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  1. Yes, I finally caught up with that film last fall. Never on television in my neck of the woods for some reason. I bought a dvd copy at a Video Rental shop that was going out of business. I attended closing sales at several of those shops last year and spent way too much money.
  2. Caught the end of Rope before an old James Mason interview on the BBC. I had forgotten that John Dahl tries to credit James Stewart's philosophy as inspiring them to commit murder. This idea of superior and inferior beings. Of course, Stewart is outraged that they would twist his words for something so horrible. Now, for the possible subtext - Hitler highjacking the Nietzchean superman philosophy to justify the cruel Nazi methodology? Seemed to be a parallel with that and the idea in Rope.
  3. As we are free to interpret this rather fun thread as we choose, continuing in my theme of notable performances that may have been somewhat overlooked - at least by Oscar - here are a few more Ned Beatty, Deliverance (1972) Noah Beery, David Harum (1934) Wallace Beery, Dinner at Eight (1933) Ed Begley, Patterns (1956) Ralph Bellamy, Sunrise at Campobello (1960) James Belushi, Salvador (1986) Roberto Benigni, Down by Law (1986), Night on Earth (1992) Richard Bennett, If I Had a Million (1932) Gael Garcia Bernal, Bad Education (2004) Bonnie Bedelia, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They
  4. I were to choose one of those indelible "sound" moments in film it would be from Zulu. When the men of Roarke's Drift hear the spewing banging on the shields coming from the valley and it sounds like an approaching train. The hairs on the back of your neck start to stand up with that.
  5. Anton Walbrook is one of my favourites. As I said, I would dearly love to see some of his earlier work from Germany before he fled to England. He might not have survived Nazism.
  6. This girl surprised me quite a bit. I think I was 12 and had sneaked in to see Bedazzled.
  7. Yes indeed. From Andy Williams to Spider Sabich and then bang, bang. Then she runs off with her defence attorney. Talk about a femme fatale. What ever happened to her, indeed.
  8. Any chance they would just do away with this? I doan mind the concept but it is the lack of imagination when choosing the same-old same-old as representations of the person's works. But hey, maybe they are trying to recruit new people with greatest hits. An odd month to try to attract younger viewers though. I suppose the pros and cons of this programming has been debated back and forth long before I joined the boards.
  9. We owe a lot today to Paddy O'Furniture.
  10. So, you don't think Jr. was trying to 'send up' Pop just a little in Zenda? I mean all this joyous 'aha!' stuff was very much like dear old dad's routine. I promise to watch it again with your view, if you will with mine. How is that for a sappy way out?
  11. Anton Walbrook is great, isn't he. I really liked him in Gaslight (1940) and I Accuse (1948) as well as Red Shoes. I would very much like to see some of his German work, like Viktor and Viktoria (1933). I remember my mother telling me that she once had a crush on him. I guess this would have been early 40's when he was making films in Britain. I think he was gay, was he not?
  12. Dargo, on 16 May 2015 - 12:52 AM, said: Admit it, the men of the 70's were the sexiest. We had Barry White.
  13. Invitation to the Dance. I would rather watch a hundred Judy Garland movies than this one again.
  14. Ah, yes. When pop came home on the dog sled after a hard day hunting seals mom would put that on, I would bring his moccasins for him and sis would bring him his favourite martini. We would throw another beaver on the fire and settle down to a nice family evening. I'm just amazed Dargo that you have all this stuff just up your sleeve. Harpo has nothing on you!
  15. Heck, Richard, I read that many many years ago somewhere. It's great. Can you recall where or when that appeared?
  16. Those darned atomic tests again. No wonder the test ban treaty's are so important.
  17. <I would put in the sub-category of Westerns known as Northwesterns. They might be Canadian westerns. There were a couple and I have actually heard that term attributed to them
  18. There's a documentary that Wells did called Filming Othello (1978). He made it for German television as a sort of made up on the spot project for the cash. The first part of it is very good as Welles quickly describes all of the imagery he placed in the film and dissects the film's troubled history with locations and costumes and the things he had to invent just to get the film in the can. And this is the guy they accuse of being excessive. Anyway, I originally saw this doc at a Cinematheque but it may be an extra now on one of the dvd versions, I doan know?
  19. Brilliant! Why didn't Hitch think of that one!
  20. I'm just guessing of course, but sometimes with these huge talents insecurity is at the heart of their b itchiness. And as you pointed out, there was probably this rivalry in his own head business going on. I'm sure that we have all met people who seem overly aggressive when there is just no need. When there is no competition in reality. Half the time it is all about being the King of Monkey Island anyway, if you know what I mean. A hill of beans as someone said. His loss, as Rains seems like such a wonderful person.
  21. Good choice and he looked good in that sort of period garb. And Victor Buono would have been too young at the time
  22. Another one of I can think of involves dear old Errol Flynn. I had seen The Adventures of Robin Hood many times. Even Three Sisters and Thank Your Lucky Stars. But I was equally impressed when I finally caught his performance in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises (1957) as drunken Mike Campbell. He played the same sort of role in John Huston's The Roots of Heaven (1958) but I thought he was much more self-conscious in that film and somehow less effective. You can't help think about Errol's own alcohol problems when watching these last two films.
  23. Grand Hotel is on at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. Duelling Barrymores
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