would nullify a NDA because it was based on criminal intent.
  5. Biden told Stephanopolous that he heard BOTH SIDES. In order to hear BOTH sides it would mean that he was admitting that he heard the suggestion to leave 2,500 troops and is acknowledging that. He later tangled the issue by bringing the length of time into that equation and saying that no one was advocating staying - past a certain deadline. The latter issue could have been better explored in the interview but it wasn't which that then lead to this present complete misunderstanding. The media and of course, the GOP have got it all wrong - again.
  6. Trump lied about his colonoscopy saying that it was just a routine check-up. What else was he lying about? Was it a procedure to remove Mike Pence and Lindsay's Graham's heads?
  7. Click on the headline for more photos. Frank Sinatra's former home in Chatsworth Hills, LA where JFK and Marilyn Monroe are said to have played out their affair goes on sale for $21.5million Frank Sinatra's former home where JFK and Marilyn Monroe are said to have played out their affair is on sale for $21.5million. The Los Angeles mansion has also featured in the hit show Mad Men and been glimpsed in music videos for artists including Mariah Carey, Usher and Rihanna. Nestled in the Chatsworth Hills area, the property was the rented home of the jazz singer and actor (inset) f
  8. TRUMP PRESS SEC DISHES THE DIRT IN NEW BOOK White House staff called Ivanka 'the princess' and claim she and 'Slim Reaper' Jared tried to push their way into meeting the Queen, Stephanie Grisham claims in new book White House aides referred to Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka as 'the princess,' according to a new tell-all book by former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham. Grisham herself terms Jared Kushner the 'Slim Reaper,' and writes that Kushner and Ivanka tried to push themselves into meeting with the Queen. Her new book is called I'll
  9. Trump called press secretary Stephanie Grisham to insist his **** 'wasn't toad-stool shaped' and asked to 'view' a young female aide on Air Force One, new book claims Former President Trump called his press secretary Stephanie Grisham to insist his **** was not shaped like a toadstool. Trump told Stephanie Grisham to find out ways to evict the PRESS from the White House and wanted her to 're-enact' his 'perfect' phone call with Ukraine president to the media Former President Donald Trump wanted his press secretary Stephanie Grisham
  10. I'll go down on you in private after the cameras leave. Putin brought 'attractive' translator to distract Trump during G20 meeting where US president only 'pretended to act tough for the cameras,' former WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claims in new book Russian President Vladimir Putin brought an 'attractive' translator with him to distract former President Donald Trump at their 2019 meeting - and Trump told Putin he would act tough in front of the cameras and then play nice privately, former White House official Stephanie Grisham reveals in her forthcoming tell-all. 'OK, I
  11. I have no idea. Here is one article but it only serves to show how complicated the case was. I'm afraid it would take me almost as much time to figure it out! https://globalnews.ca/news/7069428/meng-wanzhou-extradition-case-timeline/
  12. Climate & Environment (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post) Tribes want ‘immediate action’ to reverse Trump’s cut to Bears Ears National Monument Tribal activists have become increasingly frustrated that President Biden has not yet used his authority to restore their original boundaries. By Joshua Partlow ● Read more »
  13. I didn't follow the case very closely but I do know that it had nothing to do with Canada's non-compliance. She was fighting the extradition in the courts all the way along just as Assange is doing in England.
  14. You got one thing right. It always falls to the Democrats to "fix" the economy after the Republicans get through with it.
  15. I don't know if you should characterize it as winning and losing. I think they dropped the charges and unfortunately Canada was caught in the middle all along and tow citizens spent 3 years in jail while Wanzhou spent her time in a penthouse.
  16. China released the two Michales from Canada the same day as Meng Wanzhou was released from house arrest in Vancouver. They said the timing was a coincidence and that the two Michales, held for 3 years were released for health reasons. Yeah, right. September 28, 2021 Morning Update: Biden’s intervention led to freedom for two Michaels, sources say OMAIR QUADRI
  17. Wednesday, September 29 Odd to comprise the entire day of silent films. I’m not complaining. 11:15 p.m. The Great Buster: A Celebration (2018). Documentary by Peter Bogdanovich.
  18. Satire from the Borowitz Report Not the news. Trump Claims He Won German Election Reflecting on his purported win, Trump said, “I’ve always wanted to be the Chancellor of Germany. That’s a title that’s been held by some very fine people.” By Andy Borowitz 11:15 A.M.
  19. Football-field sized asteroid passed by Earth earlier this month and was MISSED by NASA because it was hidden by the sun - but agency insists their upcoming telescope will catch similar objects in the future Asteroid 2021 SG, which flew past Earth undetected earlier this month, would have been detected by NASA's Near-Earth Object Surveyor space telescope, the agency has insisted.
  20. REVEALED: Trump's pick to run against Liz Cheney in Wyoming called him 'racist and xenophobic' in 2016 - and now insists he is the 'greatest president in our lifetime' Donald Trump's pick to defeat Liz Cheney in next year's midterm election called him 'racist and xenophobic' in the 2016 presidential race but is now one of his most fervent supporters.
  21. I'm happy to let people have the last word when they hang themselves with it.
  22. Just in case Fox News hasn't reported this to you, Joe Biden's reconciliation bill is completely paid for and the middle class will see tax cuts.
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