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  1. There are many many very good movies about moviemaking: What Price Hollywood?; Sullivan's Travels; Sunset Blvd.; The Magic Box; Singin' In the Rain; The Bad and the Beautiful; 8 1/2; Contempt; The Loved One; Hollywood on Trial; The Picture Show Man; Modern Romance; Star 80; Who framed Roger Rabbit; The Big Picture; Hearts of Darkness; Barton Fink; The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl; The Battle Over Citizen Kane; Boogie Nights; and American Movie to name a few. My personal favourite is Francois Truffaut's Day For Night. I wouldn't rank The Artist as one of the better ones. Cute
  2. I loved Kon Ichikawa's The Makioka Sisters. It is wonderful that TCM is playing it. Highly recommended. Thanks mr6666
  3. I would like to suggest someone who may not be familiar to North American audiences and that is the French actor, Harry Baur (1880-1943). His Les Miserables (1934) has just been re-mastered on dvd. Originally released as 3 films with a running time of 280 minutes. Charles Vanel co-stars as Javert. That could account for a nice part of the day right there! I'm also a big fan of his Le Golem (1936) by Julien Duvivier. Canada's Bravo channel used to run an old acceptable print of this. Hatred (1938) aka Mollenard is actually playing at the BFI tonight which I will be going to. It is very
  4. Very kind of you to call them 'hits' If you ever get the chance to see Bujold's first film, Amanita Pestilens do so. Quite funny but awfully hard to find.
  5. Good luck finding them. I'm amazed by how many Canadian films prior to 1990 there are that have never made it to dvd. Even many of those voted in the top 10 best Canadian films of all time have never been released on dvd. And we are not going that far back in time. Canada's dramatic feature film heyday was arguably in the 1980's. And most of those films are not on dvd. However, they have been screened on movie channels in the past so there must be some sort of archived broadcast 'tapes' with the various distributors. Sadly, they are not shown that much on the movie channels in Toronto a
  6. Apologies if someone has already pointed this out: There is a 2012 book titled 'Who's Afraid of the Song of the South' by Jim Korkis that tells the tale of the film being dubbed racist by some. I would have added this to the Song of the South thread but it was locked by the moderator.
  7. I saw one the other night that plumbed new lows. Jauja (2014) by Lisandro Alonso starring Viggo Mortensen. For the first hour or so it reminded me of Kelly Reichardt's Meek's Cutoff. Sort of a shaggy-dog story western with people lost in great desert landscapes. Where nothing much progresses. Not to all tastes but not bad in itself. Then Jauja takes a complete left turn with about twenty minutes to go and Jauja becomes a ghost story AND a parallel universe story. And nothing is resolved or really connected. What?? I had to read comments on the imdb to try to figure out Alonso's intent
  8. This year's Best Foreign Language Oscar winner, IDA was in black and white too.
  9. I'll check back with you in 50 years
  10. I think I have seen it half dozen times but to be honest I don't think it has aged all that well. I still enjoyed it but didn't think it was the same film I loved in the 1970's. Alan Price's numbers are still terrific though.
  11. I'm a sucker for Max von Sydow in anything and thought he made a very interesting Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told. A Swedish Jesus - but he made it work! Not the best Jesus movie, but my favourite performance.
  12. Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray (1955). And his very first film!
  13. Getting out of strait-jackets are child's play, my friend. Just pulling your leg. : )
  14. I just watched Yellow Sky (1948) which I had taped on TCM UK last year. Surprisingly, it had no commercials. Though it did have an annoying TCM logo in the top left corner of the screen which never disappeared. I am curious as to when this Fox film, Yellow Sky was last on TCM USA? It wasn't bad. Both Peck and Anne Baxter were quite good. James Barton had a good supporting part and William Wellman made the most of a rather thin script.
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