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  1. The anti-Trump bill: Democrats to introduce package that will make it harder for Presidents to bestow pardons, refuse to co-operate with investigators and SPEND money In an apparent rebuke at President Trump, House Democrats unveiled legislation on Tuesday aimed at curbing presidential powers and bolstering checks on the presidency.
  2. Yes, I was looking forward to seeing both of those. Unfortunately the youtube, and other copies are without English subtitles.
  3. Trudeau pulled it off by painting the Conservatives as pro guns, anti choice and anti mask and vaccine mandates. It just shows that the majority of Canadians are moderate much like Californians and New Yorkers. Granted this strategy probably won't work in the American red states where people are deeply entrenched in their views courtesy of dark money, Rupert Murdoch and the like.
  4. And done and dusted in 6 weeks. None of this solely governing just for the sake of re-election.
  5. The 2020 National Board of Review Best Foreign Language Film … La Llorona (2019) Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala
  6. David Corn @DavidCornDC · 10h Bad News for Trump: Court Hearing Suggests the NY Probe of His Business Is Expanding. (And ⁦ @MichaelCohen212 ⁩ is expected to help unravel a new trove of documents.)
  7. Trump comes out against Republican running for Senate in Ohio because his family renamed the Cleveland Indians to Guardians Former President Donald Trump announced Monday who he doesn't want to see win the Republican primary in Ohio to fill retiring Sen. Rob Portman's Senate seat.
  8. Wednesday, September 22/23 Here is a new one on me …. 4:30 a.m. The Winds of Autumn (1976). With Jack Elam, Jeanette Nolan and Dub Taylor as ‘Rattler S. Gravely.
  9. Besides the Bunuel film, there were: Sombre Verde aka Untouched (1954) Llevane en tus Brazos (1954) Puerto de Tentación (1951). There may have been one or maybe two others but once I refreshed my screen they all disappeared and are replaced by the musicals. I looked on the web and could not see any subtitles for these films on https://www.opensubtitles.org so maybe, maybe that was the problem TCM had with broadcasting these films? - Obtaining copies with English subtitles? NB: I've since read Mr6666's post with all of the Mexican films. de la Cruz is another Bun
  10. Let's face it. He has a hopelessly impossible job trying to convince those lame brains that masks and vaccines are for their own protection. I don't think anything will work. About 74 million Americans are brain dead through and through. I REST MY CASE.
  11. Peter Thiel claimed Zuckerberg agreed to push 'state-sanctioned conservatism' if Trump avoided 'heavy-handed regulation' of social media giant, new book says Mark Zuckerberg allegedly agreed not to fact-check political posts if the Trump administration spared the social media giant 'heavy-handed regulations' - Facebook categorically denies the claim.
  12. Let's face it. He has a hopelessly impossible job trying to convince those lame brains that masks and vaccines are for their own protection. I don't think anything will work. About 74 million Americans are brain dead through and through.
  13. Always the cheerleader for America.
  14. 2016 Lost In Paris (2016) Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, France Fiona Gordon plays a colossal Olive Oyl-like twit who flies from snowbound frigid Canada (in the summertime!) to visit her Aunt in Paris. The humour is very silly. For me one of the highlights was the use of the McGarrigle Sisters rendition of Louden Wainwright III’s Swimming Song.
  15. David Frum @davidfrum · 2m Coauthor of new Woodward book confirms that the book’s most sensational story has been sensationally oversold Quote Tweet
  16. BTC dismantles the GOP madness where politics is more important than your survival.
  17. David Frum @davidfrum · 8h Biden administration moves decisively to repatriate migrants trying to force US southern border https://apnews.com/article/immigration-border-haiti-mexico-texas-09d7de5bc57e1dbd92d40751c0d91f69…
  18. New parents get KICKED OUT of Texas restaurant for wearing masks: Owner defends no-mask policy despite couple saying they wore face coverings to protect their son who has cystic fibrosis Natalie Wester said she and her husband, Jose, were asked to leave Hang Time in Rowlett, Texas on September 11 because they wore face coverings to protect their immunocompromised son. There are no signs informing customers about the policy, so the hostess tells everyone wearing a mask to take it off when they enter. Wester said she did not hear the request due to the ambient noise, and she and he
  19. Tuesday, September 21 4:15 p.m. Smiles of a Summer Night (1955). By Ingmar Bergman.
  20. Drat! I just did a refresh of my Canadian schedule and they are gone from that too! Thanks for the heads up. This is really disappointing. These films were the highlight of the month IMO.
  21. I just find all this moaning very predictable and completely insincere. Hey, you are posing direct 'gotcha' questions to people.
  22. American Rage In a new book, Evan Osnos explores the politics of grievance, fear, and anger in the United States. With Dorothy Wickenden
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